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The Cockade Column ~ Children's Cockades

In a previous column, I dispelled the myth that only men wore cockades. In this one, I'll disprove the myth that only adults wore cockades. This should be fun - pictures of children are just too cute!

Children wore cockades in many eras, but to cover centuries of cute kids' photos would make this column way too long. So today I'll just focus on children wearing cockades in the American Civil War.


This is one of my favorites. These two boys are obviously taking their patriotic roles very seriously (or maybe they're just trying really hard to stand still for the photographer!). Along with their military kepis and a United States flag, they are both sporting a tri-colored Union cockade.

"Aint no rebels gonna get by us, no sir!"

There were tough little cockade-wearing "recruits" in the South as well. A report from Montgomery, Alabama in December 1860 tells of this stirring scene.


"The last manifestation of the military furore appeared in our streets the other day, in the shape of a band of about fifty children from four to eight years of age, arrayed in full military costume, and marching laud passibus aequis [in step] to the sound of a drum. Companions of these doubtless were the two little fellows seen by a gentleman standing on a corner of the street, lost in admiration of a cockade worn by one, who was calmly remarking, as the observer passed, 'If it was not for my family, I would go help South Carolina.'"

Don't you think that if South Carolina had received the little fellow's help, the war would have ended differently? :grin:

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A more poignant quote comes from Rebecca Felton in Georgia. “I was not a secessionist. I almost wept when my small son, John (long since dead) came home one day from town with a blue secession cockade pinned on his little hat.”

Girls apparently enjoyed cockades as well. This sweet little picture at the right shows a girl holding her doll - who is proudly sporting a doll-sized cockade!

lincoln mourning

It's pretty clear that, whatever politics they may or may not have understood, children mimicked their elders in the wearing of cockades.

This final photo will tug your heartstrings. This little boy isn't wearing just any cockade - this one is a Lincoln mourning badge. Apparently, he and his family felt strongly enough about Lincoln's assassination to preserve the image of him and his cockade for posterity.


If you have a child who would love to wear a cockade, I'd be happy to make one for your little one! And for those who love their dollies, I also make doll-sized cockades.

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Thanks for reading... see you next week!

~Heather Sheen
Owner, Creative Cockades

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