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It seems like the word, "the EleBus is back!" has got around because we now observe large herds of elephants in the corridor sometimes numbering over 80 elephants.

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The EleBus is back!

After nearly 4 months in the dealership undergoing extensive repairs and servicing at their workshop the EleFriendly Bus is back in service. It goes without saying that the children of Himbiliyakade and Weheragalagama Villages are overjoyed to see the return of the EleFriendly Bus.

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I've got to see this. The EleBus is back!

We gratefully acknowledge the support of Mr. Tharindu Wijayasena who through a very generous donation helped us to cover 90 percent of the cost of repairing and servicing the EleBus.

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The EleBus undergoing repairs at the workshop of the Ashok Leyland dealership in Colombo

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Every day at 6 am during the week the EleBus heads out from the SLWCS Field House and travels across the Weheragala Village and through the elephant corridor to the remote village of Himibiliyakada to pick up school kids.

The EleBus does not leave empty because some of our volunteers ride in the bus along with school kids from the Pussellayaya village where the SLWCS Field House is located. It seems like the word has got around because we now observe large herds of elephants in the corridor sometimes numbering over 80 elephants. So hop on and ride the EleFriendly Bus because if we are to protect our elephants then EleFriendly is the Only Way!


SLWCS volunteer and village kids waiting to board the EleBus


Volunteers, donors of the EleBus all get to ride the bus


Shamila and Akram Cassim of Colombo Jewellery Stores

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School kids look in apprehension...

IMG 8119
IMG 8087 the EleBus passes by several elephants in the corridor

We gratefully acknowledge all the major donors who contributed to the purchase of the world's first EleFriendly Bus. Akram Cassim, CEO, Colombo Jewellery Stores, Bollywood Film Star, Ms. Jacqueline Fernandez, International Elephant Foundation, elephantea, Asian Elephant Support, Wealthtrust Securities Ltd., Cha’s Organics (Arayuma), Adele and Loi Nguyen of California and Anya de Saram-Larsson and the children of British Overseas School in Colombo.

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some of the generous sponsors of the world's first EleFriendly Bus!

Plans are underway to launch a second slightly bigger bus due to the increasing demand. The current bus can only take 26 passengers where as by the end of the day the EleBus carries over 160 students – sometimes carrying nearly 60 students at a time. A can of sardines is no comparison to the tightly packed EleBus.

Please give us your support to expand our EleFriendly Bus Service. To make an online donation please visit our website at:!donate/cee5

Thank you for your kind support!

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The children do have much to smile about when they are safely traveling in the EleBus

Into the conflict with the BBC!

With the arrival of the EleBus in March we had another exciting event. A film crew from BBC arrived to document human elephant conflicts and some of the pioneering and award winning measures the SLWCS has developed to create an environment of coexistence between villagers and elephants. And of course the EleBus, Project Orange Elephant and our Saving Elephants by Helping People Project along with the elephants and villagers of Wasgamuwa took center stage in some of the sequences.

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Ravi, Mark and Alistair having a discussion

IMG 7955

Alistair preparing the drone

IMG 7987

Chinthaka, Dhammika, Toby (seated on the ground), Mark and Ravi discussing a logistical matter

It was exciting to be out there especially during the night filming the time old toil of farmers – the tremendous effort they make to protect their crops from elephants. On some days as early 3 pm in the afternoon the BBC crew along with Chandima and our field staff would head out to a remote village to film through dusk and night. They would film until the wee hours of the morning documenting elephants raiding fields while farmers stubbornly kept vigil and made every effort to protect their crops.

20180313 225109

Late in the night at a filming location with a Land Rover full of equipment

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20180313 224819
20180310 225122

Cameraman Toby making friends with two locals

20180313 222122

No better way to relax after a long night of filming - a warm fire, friendly dogs and hot tea

20180313 222057

Pol roti, hot tea...

20180310 225026

...and wild elephant stories adds up to a productive and exciting night


Two crop raiders feeding in a rice field in the night


A massive bull feeding in a rice field.

There were also some very exciting moments such as when filming the EleBus, the bus got stuck! Not realizing how soggy the ground on either of the road was after the recent rains the driver tried to turn the bus around and got the bus mired in the mud. Nearly 50 elephants were not even 30 meters away. Not all the manpower that was available could move the bus. That was until a Knight in Black Armor the Defender came to the rescue and pulled the EleBus out of the rut.

The BBC also documented the various measures the SLWCS has developed and implemented over the years and their positive impacts on people and elephants.

We are eagerly looking forward to seeing the completed production.

It is never ever boring in Wasgamuwa!

IMG 8077

Chandima pointing out at elephants

IMG 8080

Filming a sequence with the EleBus

IMG 8122

Filming inside the EleBus

IMG 8161

A section of the large herd that was feeding nearby

IMG 8187

And then the bus got stuck!

IMG 8193

We are definitely going to get late to school,,,

IMG 8197

The Defender comes to the rescue,

Photo Credits:

Ravi Corea/SLWCS
Indika Sampath/SLWCS
Chinthaka Weerasinghe/SLWCS

Big, rumbling thanks to our Corporate Partners for their kind support and to everyone who has donated and supported our wildlife conservation efforts!

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