February 2016 Newsletter I was kind of blindsighted by January. It may have been the Seasonal Affective Disorder thing (in spite of the fancy desk la

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February 2016 Newsletter

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I was kind of blindsighted by January. It may have been the Seasonal Affective Disorder thing (in spite of the fancy desk lamp I bought a few years ago), but I fell into a funk that was hard to get out of. I had the flu not once - but twice, each time laying me up for a week in bed, exhausted and feverish. While I was down for the count, my third bike was stolen in Paris, which didn't matter all that much because I'm taking a break from biking as I've been hobbling around with a knee injury that's going to be fixed shortly.

On the plus side, now that we have Netflix in France, I had a chance to get caught up on a lot of television shows, including being able to finish all the episodes of the wonderful Nurse Jackie.

The other thing that cheered me up with going to the outdoor market, with my cane, to find the stands loaded with happy mounds of citrus, including tangerines and clementines from Spain and Corsica, and Sicilian oranges with bright green leaves. I can't seem to get enough of them and like most French people, I just peel and eat them just as they are, although they make a lovely sorbet. (I use this recipe, swapping out tangerine juice for the orange juice.)


So, as they say in France, On verra, which means "We'll see..." In spite of the cool drizzle of winter, we did head out to the countryside for a day with Greg, the owner of Mon Éclair. We visited the local outdoor market, picking up various cheeses for lunch, dandelion greens for a big salad, a couple of roasted chickens and potatoes (and sliced into a magnificent slab of beef), and for dessert, we sat around the fire peeling clementines, drinking coffee, and watching the dog doze off.

And other bonus was that I came home with a huge bunch of fresh herbs from his garden, just above: Rosemary, garlic chives, bay leaves, savory and sage. I can't wait to use them all - although it's nice to just look at them, too.

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I've got a couple of things coming up in February. There's an article in the February issue of Food + Wine magazine about me cooking Thai-inspired recipes in San Francisco in the kitchen of my friend Pim Techamuanvivit, owner of the excellent Kin Khao restaurant. Some of the article and recipes are online, but the full article with all the pictures is in the printed magazine.

I'll also be doing a Q+A with my friends at Sur La Table on their Facebook page on February 18th at 9am Pacific Time, 11am Central Time. I'll announce it on my own Facebook page but if you want to put it on your calendar, you can stop by and chat.

This month I've got a bunch of interesting posts planned - including a zippy winter soup, a visit to an authentic French bistro that I liked so much that I went back twice, some healthy breakfast bars that have become my go-to snack this winter, and another video lined up from a favorite gastronomic address in Paris - so be sure to keep in touch with my blog!



Links I'm Liking

almond cake recipe

-The French are stormin' Brooklyn... (Observer)

-A list of some of my favorite edible souvenirs to bring back from France. (National Geographic)

-C'est possible? How to shop at Costco without being a member. (The Kitchn)

-Your Airbnb winter chalet in the French alps might not be what is appeared to be, but here are some cute places in Paris that might be more fun to stay in. (Michael Lévy-Provençal and MessyNessyChic)

-Now that you've watched Season 1 and 2 of Transparent, check out Catastrophe on Amazon Prime. The chemistry of the couple in this adult comedy is refreshing, irreverent, and hilarious. I laughed out loud a number of times!

-How to buy cheese like the French (Chocolate & Zucchini)

-Ferrandi Culinary School in Paris opens its doors to the public Feb 5 and 6th.

-The battle of the Paris taxi and Uber, Le Cab, and Chauffer-Privé, continues. Some reasons why the taxis might not win this in the long run. (Linked In)


Recent Favorite Posts from My Blog

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Some favorite recipes and posts from last month:

-I've updated my post for a favorite recipe of all, Almond Cake, a great cake to serve with citrus fruits and berries.

-A place where you can make-your-own éclair in Paris.

-Paris pastries aplenty at Stohrer, the oldest bakery in the city.

-My super pal Joanne Weir came out with a new book and I made Arroz con pollo from it. It feeds a crowd and is impressive to bring to the table!

-A reader said this cocktail would blow me away...and it did. The Last Word is my new favorite libation for winter.

-These chocolate chip cookie bars are packed with chocolate, cherries and a whole bunch of deliciousness.

See you next month...

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