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Featured Candidates & Positions

May 2018

Hello and Welcome Back,

It is incredible how quickly the months go by here. It seems as though the April newsletter was just sent out and here we are in May. The biggest piece of news we have to announce is that we have had a co-op student join our ranks for the next fourteen weeks!

Even when business seems to be at it's busiest point, it is important to take the time to give back. Taking on a co-op student has to be one of the most mutually beneficial ways of doing this. So for our May Newsletter, we are happy to introduce our newest team member and the benefits we see from having a co-op student work with us. But first, see our featured candidates and positions.


Take a Look at Our Featured Candidates!

Candidate Profile 1: Outstanding CHRO or SVP of Global HR for your organization!

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This candidate has global executive leadership expertise and is a proven leader with a broad-based track record of significant business, financial, change management and functional accomplishments aligning HR with Corporate Strategy. A true global citizen with on-the-ground international experience in operations throughout Americas, EMEA and Asia. Accomplished leader, developing and delivering innovative solutions driving organizational imperatives to achieve measurable bottom-line results for multi-billion dollar organizations. Call +1-313-887-8300 ex. 102 or email for more information.

Candidate Profile 2: Senior IP counsel for your organization!

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This candidate has a wealth of experience both in-house and with a global law firm. With a strong technical and R&D background, this individual is an effective business partner with the ability to develop and manage patent and trademark portfolios. This candidate blends strong business and legal insights in order to advise executive leaders. As a skilled negotiator, this candidate achieves mutually beneficial results while satisfying diverse priorities and has a strong executive presence, business acumen and decision-making skills. Please contact or call 519.258.1844 ext. 103 for more information.

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Featured Positions for Job Seekers

General Plant Manager – Michigan

Our client is a $2Billion, global manufacturer of functional and decorative parts for the global automotive industry. In this role you will have full P/L responsibility for a sizeable manufacturing operation with $120 Million in revenues. You will lead a team and all aspects of the business including Manufacturing Operations/Production, Engineering, Maintenance, HR, Quality, Finance, etc. It is critical that this person has strong leadership skills, experience in a high-volume automotive manufacturing environment, and process experience with plastic molding. This is a great company with great opportunity for career growth! Email for more details or call 313-887-8300 ex.102.

Multi-site, Plant Manager – China

Our client company is a global manufacturer of components and systems to the industrial and automation markets. This position offers the opportunity to streamline a business which operates out of two plants in southern China. There are opportunities to put more robust and efficient systems in place in order to handle “booked business” growth coming in the next 24 months. We are seeking a person with very strong manufacturing systems knowledge and experience who also possesses on-the-ground experience in mainland China within a global organization. Email for more details or call 313-887-8300 ex.102.

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Local Co-op Programs and Tapping Into Mutually Beneficial Opportunities

Last week we had the pleasure of welcoming Emma Thibodeau, a student from the University of Windsor, to the Tier One Executive Search headquarters for the cooperative segment of her bachelor's degree program. Emma has just completed the second year of her Honours Business Administration degree with Co-Operative Education.

When asked what she is most looking forward to learning while here at Tier One, Emma explains "I am excited to work in a professional environment and learn more about things that really pertain to my degree. I also look forward to learning more about the recruiting industry and how to communicate with clients and candidates."

The benefits of getting real-world work experience in addition to traditional classroom education is quite substantial. As Emma explains, "There are definitely a lot of benefits for students to partake in co-op. Instead of just attending classes for four years and jumping right into the workforce, we get the opportunity to get a feel for what type of industry we want to go into." She expects this co-op to help with her future career endeavors as she will be learning a lot of basics which will be applicable in other workplaces.

The advantages of hosting co-ops or internships is not just limited to the students, however. From the perspective of the business, there are multiple reasons why you'll want to consider participating in your own local co-operative education programs. Here are the benefits we have seen from working with co-op students so far:

1. Extra Manpower
Have projects that have been sitting on the back burner for quite some time? Having the extra help can free up some of your time to tackle those tasks.

2. A Fresh Perspective
Having a student on your team can help you to see things through a fresh set of eyes which can resolve an ongoing issue. They might also be able to expose you to new technologies to help with your processes.

3. A Potential New Hire
Even if this is not in the immediate future, a co-op student will leave having a solid idea with how your business operates. They just might be the perfect candidate when you are looking to hire as they come with the appropriate experience.

4. Creating Awareness About Your Industry
Taking on students means you are building an awareness of your industry as a career path opportunity. This is especially helpful for niche industries that do not quickly come to mind to new job seekers.

5. Having A Relationship with Local Educational Institutions
This is a potential benefit we can see over the long-term. Having relationships with your surrounding educational institutions is another way having access to new talent when you are in need of a hire. This could also potentially turn into a relationship where you can give feedback on the type of skills you require out of recent graduates.


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