Hello , Easter greetings, from Yiwu China. Last week I was telling you about a Check-Up in China, you can read about it here. This Easter I will be

Ancient Wisdom

Hello ,

Easter greetings, from Yiwu China.
Last week I was telling you about a Check-Up in China, you can read about it here.
This Easter I will be traveling back to the UK.. so next week's news will be from AW HQ.

Yes.. Easter is a time for rest, reflection, and renewal. But we folk in the gift trade can add an extra "R".. Retailing. So I hope that you are busy and doing a roaring trade but also hope you have time for the other three "R's" as well... and trust you have some time to unwind and relax with family and friends.
Actually, it's a good time to look forward, renewal ie make plans to figure the next seasons' trends.

But how do you predict what will sell this coming summer? How do know what to go with?

Is it a devil's own job ugh?

Well here's my AW Easter Tips on predicting the future...
Three ways you can be the trendiest gift retailer in town.

1.Check out google trends.. have you tried it? www.google.com/trends type in things like "Flamingo Gifts" or "Angel Gifts" and you may be surprised at the results.. it shows you what people are searching for and if the trend is on the up, or fizzling out.

2.Colours.. every year a new batch of colours just feel right and are the hot fashion. Do you blend or do you clash? Pantone the colour specialist company produce trend reports, but wow they charge big money for it. But there are other websites that give you idea's for trends in colours..colourlovers.com/trends is a cool one. Get a feel for the coming colours and you can focus on colour ranges that fit your shop and style and be on trend.

3.Listen to your customers. Everyone is constantly influenced by things around them, we all have common influences.. popular TV or music for example. See what people are looking for. My guess is that British things, Vintage things, Personalized gifts.. we have great customers (that's you!) who are always sending me ideas.... thank you! Keep them coming :) - so likewise listen to your customers.
and finally, if that all fails you can always try our crystal balls (a predictably good selling line).

Anyway, it's Easter.. so all the best Easter wishes to you all. Wishing you a chocolate filled, spring-like, bouncy weekend!

We have prepared some super Spring deals for you to take advantage of over the Easter weekend..

Take care


Simply copy and paste or write Voucher Code EASTER17 into your shopping cart and make sure that your order is over £100 before VAT. Press add voucher and we will automatically deduct £7.50 off your order.

If you are outside of UK(mainland) or reached standard minimum order for free shipping then we will automatically apply £7.50 to cover part of your shipping or order cost.

Offer ends today on Monday 17 April March 2017 at midnight.


Give your store a touch of distinctive aroma with this carefully blended Wholesale Reed Diffusers. Reed diffusers are an extremely popular home essential that tends be re-bought on a regular basis as well as being a highly popular gift which is what makes it such an all year round great seller. This reed diffuser even comes ready to sell in it's sleek and eye-catching packaging.

Order todayand get this refreshing Reed Diffuser in your store...


Each Wholesale Salt Lamp comes complete with light fitting, bulb & plug. Rather than sell them by size we sell them by approximate weight. Items are marked with sizes to give a rough idea of size only, each lamp is completely unique.
Click here if you are looking for Himalayan Salt Lamps with EU Cables


Ancient Wisdom Crystal Balls

Crystal Balls are tricky things to make and are made from high-quality optical glass. Because the ball must be flawless many have to be discarded after production. The larger the ball the more likely a flaw can develop, hence the larger sizes are disproportionately more expensive. Good foam filled presentation boxes to minimise the chance damage and to make a nice presentation as a gift.

Stock Ancient Wisdom Crystal balls to see a brighter future today.


New Marble Pestle & Mortars just arrived. Not only do they all add style to homes but they are also very useful for grinding, crushing and mixing herbs and spices. An absolute essential for any home.We also have an excellent variety, they are available 3 different colours (white, grey, black) and in 3 different sizes so there is plenty to choose from.


These Kraft Window Bags are suitable for products both wet and dry which demand high barrier property packaging. Kraft Window bags give that natural feel, and with a bit of imagination and entrepreneurial flare you can create a product unique to your shops, enabling (dare we say), krafty profit margins.


These beautiful hand-crafted wholesale salad servers are made from Sonokeling and Mahogany wood. Choose from two amazing colours and three designs.
The Racquet and Long Handle Salad Server sets are perfect for scooping and mixing a substantial amount of salad or pasta. Each wooden salad server can also be a very useful when cooking.


Small Bath Bomb Gift Boxes are ideal for Aromatherapy 120g Bath Potions Bombs and Essential Oils Bath Bombs. They will help you to turn three bath bombs into a perfect gift. Sell 3 bombs for £5 and give a free box to generate sales. Or pre-fill boxes and stack ‘em high for real impact.


Dragon's Egg Bath Bombs - 250g

These wholesale Huge Dragon's Egg Shaped Bath Bombs look and smell great. Each bomb weighs in at a massive 250+ grams and contains Shea Butter to make it smoother on your skin.Perfect for upcoming Easter and great for a lovely bath too :) An ideal gift for those Game of Thrones lovers.

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