Completely Different Sculpture! David Begbie‘s latest sculpture is figurative in a completely different sense. ‘CIRCA‘, a new format circular composi

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Completely Different Sculpture!


‘CIRCA’ 2014 Painted bronzemesh, unique, available. 135 x 135 x 12 cm, suspended.

David Begbie‘s latest sculpture is figurative in a completely different sense. ‘CIRCA‘, a new format circular composition, and his figurative versions of this, ‘CIRCUM‘ and ‘PENTAX‘, realise an optical thread between the representational and abstract aesthetic and demonstrates that this quality has existed in ‘Begbie sculpture‘ all along.


‘PENTAX’ 2014 Painted steelmesh with figurative elements, unique, available. 45 x 40 x 10 cm, suspended. Click to zoom.

These recent sculptures focus on the dynamic optical qualities of the actual medium itself and its interaction with specific or ambient light in suspended space. For the viewer the transparent material has intrigue yet is somehow familiar. On looking further you discover the properties of the medium. The white-painted mesh is distinctly reminiscent of translucent canvas and its modelling creates a liveliness and sense of movement that is further enhanced by the use of projected shadow through strategic lighting.


‘CIRCUM’ 2014 Painted bronzemesh, with figurative elements, unique, available. 130 x 120 x 12 cm, suspended. Click to zoom.

These and other new sculptures are available, examples of which are also currently exhibited at Van Loon Galleries, The Netherlands:


Congratulations to Van Loon Galleries for a fab new gallery space in the heart of Amsterdam! Image: Joris Van Loon and Rik van Drissen, featured here with IKONS, a triple female torso composition in steelmesh, suspended (available, click to zoom).

Large Scale Corporate Commissions

These new sculptures developed out of David's most recent corporate larger scale commissions such as ‘CUMULUS‘, ‘CIRRUS‘ and ‘CIRROSTRATUS‘ for 8 Northumberland, London, and ‘ARIOS DIPTYCH‘ for Conning Asset Management Limited, London, which all have reference to cloud forms and vapour but which appear purely abstract in their rendition.


‘CUMULUS’ 2014, painted bronzemesh, 370 x 170 x 120 cm.


‘CIRRUS I, II, III‘ 2014, painted bronzemesh. Approx. 500 x 70 x 15 cm each.


‘CIRROSTRATUS’ 2014, painted bronzemesh. 160 x 140 x 24 cm.


‘ICON I‘, exhibited during the Scottish Fashion Week 2014, 8 Northumberland and is seen here with David Begbie and again with Vivian Westwood during the event.


‘ARIOS DIPTYCH’ 2014, Conning Asset Management Limited, new offices at Monument Street, London. Approx. 200 x 100 cm each.

In Another Different Sense ...


‘MBLEM’ 2014. painted bronzemesh, British Consulate-General, Shanghai. 160 x 70 x 30 cm.

His flag sculptures such as ‘MBLEM‘, ‘UNTIED KINGDOM‘ and ‘ENGLAND‘ venture towards abstraction, whereby the shadow projection is purely abstract but ultimately these remain recognizable as a subject and are spectacularly new and different in the sense that the mesh is brightly coloured and painted like a canvas.


‘UNTIED KINGDOM’, 100 x 55 x 15 cm. and ‘ENGLAND’, 100 x 50 x 10 cm. Painted steelmesh 2014.

And Talking of Canvas ...


Thanks to Michael Ross from Fine Art Sails for sharing images of Norfolk Broads Yacht Club where he raced as part of the Bart's Bash charity race which managed to get over 30,000 sailors around the world to compete in a virtual race on 21 September! His sail is depicting image "‘An Eye for the Buoys‘" based on ‘EVE‘ and which also raced at Cowes Week in August 2014, sponsored by Aberdeen Asset Management.


Exhibition News


Lee Benson (Lee Benson Gallery) and also creator of Henry Egg children books.

Edinburgh Art Fair
14 - 16 Nov 2014

It’s the tenth anniversary of this event and a selection of sculpture will be exhibited with Lee Benson of Lee Benson Gallery (former Number Nine the Gallery, Birmingham).
The private view will be on 13th November and the fair continues until Sunday.


‘NUBII‘, 50 cm height, ‘ICON III‘ 51 cm height, ‘ELEMENT‘, brass panel Buddha on base, height 32 cm and ‘STILLNUWD‘, flat panel editioned sculpture, 62 cm height.


Somerville Gallery has moved to a scenic location at Maker Heights, Cornwall and will be exhibiting new sculptures very soon.


OPIOM near Cannes, France showed my sculpture in Saint Rémy de Provence and Gordes. The gallery will be closed for a few months but exhibiting at Art Miami and Art Wynwood.


‘EUTU‘ Click for Zoom

‘EUTU‘ commissioned double figure composition, recently installed at one of London's most prestigious private addresses, courtesy of HUS Galleries, London.


‘ICONIS‘ Click for Zoom

ICONIS - Recently installed: Corporate acquisition for Timothy James and Partner, London, who paid great attention to getting the lighting just right.

Up and Coming in 2015


"BURNS" steel panel portrait of Robert Burns, limited edition, 104 cm x 57 cm x 2mm.

"The Real Face of Burns"
21 Feb – 14 Jun 2015
Robert Burns Birthplace Museum /Ayr / Scotland

The Robert Burns Birthplace Museum and several invited artists will be contributing to this multi-media exhibition. Thanks to Sheilagh Tennant from Artruist, Edinburgh for inviting me to exhibit my portrait of the poet "‘BURNS‘"!

More Info
PS Next Robert Burns Night - 25 January 2015


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