Received this newsletter from a friend? Subscribe here! Dear Friends, One woman can make a difference but together we can rock the world The 2014 W


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Dear Friends,

One woman can make a difference but together we can rock the world

The 2014 WIZO Aviv International Seminar convened in Tel Aviv on Sunday November 2nd. This week-long conference aims at cultivating young Jewish women's leadership and this year's seminar saw the magical meeting of 49 Avivs from 15 countries around the globe. It was an intense but productive week during which new friendships were formed, countless memories were created, ideas were exchanged and new insights were gained. Participants visited & volunteered in our WIZO projects, learned skills & gained tools from world-class professionals, tasted Israel in the markets of Jerusalem, and had a FUNTASTIC time! An unforgettable experience to be cherished forever.

We hope to see many more WIZO Aviv members at our 2015 Leadership Empowerment Seminar. This is an opportunity to participate in top-level lectures and workshops that empower participants with the the tools for life and future WIZO roles. Having the added benefit of being included in the best lectures, workshops and tours of the MOR (Meeting of Representatives) as well.
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The elation of the successful Aviv Seminar is tinged with sadness following the brutal terrorist attack at a synagogue in the Har Nof neighborhood of Jerusalem which killed four civilians and a Druze police officer. May their memories be blessed.

With warm WIZO regards,
Janine Gelley
Chairperson, Organization and Tourism Division
World WIZO


Ending on a high note

For Sylvie Pelossof, Chairperson of the Next Generation Dept. at World WIZO who is finishing her term at the end of 2015 this was her last Aviv Seminar. Emotions were high at the closing ceremony but being part of this magical experience has left her with a great feeling of satisfaction, accomplishment and a lot of hope. Read more of Sylvie's musings...

laurienne 1

The wonderful world of WIZO

Laurienne Baitz, Aviv representative to World WIZO Executive is a human dynamo bursting with energy. She shares her WIZO passion with everyone she comes into contact with and has "united and ignited" Avivs around the world, strengthening their bonds of sisterhood and commitment to the cause. Read more...

deidre 1

Reflections - one week on

Deidre Cline from Leeds shares her experiences of the 2014 Aviv Seminar in her highly informative, entertaining and enlightening blog. She writes " I am back in the UK and my head is buzzing with ideas. Someone asked me today if I could name one thing that I brought away with me….a real challenge but it has to be the fact I had not realized how much WIZO does and how it is for ALL Israeli citizens. Read more...

liana 2

A journey of self discovery

Liana Halpern from Finland has wisdom far beyond her years and when she addressed the seminar participants on their last day at the WIZO Nachlat Yehuda Youth Village her passionate and heartfelt words moved everyone to tears. Intelligent, compassionate and enthusiastic young women like Liana are the future of our movement. Read more...

aviv collage 1

Global impressions and thoughts on a life changing experience

Lots of exciting report backs from the Aviv seminar graduates!!! What a week it was! Having an opportunity to connect with such an amazing group of inspirational, motivated women is undoubtedly a life changing experience. Read more...


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Compiled by World WIZO Organization & Tourism Division

Co-editors: Lisa Moss, Raquel Dar