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Midnight Clear

"Midnight Clear", 8-color linocut, 12 x 9", by William Hays. Banner image at top of the page is titled "Winged Sunset" and is printed in 32 colors!

We are delighted to invite you to view a dozen new linoleum block prints just received from artist William Hays!

These linocuts are truly remarkable. William carves away portions of a linoleum block to reveal a design that is then inked and transferred to paper.

What's fascinating about these linocuts is that he carves away areas of the block, inks and prints it, then carves away more from the same block, printing it again with another color, perfectly registered, as an additional layer over the prior printing. The process continues multiple times (with additional colors) until the single block is reduced to the final design, inking and printing. For some prints he uses more than 30 colors, each carved, inked, and printed laboriously one at a time in a limited edition.

Please visit our William Hays site or our west gallery to see the four dozen linocut prints on display, and to read the artist's reflections about each of the prints. The linocuts appear as a visual diary of the artist's inspirations -- poetic, personal, and enchanting.

Still life 24

"Fruits Still Life 24", giclée on canvas, 30 x 24", by Carlos Bruscianelli

No, not a photograph! It's a painting!

Venezuelan-born artist Carlos Bruscianelli has clearly mastered the technique of realistic painting with precision, an accomplishment and ability that is rare among painters today.

His phenomenal paintings are compelling as the viewer marvels at how he achieves such exactitude. As one can imagine, a Bruscianelli painting is created over a very long period of time and then only one person is lucky enough to own it.

To allow more people to enjoy owning and viewing a Bruscianelli painting, the artist has been working to create a few of his paintings as limited edition giclées. A giclée (pronounced zhee-clay) is a copy of an original artwork made by scanning the art to produce a digital file that is printed with extremely high resolution in colors that match the original exactly. Giclées are of such high quality that it would be difficult to discern a giclée from an original of the same image.

An advantage of a giclee is that the cost may be only around one-tenth the cost of the original -- and multiple collectors could own one, rather than just one person who would own the original.

You can see additional examples of the artist's talent on our Carlos Bruscianelli page and in our east gallery. Carlos is an amazing artist and friend who the United States government awarded a special visa to paint in the U.S. due to his meritorious talent and achievements.

Under Open Skies

"Under Open Skies", limited edition on canvas, 36 x 36", by Frederick Phillips

British artist Frederick Phillips is a masterful painter, but his oil paintings are not as they may first appear.

With more examination one observes that the scenes have an uncanny realism to them, as though reflective of a dreamy state, half-remembered when awakened.

As an example, in the image shown here, the columns support white arches that rise upwards, imperceptibly fading into the blue sky above.

As you will see in visiting our Frederick Phillips page, some images have scenes of daylight with a component that morphs into night time -- and columns that rise into tree forms. Phillips, through his paintings, creates images of imagination.

We just received several new limited editions by the artist and they are all on display in our center gallery and on our Frederick Phillips page. Enjoy the dreams of reality!


More than just paintings, Saper Galleries features art of all media and styles!

When some think of galleries, an impression may be a display of paintings. At Saper Galleries there is a wide range of paintings in various styles from traditional to abstract, small to large and a wide range of prices. But that's not all. Among the couple thousand artworks on display here you will also see hand-blown glass vases, mobiles and stabiles, ceramic vessels, polarized light collages, watercolors, drawings, collages, pastels, and limited edition prints (such as lithographs, etchings, engravings, monoprints, serigraphs, woodblock prints, linocuts, and giclées).

You will also discover sculptures cast from bronze, formed from clay, modeled from wire mesh, carved from stone, and as relief sculptures that hang on the wall.

Unique wooden boxes and other gift items well under $100 are also very popular.

Stop by or view our home and inventory pages to discover a range of artwork far beyond just paintings!

For 44 years Saper Galleries and Custom Framing from downtown East Lansing, Michigan has been providing art and framing services for thousands of clients throughout the world. And we're honored to be of assistance to you.

45 Years Ago -- In 1977 Roy Saper bought his first Alexander Calder lithograph (soon after the artist died) -- and a friend in New York wanted to buy it from him, inspiring him to create a gallery business the next year.

40 Years Ago -- In 1982 Roy turned 30 and started buying Marc Chagall etchings from the artist's famed Bible suite, three years before Chagall died.

35 Years Ago -- In 1987 when the downtown Saper Galleries building was one year young we had three major exhibitions: Our first exhibition of Catalan artist Sunol Alvar's lithographs and sculptures (still one of our most sought after artists), our first exhibition of Harold Altman lithographs of landscapes, and Enrico Embroli abstract paintings

30 Years Ago -- In 1992 we had an exhibition of Howard Behrens' colorful palette knife paintings and limited editions and our second exhibition of Harold Altman lithographs.

25 Years Ago -- In 1997 Roy created the exhibition Picasso and Rembrandt: Meeting of the Masters with a large display of Picassos that were inspired by Rembrandt etchings. We displayed the Picasso and Rembrandt etchings side-by-side with text describing how Picasso was directly influenced by Rembrandt's imagery in creating his more contemporary variation. We presented many programs on the exhibition to the community. In 1997 we also created our first exhibition of the 1,000 Lost Paintings of Tunis Ponsen, the Dutch-born artist who later lived in western Michigan and Chicago.

20 Years Ago -- In 2002 we exhibited paintings and limited editions of noted French artist Michel Delacroix, still a favorite among many of our collectors worldwide.

15 Years Ago -- In 2007 Decor Magazine recognized Saper Galleries as the nation's top gallery for its 2006 Picasso exhibition. We also had our first exhibition of Michael Callihan paintings: Michigan Impressions (as described here).

10 Years Ago -- In 2012 We had three exhibitions: The Lorax images of Dr. Seuss, Allen Littlefield's dimensional ceramic wall sculptures, and Hebron glass from the Palestinian West Bank (described here).

5 Years Ago -- We exhibited the emotive paintings of Israeli artist Benjamin Shiff and hyperrealist paintings by several artists as described here.

Missed prior Memories?! You can read what was happening at Saper Galleries every 5 or 10 years in recent newsletters featuring these years: 1975, 1979, 1981.

More than just art!


Want a gift idea that will last forever? Frame a special memory.

Here are examples (and photos) of items that we recently framed, some that were given as gifts to remember, celebrate, and honor the past!

▪ Archeological finds
▪ Author book jackets
▪ Autograph collections and manuscripts
▪ Bar and Bat Mitzvah photos
▪ Business documents to preserve
▪ Card collections
▪ Children school photos over a series of years
▪ Children's art
▪ Christening gown and related items
▪ Coins, currency, precious metals
▪ Diplomas
▪ Dolls, puppets, and childhood collections
▪ Donor awards and recognition
▪ Family needlepoint and similar heirlooms
▪ Family photos from past to present
▪ Family vacation photos
▪ Floral bouquets and wreaths
▪ Genealogical records and historical photos
▪ Golf scorecards and memorabilia
▪ Ground-breaking celebration memorabilia
▪ Historical maps
▪ Important letters and documents
▪ Jewelry and scarves
▪ Jigsaw puzzles
▪ Legislative bills, resolutions, signing pens and photos
▪ Marathon and 5K race photos
▪ Marriage certificates and ketubahs
▪ Memories related to those who died
▪ Menus from family businesses and travels
▪ Military service honors and memorabilia
▪ Mirrors
▪ Musician/recording artist CDs and inserts
▪ Musical instruments
▪ Newspaper and magazine articles
▪ Patent and invention documents
▪ Pennants and alma mater items
▪ Political campaign material
▪ Professional and medical licenses and certificates
▪ Restored family photos
▪ Retirement celebration items
▪ School and college sports photos and related items
▪ Sporting, boating, and fishing photos
▪ Sports jerseys
▪ Tapestries, rugs, embroideries
▪ Theater and concert programs and posters
▪ Tickets to games and concerts
▪ Toys from early years
▪ Travel mementos and photos
▪ Wedding invitations, documents, photos
Archeological finds
Author book jackets
Autograph collections and manuscripts
Bar and Bat Mitzvah photos
Business documents to preserve
Card collections
Children school photos over a series of years
Children's art
Christening gown and related items
Coins, currency, precious metals
Dolls, puppets, and childhood collections
Donor awards and recognition
Family needlepoint and similar heirlooms
Family photos from past to present
Family vacation photos
Floral bouquets and wreaths
Genealogical records and historical photos
Golf scorecards and memorabilia
Ground-breaking celebration memorabilia
Historical maps
Important letters and documents
Jewelry and scarves
Jigsaw puzzles
Legislative bills, resolutions, signing pens and photos
Marathon and 5K race photos
Marriage certificates and ketubahs
Memories related to those who died
Menus from family businesses and travels
Military service honors and memorabilia
Musician/recording artist CDs and inserts
Musical instruments
Newspaper and magazine articles
Patent and invention documents
Pennants and alma mater items
Political campaign material
Professional and medical licenses and certificates
Restored family photos
Retirement celebration items
School and college sports photos and related items
Sporting, boating, and fishing photos
Sports jerseys
Tapestries, rugs, embroideries
Theater and concert programs and posters
Tickets to games and concerts
Toys from early years
Travel mementos and photos
Wedding invitations, documents, photos

If it's worth remembering, preserve it by framing the memory!

Give a gift certificate and let them choose!

We can email or print and mail or deliver gift certificate for any art and/or custom framing services at SAPER GALLERIES. Let us know the dollar amount and the text you'd like to appear on the gift certificate and we will quickly email you a draft for your approval. Contact us and we will respond immediately and guarantee delivery to anyone, anywhere for any date and time! Give a gift certificate and let them choose!

Here is a link to view previous e-newsletters you might have missed!

Thank you!

Jennifer Roy Erin 9-26-22

Jennifer, Roy Saper, and Erin in the west gallery

We appreciate the opportunity of serving you and look forward to welcoming your visits online or in person at SAPER GALLERIES and Custom Framing where friendly, knowledgeable, helpful art professionals are here for you always in a relaxed, welcoming, and comfortable environment. No request is too small and no project is too large. Framing services, art restoration, art for home and businesses and as gifts, installation services -- for 44 years we thank you for calling on SAPER GALLERIES, where excellence is the standard.

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