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All School Parties for Next Year

If you are interested in hosting an All School Party for the 17-18 academic year, you MUST attend an informational meeting (less than 20 minutes) on either February 14th at 5 pm or February 15th at noon in Bulldog.

Organizational Houses for Next Year

The due date for the names of who will be living in your organizational house for the following year are DUE March 21st. Please find minimum occupancy numbers in the Organizational House Supplemental Manual.

URconnect/ Orgsync Events Process

• All Events need to be put in at least 72 hours before the event or they will be denied
• If you need things from event services (tables, fences, ect) you need to reserve a space in the system (i.e. if Chi Sig would like fencing at their house, they need to 'reserve' the Chi Sig house and ask for fencing in URConnect)

Calendar meeting

This year’s Calendar meeting will be held on April 5 2017 at 5pm in HOL 100. This event is for Clubs and Orgs that want to hold events and space for the next academic year.

Service Opportunities

Orange Blossom Trail Clean-up Feb. 18 9:30-noon, Bring Gloves, Rakes and Shovels. All Greek Hour.
March 12th: Clothing Donation Day More Info TBD. All Greek Hour.
Relay for Life: April 8-9 (total of 4 hours per person counted towards hours, All Greek Hour)

Greek Council Minutes

Check out the hard work of your Elected Officers Here. (for those with an active Redlands.edu e-mail only)

The Greek of the Week is a spotlight on a member of the Greek Community who has excelled in upholding our Greek Life Mission and Greek Pillars. If you would like to nominate someone who has excelled recently and is a member of Greek Life, please e-mail Christy ASAP! Check out past Greeks of the Week on campus in their Greek of the Week shirts!

Justin Meeks

Justin Meeks, Pi Chi

When Justin isn't busy in Theatre classes or as the film coordinator for the basketball and football teams, you can see him around the Pi Chi house working on improvements.

Justin shared that, "I chose to be a member of the Greek community because I wanted to be involved in something bigger than myself. I couldn't describe Greek Life enough to people. I always try to get people to rush because of the impact being in a fraternity has done for my life. My favorite part of Greek life is the history of all the organizations and how deeply entwined it is to the school as a whole."

Joe Galarza

Joe Galarza, Chi Sigma Chi President

Joe, as President of Chi Sig and also Greek Intern is a wealth of Greek knowledge. This semester he is working with Social Affairs to put on a concert series at the Greek Houses. Joe shared, "Going Greek was the best decision I could have made. The Greek community has given me innumerable opportunities to learn about myself and others while creating meaningful relationships all along the way. I have had the time of my life these last few years and it is hard to believe it is soon coming to end."

Leadership Workshops

We are starting a new series of workshops designed to help students to grow their leadership skills. They are open to all students. A free Cucas lunch will be provided. They will all be held in the bulldog room from 12-1pm
• Here are the dates 2/14, 2/22, 3/9, 3/21, 4/5

For more information please check URconnect

Vagina Monologues

The performances will take place on Friday, February 10 and Saturday, February 11 in Glenn Wallichs Theatre at 8pm.

Save the date 4/12/17 from 6-9pm in Orton

This is a new section for information where you can support other greeks, advertise for personal projects outside of Greek Life or events that will further you as an individual or organization.

V Monologues


Defamation Quick Flyer
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I am writing to you from Camp Pontiac. We are a premier co-ed overnight camp located in New York State in the foothills of the Berkshire Mountains. I am currently recruiting staff for the 2017 summer. I am looking for for fun, enthusiastic and mature individuals who can teach and assist in all areas of athletics, aquatics, the arts or as a general bunk counselor. We will be coming to the Redlands to conduct interviews on Thursday, February 23rd. If you would like more information about the camp you can view our website at www.camppontiac.com.

Fraternity New Members (31)

Alpha Gamma Nu
Kevin Gentile
Nate Han
Joe Imburgia (continuing)
Keavin Ly
Ben Nelson
Andre Torres
Austin Tribble (continuing)
Ryan Werner

Chi Rho Psi
Tristan Skraber
Raphy Carr
Nathan Chupp
Taiga Garnell
Michael Phillips
Leo Puentes
Corey Winter
Joey Warner

Chi Sigma Chi
Sam Gerungan
Jason Gonsalves
Jason Lee
Konner Moses
Brad Reynolds
Luis Salgado

Pi Chi
Michael Burnette
Kevin Chapa
Dave DJ Hollingshead
Troy Kay
Nathaniel Barkus
Kaimi Pupuhi
Victor Reisig
Max Taylor

Sigma Kappa Alpha
Torin Bakos
Robert Brito
Hunder Dersch

Kappa Sigma Sigma
No New Members

Sorority New Members (32)

Alpha Chi Delta
Sweezna Thapa

Alpha Sigma Pi
Marissa Hulbert
Rebecca Hulbert
Margaret Marcum
Katie Mefford
Emma Tchen
Sophia Salmon
Alexi Zate

Alpha Theta Phi
Hillary Flores
Meg Rickard
Cayman Scott
Paulina Valdes

Delta Kappa Psi
Jacqueline Andrade
Emma Burtt
Adriana Fellows
Juliana Gonzalez
Kolby Kahahawai
Alondra Santeliz
Sabrina Scoggin
Ashley Uriarte

Alpha Xi Omicron
Kelsey Huber
Madison Lundberg
Emma Mason
Marisa Mendez
Cortlyn Raymond
Erin Sayers
Lauren Simon

Beta Lambda
Chose not to Take a New Member Class

Kappa Pi Zeta
Janina Bollhorn
Nora Curtin
Becca Glazier
Sarah Martinez
Briana Weeks

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