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Do you need to expand your organization's use of Wild Apricot? Are you tired of getting "no, Wild Apricot cannot do this"?

Look no further! We are announcing a brand new Wild Apricot Add-Ons website. You will find 5 dynamic tools to help you delight your members, add more value to their membership and increase your Wild Apricot superpowers.

Introducing Wild Apricot QuickBooks Manager, aka WAQM, is a fully customizable and automated Wild Apricot to QuickBooks export. WAQM supports various versions of desktop QuickBooks (v 2013+/USD/CAD/EUR). Tax reporting and QuickBooks subaccounts are supported. Even invoices with multiple tax rules applied per line item can be imported into QuickBooks with 1 click.

NewPath Consulting supports and maintains a tool called the Wild Apricot Text Manager, aka WATM, which supports website translation, modification of hard-coded messages and warnings, as well as mass cascading style sheet (CSS) customizations.

For multi-chapter organizations with complex reporting needs, WARM is our custom reporting solution for Wild Apricot. Using Google Data Studio, Wild Apricot Reports Manager helps your organization track organizational performance.

NewPath Consulting develops and maintains WAWP, a set of WordPress plugins to seamlessly integrate WordPress with Wild Apricot single sign-on, custom member directories and membership applications.

Last but not least, the Wild Apricot Document Manager, aka WADM creates a searchable document library gadget for Wild Apricot. Organize and search the contents of PDFs, Microsoft Office documents, and text documents right inside your Wild Apricot website.

As always, feel free to reach out to me at if you ever need any help with Wild Apricot solutions or with your website.

Here is the October 2020 edition (#82) of the NewPath Consulting newsletter.

Alex Sirota
Director, NewPath Consulting
(888) 781-2539

Wild Apricot Projects & Events

Join the Wild Apricot Grove Facebook group if you haven't already! This group is an excellent resource to get help with Wild Apricot issues, stay up-to-date on Wild Apricot news, and to connect with other administrators and partners.

Our next AMAAWA (Ask Me Anything about Wild Apricot) is scheduled on November 21, 2020 at 12 PM EST. Feel free to drop in for expert help and tips on Wild Apricot.


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Integromat TechTalk for Partners

integromat techtalk

Integromat TechTalk for Partners

Alex Sirota, Director of NewPath Consulting is hosting a monthly Integromat partner get together. No sales pitches, just friendly sharing of business and tech experiences.

In December we will be featuring Integromat 2.0! Very exciting product in development for well over a year.

All Integromat partners are welcome.


Cool Resource of the Month

With COVID-19 putting even greater pressure on already stretched resources, you might be feeling just about ready to run for the hills. But if you’re tired of hearing about what you should do to prevent burnout, read 10 Ways to Definitely Burn Out as a Nonprofit Employee on the Wild Apricot. This article is a great guide on how to make sure you and your employees and volunteers, definitely burn out.


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