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Dear Friends and Well-wishers,

We just finished our first online Yoga Sutra study (Chapter 2), and are celebrating one of many rainbows across the Ritambhara sky.

The collective space and its inhabitants found connection, intimacy and authentic self-expression, notwithstanding expected technical glitches, the obviously-missing divine environment of Ritambhara Ashram and the supposed difficulty of conducting experiential activity while not being face-to-face.

We had participants sharing about -
- reclaiming long-forgotten spaces of Shringara and Bhakti within themselves,
- being able to be completely vulnerable,
- making a journey from "I know" to "I dont know at all" and
- being in a space of excitement, curiosity and poignancy about it all.

We, at Ritambhara, go forth into the unknown with the rest of the world, putting ourselves out there through our different programmes, which are emerging from our ongoing enquiry and practice. Be it the Yoga Sutra online study, the Self exploration for Teens, contemplative conversations in the time of corona or the Mahabharata exploration... Do sign up and join us in the adventure!

Ritambhara Acharya Sangha (RASA)


Zoom screenshot, Yoga Sutra Study Online-Chapter 2


Contemplation in the Time of Corona

As we try to navigate a prolonged period of lockdown, we are adding new terms to our map - containment zones and transmission zones, self-isolation and self-quarantine, social exhaustion and zoom fatigue. We 're also dealing with a lot of unknown, uncertainty, and a sense of wondering - how do we understand this whole situation?

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Collective drawing from Contemplative Conversation in the time of Corona

At Ritambhara, we had some conversations using an Indic lens to explore the current situation. You can read about this perspective in this article - Corona virus through the lens of yoga:


Photo by Raghu from Kotagiri

You can also listen to another conversation we had with Raghu Ananthanarayanan about looking at all this through an Indic lens.

Do observe what evocations arise in you as you read or listen to the above. We suggest you draw, write, or share your reflections and connect with a discovery of your own.

A participant from one of the conversations reflects: “The beauty around us has always existed; we are just pausing now to enjoy it. We have been the ones who have been distracted, we are enjoying the things that have always been around us. There is space right now for me to enjoy what has always been there.”

Another participant shared: Personally in touch with privilege. How privileged I am and how am I holding this privilege. Old frames of life which have come from the cognitive side cannot be replicated. At the same time, it cannot be anarchy. What could be the new structure? Can I learn something from what is happening?

We are also holding weekly contemplative conversations (poster below) where you can come to explore and reflect with us.


Self-Exploration Through Films for Teens

One of the ongoing programmes is this movie watching and sharing circle with teenagers.

A teen shares: "The movie was beautiful and was absolutely mesmerising. ... Seeing the kid sad and how he wasn't happy when he got first, and how we tried his best for his sister showed his affection towards the family and that he is brave. The movie had certainly made me emotional. Finally, I thank you, sir, for helping me understand how it it actually outside. This wasn't a movie it was a lesson, a lesson of not cribbing and to be happy with what you have."



Contemplation in the Time of Corona

Corona Conversations - Flyer Final

How are you dealing with the current situation? Would you like a safe and reflective space to voice your feelings and thoughts, ask your questions? Join us every Saturday.


Inner Work Through Yoga


Inner Work Through Yoga (IWTY) is a unique online program that is self-reflective, experiential and introduces Yoga Sutras as a mirror to understand oneself at deeper levels.

This 40 weeks program is a powerful introduction to inner work for anyone who has keen interest to take the plunge into an adventure of self-discovery based on authentic Indic knowledge traditions.

If you feel called to accept this invite for self unfoldment using the praxis of Antaranga Yoga (Inner Work Through Yoga), reach out to us at iwty@ritambhara.org.in to register.

Next IWTY batch has been postponed by a week and begins on 12th May 2020. We have 1 seat available.


Exploring Hind Swaraj


This is the advanced level 2, that follows the Re-engaging with Gandhi course level 1.

Feedback from a participant: "This course introduced me to my own dilemmas through a man born 150 years ago, but shared the same concerns and asked similar questions. It introduced me to more questions than answers. It invites you to remove your own spectacles and wear new ones to see not the world, but your own self and actions."

Please write to naveen.ritambhara@gmail.com if you would like to know about the next program.

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