The Oak Leaf - July 2014 By Lynn Gastineau President of Gastineau Log Homes, Inc. Welcome to the July 2014 issue of The Oak Leaf! For new readers,


The Oak Leaf - July 2014


By Lynn Gastineau
President of Gastineau Log Homes, Inc.

Welcome to the July 2014 issue of The Oak Leaf! For new readers, this is a monthly newsletter that is sent by e-mail to those that have expressed an interest in Gastineau Log Homes. We use this as a way of communicating technical, design and industry information. For more information, check out our web site at

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This is a modified Seven Gables using trap windows instead of the round windows and putting the fireplace in the center wall. See below for an inside view!


Here is the view from the loft out through the living room windows of the home above.

Trivia Question: 1.What was the greatest number of stripes on an official US flag? 2. How many hot dogs will be consumed over the Fourth of July holiday? (See the answers below.)

Seven Gable design featured this month in the Oak Leaf: One of our most popular designs in the Seven Gables and its kissing cousin the Seven Gables II. This month we are exclusively featuring photos from homes that were based on that design. This is just a small sampling of all the ideas that people have built after starting with the standard plan. Bring us your ideas and let's get started on a design customized for you!

Rear w walkout

This is a Seven Gables built with our Therma Log exterior siding vs full logs. You wouldn't know it was siding if I hadn't told you, would you! The full log corners make a huge difference in the authenticity of the look!

Arnold house

This Seven Gables is in Colorado. The garage has been taken off and a wrap around porch added.

Turn your tv into a digital picture frame! Looking at a blank tv screen in the middle of your living room wall is not attractive. But there is an app that will transform any internet connected tv into a way to show art from museums or even photos from your phone! You can choose images by categories like you do Playlists for music. And the App is FREE! It can even be used on your laptop or desktop computer. No more trying to hide ugly tv screens!


This diagram shows how Artkick works.


Here is a Seven Gables II built in Illinois by our builder/dealer Jeff Fore. Jeff has built about 100 Gastineau Log Homes !

DeLong Kitchen

This is a kitchen in a Seven Gables II. The raised bar "hides" the cook top and uses bar height chairs vs table height chairs. There is an office added to this end of the house which eliminated the window over the sink, but with the big glass door who needs the window??

Keeping insects off your home when you move to the country: Insects like wasps, spiders and ants are more prevalent when you move into the country. Think about it: you are moving into their home! This does not mean that you have to support them however! There is a product called NBS 30 which you can add into your exterior stain that will deter insects for as long as the stain is on the wood. It is made 100% of natural ingredients and safe for pets, plants and people! We are now offering this product as an option to our log home packages.


Keeping with our theme of Seven Gables design photos this month, here is a Master Bathroom modification! These windows look out at Table Rock Lake in MO!


Another Seven Gables II with a walk out basement.

Want your log home project to be on tv? The producers of "Treehouse Masters" are looking for people who want to build a log home and have it be on tv! The series will be on the National Geographic Channel and will follow clients from start to finish. If you want to fill out an application, go here to the application form.


This is a finished basement under the living room of a Seven Gables II. They used log siding on the inside to replicate the log home look. Gorgeous!

Construction Seminar Schedule for 2014:

Click here for information on our one day construction seminars.

Here is our schedule for 2014. Sign up soon!

Sept. 6th
Oct 25th

Log Raising:

July 19th: We are planning a log raising close to St Genevieve, MO from 9 to 2. Give us a call if you would like directions and/or more information. These are a lot of fun; come see us if you can!

Answer to the Trivia Question: 1) 15, on the US flag adopted in 1795 after Vermont and Kentucky joined the original 13 colonies as states. In 1818, after five more states had joined the Union, Congress permanently set the number of stripes on the flag at 13 and rules that every year on July 4th an additional star would be added to the flag for each state admitted to the Union since the previous July 4th. 2) 150 Million (that is 150,000,000 hot dogs!)

Quote of the Month: "“Work doesn’t care whether you like it, love it, or are passionate about it. It just wants to get done!”." - Larry Winget

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