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Today, We Are In Phase 2!

Yesterday, the Governor extended the statewide pause on moving into future phases to July 28.

The latest statewide situation report highlights concerning COVID-19 trends in Snohomish County and elsewhere around Puget Sound, in Spokane County, north-central counties and southwest counties. The reproductive number—the estimated number of new people each COVID-19 patient will infect—is still above one in both eastern and western Washington, meaning the number of cases is still increasing.

The report also estimates the percentage of the population actively infected with COVID-19 in Snohomish King and Pierce counties, Spokane County and Yakima County. In the Puget Sound area, the percentage of the population with COVID-19 has reached levels comparable to those seen in late March and is increasing. In Spokane County, estimates of this percentage are also rapidly increasing. The estimates for Yakima County are improving compared to previous calculations, but the situation remains concerning.


Wear your mask, pack hand sanitizer- let's all do our part to get through this.

Here is an easier to read summary of what's open and what's not on the state site. The phase 1 and 2 graphics are at the bottom of this email.


Addressing Questions

The amount of information about the COVID-19 pandemic can be overwhelming. So can the amount of misinformation. This disease has disrupted our lives. The measures in place to reduce the spread have created new challenges. Misinformation makes it more difficult to come together as a community to face this pandemic.
The latest Health District blog post addresses many questions. Some highlights for me:

In late May and early June, between 2.2% and 2.9% of total tests were positive each week. By mid-June, it had climbed to 5% positive. In fact, more positive tests were reported during the third week of June than the second even though fewer total tests were done.

"We’ve been asked whether a death would be counted if the decedent had COVID-19 but died in an entirely unrelated incident, like a car accident. The answer is no, that person’s death would not be counted as COVID-related."

If hospitals aren't overwhelmed right now while our cases rise, isn't that a good thing? "We can only shield vulnerable populations for so long. If COVID spreads more among people who are not high risk, it will eventually reach those who are high risk. It’s worth noting that young, otherwise healthy people can have severe complications from COVID, too."

Can businesses do anything if customers don’t wear face coverings?
"Yes. Under a statewide order, businesses cannot legally serve customers who do not wear face covers. They can refuse entry if you refuse wear a face cover."

What if you attend a large gathering? "Wait four to six days after you attended the gathering to get tested. Go sooner if you develop symptoms of COVID."

Local News

Our neighboring Edmonds Schools released their reopening plan. You can check it out here.

Department of Health has a new death category reportdetailing a lot of information about COVID related death data.

OK, it isn’t scientific, but majority of people on statewide Nextdoor poll report wearing masks. The Emergency Management Division of the State Military Department reports that nearly nine out of 10 people who responded to an online poll say they are regularly wearing masks and face covers. There were nearly 30,000 respondents.

Resources and Information


King County Public Health: What to do if an employee has COVID-19 – and what not to do.

Both Google and Microsoft have announced digital retraining programs to get workers ready to up their digital skills for future jobs. Google info here, Microsoft here.

XFinity opened up their xfinity wifi hotspots to any user for free access to wifi, and it's not extended to the end of the year. If you join one, and have your phone "remember it," it's a great way for your device to automatically pop onto their wifi. It's pretty widespread and available.


Columbia University: How to disinfect your mask, a step by step guide.

mask disinfection

In the News


View these remarkable images from Reuters showing schoolchildren, teachers and schools as they adapt to our new reality with a variety of physical distancing strategies. While we do not know yet what will happen here in Washington regarding opening our schools, some local school districts and states announced today that their schools will not physically reopen and will instead have instruction conducted remotely. A big upcoming decision for our state!

New York Times: Los Angeles and San Diego Schools will be online only in the fall.

StatNews: Using wastewater as an early detection system for COVID.

Washington Post covers our Washington State cherry industry as farmers face high costs to stay safe during the peak of their season.

A virtual event from the New York Times: Eight speakers and one question: Has Covid-19 created a blueprint for combating climate change?

BBC: "Jaw-dropping" fertility rate could lead to countries with half their population in 100 years. This dropping rate is not due to COVID, but rather related to women's education and healthcare opportunities. It sounds like it could be a good thing, but actually is not good to have a growing elderly population needing care and much fewer younger and working age people.

A random source, but a cute (and sad at times) story from Monroe, Kansas- they asked kids what COVID-19 is. A couple good ones- 10-year-old said, "It’s a virus. A sickness. And a pain in my butt." A smart 4-year-old said, "Makes people sick if they don’t wear a mask, and you have to wash your hands because you need to just wash your hands." Another 4-year-old reminds us how this time can be special for them: "We can’t touch people because we might get sick. The fire truck drives by my house for my birthday and made a parade with the police car."

Inspiration and Diversions

I know it's crazy to think about traveling right now, but I wanted to share some information in case you feel confident enough to think about December, January, or other travel in 2021. Alaska, Delta, Hawaiian, and United are all waiving change fees still, and Southwest has no change fees. This Google Flights link is for travel to Hawaii from Seatac this fall through May 2021. Prices are around $350, for a trip that is normally $600 (some including Thanksgiving, but all excluding Christmas and New Years). There are studies that show we get more satisfaction out of looking forward to a trip than we do while we are on it. If you are in a position to do so, maybe booking something next spring will help give you that joy that comes from daydreaming about a future vacation! And- you can always change the dates later.

State Guidance

All reopening guidelines can be found here.

Here is the Safe Start Plan for K-12 Schools, and a new guidance document for colleges and universities.

Locally, Everett's Getting to Safe Guide is a great resource. It's now available in Spanish and Russian, as well.

City Information

Lighthouse Park, Edgewater Beach and 92nd Street Park reopened on May 5. Bathrooms are open only at Lighthouse Park 7am-7pm. Playgrounds remain closed until either Phase 3 or when we have full staffing and ability to clean daily.

Trails and sidewalks continue to be open for your physical activity! Please respect physical distance of six feet.

All City Facilities closure: City operations will continue via primarily phone, email and online. The public is encouraged to call (425) 263-8000 for assistance with City services or visit our website at Government services are not slated to reopen until Phase 3 of the new reopening plan, which is mid-June at the earliest.

For more information on city facilities, see this link.

Case Count

Current case count is 81 confirmed or probable COVID-19 cases identified in Mukilteo, with no deaths amongst those cases, and 72 individuals who are recovered.

County case counts are available at this link, updated each weekday at 2pm City counts will be updated weekly starting today.

General Resource Links

City of Mukilteo COVID-19 page

Snohomish Health District
Washington State Department of Health
Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
COVID-19 Testing Guidelines from Public Health – Seattle & King County
Find information in other languages
Washington State COVID-19 Response

What to do if you are sick: CDC Resources

Watch out for COVID related scams. If you are unsure about whether something is real or a scam, the Justice Department created a central fraud hotline (1-866-720-5721 or You can also call the non-emergency line at 425-407-3999.

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