Oh hi, did I say RETREAT?

I did.

I love teaching retreats. I love teaching retreats more than I love being on a retreat. Maybe one day that’ll change, but for now I love the combination of being in inspiring international places, teaching people to be in their bodies and minds more mindfully, and working some, but not a ton.

Does it get much better than that?

Well, yes, actually it does. I love being with other teachers who are admirable in their own right and are open and excited about the possibility of bringing our skills together to create something new! On this retreat in particular, there'll be three teachers, triangulating, which means that your experience will be balanced and full of possibilities for learning, growing, and fun!

Where is this retreat you ask? Great question.

It’s in a magical town in Mexico that I've never visited but am more excited than ever to arrive in. When people think of a retreat in Mexico, they generally think about the coast. I want to direct you to the middle.

Think of the magic found in the middle.

The middle of an Oreo.

The middle of a PB & J.

The middle of a Reese’s PB Cup.

The middle of a watermelon.

The center of Burrata.

The center of everything gives you the heart, the best flavor, the gooey-ness of it and so will the town of San Miguel de Allende.

In fact, Conde Nast called San Miguel de Allende “the heart of Mexico,” and guess what, we are in the season of the Heart, Summer!

So come and play with us on this urban retreat.

There’s nothing I love more than the pulse of a new city. San Miguel de Allende is situated in the interior of Mexico, 150 miles north of Mexico City sitting nicely at 6,234 feet (from a numerological standpoint, 6+2+3+4 = 15, remind you of the Magic Square? Just sayin').

I grew up landlocked, as many of you know, in New Mexico. (YES, there’s a NEW Mexico ;)) I love high desert, the magic of the sun hitting the earth and the colorful buildings at dusk, taking on new hues. I love the smell of the earth and flora baked by the heat of the sun, like toasting herbs in a saute' pan. Santa Fe will be on the retreat docket soon, but for now, this is like Mexico's Santa Fe.

This Labor Day retreat is September 1st- 6th and is resplendent with a winery outing, culinary wonders, spa treatments, and plenty of time to explore this gem of a city while getting a HEARTY yoga practice each morning and most afternoons! With three teachers, myself, Chase Connelly, and Willis Johnston you will get a range of teachers who are all steeped in vinyasa training but have come to love the Katonah material. We see you. And if you're working on getting Katonah certified, your practice hours are bankable towards your cert.

We’d love to have you on this fun, playful, urban retreat. I’m here for any and all questions, so please don’t hesitate. Let’s explore the heart of Mexico together and become lifelong compadres!

When: September 1st - 6th
Where: San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
Deets: https://www.willisjohnston.com/magicmexico

Living life at a 10,

PS - Changes to this weeks schedule, class is ON Friday AM!



June 30th- July 6th, 2021

*All classes are Eastern Standard Time

WEDNESDAY - 6p - 7p Katonah Yoga ZOOM

FRIDAY - 8:30a Katonah Yoga ZOOM

MONDAY - In-person yoga at Tangerine Yoga
9:30a Katonah Flow
11a Katonah Flow
12:30a Katonah Flow

TUESDAY - In-person at Tangerine Yoga
9:30a Katonah Flow
3:45p Katonah Flow

5-class card $70

$15 per YOGA class and $7 per meditation
PayPal or Venmo- Jessica-Willis-6
*Discount/free as needed


Peace and Love, Jess

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