Secrets of a CISO – Defining the security leader’s development path May 8, 2017 by Michael O'Neil In Secrets of a CISO: Defining the security leader

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David Mahon, VP & CSO, CenturyLink

Secrets of a CISO – Defining the security leader’s development path

May 8, 2017 by Michael O'Neil

In Secrets of a CISO: Defining the security leader’s development path, InsightaaS documents insights offered by David Mahon, VP and CSO for CenturyLink. Mahon’s exeriences as a former FBI agent, and his current responsibility for the security of a 40,000 employee company and millions of customers have served as good preparation for Mahon to articulate the essential CISO imperatives.

In Secrets, discover of how to securely incorporate cloud technology and culture, respond to crisis, why discussions around SEC regulations, cyber risk and cyber insurance have grown beyond technical matters to enter the strategic realm, how cloud fits into the IT supply chain and more.Read more

roy pereira 2017-002

Roy Pereira, CEO,

Bringing solopreneurs up to speed with AI

April 26, 2017 by Denise Deveau

While the threat that AI technology will replace human workers looms large in some quarters, Toronto-based has taken another tack - with an AI-enhanced digital personal assistant that can level the playing field for the most vulnerable workers, solopreneurs. How exactly does help the full and part-time freelancers, independent contractors and on-demand workers who are expected to make up 45 percent of the workforce by 2020?

The PA bots automate frequent, lower level tasks such as calendaring, travel arrangements, customer and contact outreach to help small businesses and solopreneurs run more effectively. From loan applications to the categorization of tax deductions and even to the challenge of pricing, the tool recognizes patterns in the user's data. These brilliant bots offer solutions before solopreneurs have to ask.

Read more

dreamstime s 16098813-tumor-suppressing-protein-binding-to-DNA

Making the rounds with Cisco DNA

May 4, 2017 by Mary Allen

DNA molecules contain immutable 'code' that is needed to imprint the unique characteristics of complex microorganisms. Cisco’s Digital Network Architecture (DNA), on the other hand, is a flexible, adaptable platform that delivers ‘code’ to meet the need for the deployment and operation of next generation networks that can address changing industry trends.

Designed to simplify, Cisco's DNA features a “killer app” that eases deployment, saving businesses up to 79% of implementation costs “right out of the box”, said Jeff Reed, SVP product, Cisco Security Business. It employs machine learning to identify and flag security threats, and can provide stats on device performance in minutes rather than the months it would take to collect data manually, enabling more efficient use of networking resources and massive savings on energy consumption. To learn more about how “open and programmable” DNA works Read more


Scott Crowder, CTO and VP, Quantum Computing, IBM Systems

The quantum computing mystique

May 5, 2017 by Denise Deveau

After 15 years of R&D, D-Wave nows boasts title as one of the first creators of a commercial quantum computing system. According to CEO Vern Brownwell, “The basics of quantum computing sound simple: leveraging quantum mechanics in a way that allows you to do computations faster and more efficiently than is possible with any other forms of classical computing. But the reality is it’s very hard to build these devices.”

But D-wave’s approach to leveraging the power of quantum computing, which is to have qubits (quantum computing bits) process information simultaneously rather than in sequential order is only one option. Find out how researchers at IBM, Microsoft and Google applying diverse perspectives to explore this powerful, emerging technology.

Read here

Michael Dell  CEO  Dell Technologies

Michael Dell, CEO, Dell Technologies

DEW 2017: “better together
April 21, 2017 by Mary Allen

Voicing the “we’re better together” motto for a merged Dell EMC at Dell EMC World 2017, CEO Michael Dell told 13,500 conference attendees, “we’re now number one in everything, all in one place.” Dell’s journey from a provider of point products in the client and data centre spaces to an end-to-end solution provider has been a long one, involving the acquisition of many companies over the last decade – and most recently EMC. But a solution orientation takes more than the collection of components, and successful merger demands the integration of company assets at both cultural and operational levels.

To learn more about the year one strategic alignment of Dell and EMC assets, including a services reorganization that mirrors new customer challenges and the technology integration designed to support it, read more here ( A new server refresh, updates across the storage portfolio, the bundling of capabilities in HCI and the creation of developer-ready infrastructure are all at work through collaborations between VMware, Pivotal, and other stars in the Dell EMC constellation.


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