Dear Friends, \*Ten people who speak make more noise than ten thousand who are silent - Napoleon Bonaparte\* Since the outset of Operation Protectiv


Dear Friends,

*Ten people who speak make more noise than ten thousand who are silent - Napoleon Bonaparte*

Since the outset of Operation Protective Edge, hundreds of thousands of people have gathered all over the world to protest the operation, but numerous people worldwide have also come together in support of Israel. Our greatest challenge however is not to speak to the anti-Israel – or even the pro-Israel. It is to speak to the silent majority, the people who would not inherently hate Israel, but are being taught the nasty rhetoric being spewed by biased parties.We need to focus on approaches and efforts that get those on the sidelines to first develop a personal relationship with Israel outside of the conflict.Changing the conversation by highlighting Israel's diversity, ingenuity and contribution to making the world a better, will enhance our advocacy efforts. Click to view some valuable resources.

With warm WIZO regards,

Janine Gelley
Chairperson, Organization and Tourism Division
World WIZO


The people on the train

In a recent blog post, Rachel Azaria Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem, who holds the education and women's rights portfolio describes an incident of anti-Israel hatred that she personally encountered on a Manhattan subway. Rachel advocates that it is our obligation to ensure that the silent majority (in this case the bystanders on the train) will be more proactive in their support for Israel. Read more...

Kedem 1

Manchester feels the heat (in more ways than one)

Tricia Schwitzer, World WIZO Executive member shares with us her personal story. "August and it’s hot on the streets – and not just in Israel. Let’s take Manchester for example. Home to the revered Manchester United Football Club and the birthplace of WIZO’s founding mother, Rebecca Sieff, Manchester is more accustomed to inclement weather, umbrellas and raincoats than placards, boycotts and demonstrations. Not anymore – the streets of Manchester are aflame with Jew hatred". Read more...

sharansky 1

Higher standard or double standard?

In a Washington Post op-ed, Natan Sharansky chairman of the Jewish Agency for Israel, calls on the world not to set a double standard for Israel on the norms of war. He reiterates "It is time that leading military experts from Israel, the United States, Britain and other countries, along with international lawyers and politicians, compare their experiences and agree about the standards according to which the free world can defend itself". Read more...


Where have all the flowers gone

Joshua Broomberg, deputy head boy of King David Victory Park (a premier South African Jewish day school) triggered controversy when a picture of him wearing a keffiyah and Palestinian badge was posted to Facebook. The "Scarfgate" incident raised the ire of the South African Jewish community. Rolene Marks ponders whether this is an isolated incident or a symptom of a bigger problem? Read more...


Continuing to make kids smile, Kibbutz Saad

Healing Israel's kids

Healing art kits are the brain child of Craig Dershowitz, Executive Director of Artists 4 Israel, a New York- and Israel-based non-profit that provides awareness and support about Israel through the universal message of art. These kits are being distributed in the South, and soon will be distributed throughout Israel, in collaboration with WIZO. Read more...


Pro-Israel demonstration organized by the CRIF outside Israeli embassy in Paris.Photo by Dominique Faget/AFP/Getty Images)

Europe’s Jews: endangered but empowered

Since Israel started its operation against Hamas in the Gaza Strip on July 8, the capitals of Europe have seen protests against the Israel Defense Forces actions.Anti-Semitic incidents, with Jews blamed for Israel’s actions in Gaza, have been on the rise.The climate is tense, but Europe’s Jewish leaders are more engaged than ever. Read more...


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