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"More Than A Princess" Newsletter Exclusive Excerpt

Coming November 6th, 2019

"Your father is about to leave," an ogre footman named Skarly told her.

Aislin started running. "Thank you!" she called as she dashed past him out of the room and down the stairs. Passing a window, she heard the sound of the fairy knights' horses stomping impatiently in the courtyard. When she threw open the door, light from the torches lining the walls reflected off the silver armor of the fairy knights lined up behind her father's stallion, Wind Racer, nearly blinding her. She blinked, waiting for her eyes to recover. When she could see again, she spotted her mother, Queen Maylin, kissing her father while Timzy waited for his turn. Not wanting to miss saying goodbye, Aislin hurried down the stairs.
She had just reached her father's side when Wind Racer stomped his feet, forcing her to take a step back. She had been brought up riding the gentle ponies bred in the pedrasi mines, and while she admired the fairies' fiery-tempered horses, she had no desire to ride one herself.
Her father saw her and drew her in for a warm hug and a kiss on her cheek. Taking the charm from her pocket, she handed it to him, saying, "Please keep this with you for luck."
He smiled and patted her cheek. "I will," he vowed, tucking the stone into his own pocket.

A moment later, he'd mounted his horse and raised his fist to signal that the troop was moving out. Aislin stepped aside as Wind Racer led the way over the cobblestones. Joining her mother and Timzy on the steps, she watched the fairy knights leave. Aislin counted them as they rode under the portcullis. Her father was taking all the knights stationed at the castle with him. That fact alone was enough to make her worry.

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Coming November 6, 2018.

Fairy-TaleMatch MagicalMatch 9781681191393

Available in Paperback October 15, 2018

The fourth book in The Fairy Tale Matchmaker series.

It seems like everything is falling into place for Cory. Her uncle Micah is engaged to his perfect match, and she's lucky in love herself with her boyfriend Blue. She's excited to help prepare for the wedding, but when she hears of another marriage on the horizon – her mother's, to a goblin – she knows things might not go quite as planned. The fairy guilds have promised to leave Cory alone, but she knows they still don't agree with her lifestyle, so truly anything is possible. Add to that a witchy match that proves more difficult than usual and an upcoming Battle of the Bands -- and, of course, keeping the secret that she's Cupid! -- and Cory's got her hands full. In the end, will true love conquer all?

MTAP CovWIP11-13

Interview with Larch – the fairy nursemaid who helped raise Princess Aislin

By: Oakley Treekin

What was Princess Aislin like as a little girl?
Even as an infant she was interested in everything that was going on around her and had the most wonderful laugh. The tiny fairies loved to tickle her feet just to see her smile. Princess Aislin did have a temper though, which showed itself when she was but a few months old. Why, one time she got so angry that the entire castle shook. Her grandmothers finally got together and did what they could to help. Her pedrasi grandmother, Queen Amethyst, found the perfect stone and her fairy grandmother, Queen Surinen, turned it into a mood stone that would change colors according to Aislin's moods. Of course, that didn't change the little princess's temper, so the two queens turned a lovely crystal bowl into a calming bowl. Washing her face with water from the bowl calmed Aislin down every time. They made Twinket for her, too. Twinket is a living doll who became one of the princess's closest friends. For the most part, though, Aislin is sweet and kind. She's always had more friends than I can count.

It is said that Princess Aislin's grandparents weren't happy when her parents married. How did they react to the news that the princess had been born?
'Weren't happy' is an understatement! They were furious when they heard about Maylin and Carrigan. Even a common pedrasi and an ordinary fairy would have been punished for such a match. But the crown prince of the fairies and the crown princess of the pedrasi… I was there when Queen Surinen found out. I thought she was going to rip the palace down, she was that mad. The king and queen wanted to force their son, Prince Carrigan, to leave Princess Maylin, but he refused to let his parents intimidate him. They were about to banish him when they learned that Princess Maylin was with child. You can't imagine how fast they forgot about being angry and started to celebrate! Fairy children are so rare that even one that's half pedrasi is considered truly wonderful. Nothing was too good for Maylin and Carrigan after that.

When did Princess Aislin discover her abilities?
Like I said, Aislin was a baby when we found out that she was attune with stone and could shake the palace when she was mad. I think she was three or four when she showed that she had other pedrasi attributes. It was the day she received a bag of marbles as a gift and identified what kinds of stones they were without looking. Most pedrasi children can't do that until they're eleven or twelve.

What kind of education did the princess receive?
I was her nanny when she was little, and I taught her about her fairy side, of course. And then Nurlue came to Eliasind to teach her about being a pedrasi. We both taught her history and languages and everything else her parents wanted her to learn. But she was with us only a third of the year. She lived with the pedrasi in Deephold for another third and in the fairy palace, Fairengar, for the last third. I dare say she learned as much with her teachers there as she did with us in Eliasind.

Where did she prefer to live?
All three places are special in their own way. Deephold is a mountain and has extraordinary caverns and hidden tunnels. Fairengar is the most beautiful palace in all the world and is rife with fairy magic. And Eliasind is home to all kinds of fey who bring their own tastes and cultures, making the castle unique in the Land Between the Mountains. As to which one Aislin likes best? I can't really say. You'll have to ask her.

How does Princess Aislin treat the other types of fey?
Like she treats everyone. Fairies, pedrasi, sprites, spriggans, nymphs, orcs, satyrs and minotaurs are the same in her eyes. She treats them all with kindness and can't abide anyone who doesn't.

More Than A Princess is Available for Pre Order now!

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Coming November 6, 2018.


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