Tiferes shebe Hod Rabbi Shmuel Braun

Our facilitator this week is Rabbi Shmuel Braun.

Rabbi Shmuel Braun is a teacher, mentor and lecturer, especially known for his ability to take the loftiest concepts in Jewish mysticism and connect them to everyday life in a way that students from any background and level of knowledge can appreciate. Rabbi Braun spent many years studying at the Ner Israel Rabbinical College in Baltimore, in the Brisk Yeshiva in Jerusalem by Reb Meir Soloveitchik, and also in institutions affiliated with Yeshiva University, Munkatch, and Chabad.

His most recent lectures can be accessed on YUTorah.org YU Torah and SoundCloud.com/rabbishmuelbraun. Or find him on Facebook,

For over a year now Rabbi Braun has been sending out a daily WhatsApp dvar Torah of 5-8 minutes which is received by over a thousand people every day. To join on Whatsapp send a join request to 9173751417

If you would like to invite him as a scholar in residence or for a shiur or lecture, contact him by email at shmuelbraun@gmail.com

The Shem Mi’Shmuel says an amazing concept. The year is divided into three. The head, the torso and the legs.

So Tishre, Cheshvan Kislev and Teves are the head.
Shevat, Adar, Nisan and Iyar are the torso
And Sivan, Tammus, Av and Elul are the legs

The Omer Period is the completion of the torso.

The torso symbolized the heart and the emotions. Therefore this is the greatest time in the year to fix up the heart and the emotions. And particularly in the area of G-d awareness we can make the greatest inroads.

So try to realize the great opportunity of change in the air. Try to be conscious of the opportunity for growth and potential in these day, to understand how to really grow in a true and real relationship with Hashem.

Excerpt from Sparks from Berditchov - an Inspirational Guide to Avodas Hashem by Yaakov Klein

The Path to Holiness: When working among non-Jews in the secular society around us, it is easy to forget the goal of a Jew's financial efforts and begin to adopt the purposeless secular outlook that work is an end unto itself. The way to protect oneself against falling into this small-minded outlook is by constantly remembering how much higher a Jew is than the gentiles he works with, and that he is entirely different; his soul derives from an entirely different source. If he remembers that he is the purpose of creation, he will never forget his true mission and he will forever maintain the realization that his work is only a means to assist him in the Divine task of growing ever closer to his Father in heaven...

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A practical verbal introspection to help us focus when working on the midda of the day

Thank you Hashem for my life that is my unique opportunity to direct the life force within me that might naturally further conceal You.. Please help me purify my heart. I want to purify my heart so that I sincerely have heartfelt emotions only to fulfill the Torah and emulate You. May these deep emotions be honestly reflected in my speech and deeds so that Torah and the force of Your Lovingkindess are seen and felt in the world. May it be a merit for Klal Yisrael and an acceptable teshuva that fixes what needs to be fixed and that generates eternal life and makes a kiddush Hashem.

We would love to hear from you regarding your efforts with the omer initiative. Please send your experience to info@jewishwomenunite.org so that we may share with all participants...unless you indicate otherwise, it will be posted anonymously due to the sensitive nature of inner work.

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