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Due to the reduced OPERS facility hours during the "inter-term" week between the Spring and Summer academic terms we won't be able to offer any of our morning, evening, or weekend classes that week. Fortunately, though, we will still be able to continue offering the lunchtime classes from our Spring schedule. Our Spring/Summer Inter-term schedule will be as follows:

▪ Mon, 12:00p - IYENGAR YOGA w/Don @ NAM
▪ Mon, 12:10p - CIRCUIT XPRESS w/Kimball @ ACT
▪ Tue, 12:00p - HATHA YOGA w/Don @ PIL
▪ Tue, 12:00p - FIT BARRE w/Kia @ DNC
▪ Wed, 12:00p - HATHA YOGA w/Don @ PSB (tentative)
▪ Wed, 12:10p - CIRCUIT XPRESS w/Lyndel @ ACT
▪ Thu, 12:00p - IYENGAR YOGA w/Don @ NAM
▪ Thu, 12:00p - FIT BARRE w/Kia @ DNC
▪ Fri, 12:00p - FLOW YOGA w/Don @ MAS
▪ Fri, 12:10p - CIRCUIT XPRESS w/Kimball @ ACT
Mon, 12:00p - IYENGAR YOGA w/Don @ NAM
Mon, 12:10p - CIRCUIT XPRESS w/Kimball @ ACT
Tue, 12:00p - HATHA YOGA w/Don @ PIL
Tue, 12:00p - FIT BARRE w/Kia @ DNC
Wed, 12:00p - HATHA YOGA w/Don @ PSB (tentative)
Wed, 12:10p - CIRCUIT XPRESS w/Lyndel @ ACT
Thu, 12:00p - IYENGAR YOGA w/Don @ NAM
Thu, 12:00p - FIT BARRE w/Kia @ DNC
Fri, 12:00p - FLOW YOGA w/Don @ MAS
Fri, 12:10p - CIRCUIT XPRESS w/Kimball @ ACT

The Spring/Summer Interterm schedule can also be viewed on our website (


Our Summer '17 group exercise class schedule has been finalized and posted on our website and Google calendar. Don't forget that the first week of the Summer term, June 26th-30th, is our FREE "Try Before You Buy" week when facility and class admission is free for everyone. Invite your friends and co-workers to start exercising with you and you may create a new workout buddy for the summer!

Click the image of our summer schedule bookmark (available at the OPERS Facility Center and Wellness Center) to view our schedule online. This Summer schedule will begin on Monday, June 26th, and end on Friday, September 22nd. There will be several exceptions to this schedule during the Summer due to holiday facility closures so please make note of the key dates listed beneath the schedule, and always refer to our Google Calendar for the most accurate and up-to-date listing of class offerings.

Enjoy our classes, and have a great Summer!


We want to make you aware that beginning this Summer there will be some changes to the pricing of our Group Exercise admissions passes and Personal Fitness services. These pricing changes are necessary to allow our self-funded program to continue offering the classes and services that we currently do, as well as add new classes and services in the future, while accounting for the increasing costs of equipment and staffing (i.e. minimum wage in CA has increased by $1.50/hour since we started our GX program 3 years ago and will be increasing by another $0.50-1.00/hr each year over the next 5 years).

The new prices for our Group Exercise admissions passes can be found on our website ( and on the back of our schedule bookmarks that are available in the OPERS Wellness Center and Facility Center. Passes can be purchased online at or in-person at the OPERS Wellness Center.

The new prices and options for our Personal Training services can be found on our website ( and in our PF Services brochures that are available in the OPERS Wellness Center.

bio august

Aaron August, NSCA-CPT

We'd like to introduce you to the newest member of our Personal Fitness Training staff, Mr. Aaron August. Aaron joined our staff in February and has already been producing great results with our members. As a native of the Santa Cruz area, he's excited to be working at UCSC and anxious to have an impact on the fitness of fellow members of his own community. He brings over 10 years of fitness training experience to our program, most recently training clients in the Bay Area at Stanford University and TESLA. Aaron earned a B.S. in Kinesiology from Fresno State University, is a Certified Personal Trainer with the National Sports & Conditioning Association (NSCA), and has completed multiple fitness and performance specializations. In addition to performing private and small-group personal training, you might also find him substituting some of our bootcamp-style group exercise classes, such as Circuit Xpress and Tabata Bootcamp.

Aaron is classified as a Level 3 Trainer in our new Personal Fitness Training pricing structure, and is currently able to work with clients on Thursday and Friday evenings, and some weekends. If you'd like to inquire about signing up to be trained by Aaron or any of our other trainers then please contact our FitLife office at We'll start by scheduling you for a free 20-30 minute initial consultation meeting during which we can get more information about your health and fitness background and your personal goals and needs. Based on that information we'll be able to make recommendations for which trainers and training packages might best suit your needs.

Welcome to our FitLife family, Aaron!


Does your schedule change a lot in the summer? School’s out, vacations are on the books, and sometimes the beach just beckons more than usual. Even business conferences and client visits can get in on the action. All these seasonal changes can conspire against your workout routine, but it’s possible to stay on track between gym visits with these summer travel fitness tips.


Travel can involve sitting for hours in cramped quarters, so make the most of every opportunity to stretch your legs and even sneak in some physical activity. Park as far away from entrances as you can, walk around airport terminals while waiting for flights, take the stairs instead of the escalator, and enjoy the superhero feeling of power walking on the moving sidewalks!

Your bags don’t have to just be a burden. Like any weighted object, luggage can be resistance to work your muscles along the journey. Whether you’re carrying a bag, wearing a backpack, or pulling a rolling suitcase, think of it as a fitness training tool. Remember to also protect your back, maintain a balanced load, and tighten up your core. With all that exercise happening, you’ll be grateful for your luggage!


When you don’t feel like leaving the room, you can still get a great workout with no-equipment bodyweight exercises. Pushups, jumping jacks, squats, lunges, tricep dips (your room has a chair, right?), sit-ups… even the dreaded burpees—you’ll get a full-body workout without adding bulk to your suitcase. For an extra boost, throw in an extremely portable resistance band or tube!

Missing your group workout classes while on the road? Find a DVD (or downloadable) workout you enjoy that can fill in (you can even rip a DVD that you own—no pirating, please—and import it to your phone or tablet). Or there are numerous apps with pre-programmed workouts that can help keep you accountable—like a digital fitness buddy.


You don’t have to be on vacation to use some fun and fit-friendly transportation options. Even if you’re on a business trip, bike rentals can be a healthy and convenient way to get from your hotel to the conference or workspace, or even around town after the workday concludes. Come prepared with a change of clothes and/or pant leg straps and you’ll be ready to enjoy the ride.

If you’re vacationing or taking care of business, chances are your destination is just that… a destination. Combine a little cardio with some local insight by booking a walking tour. You’ll gain a great story and feel refreshed from the workout you’ll forget is a workout.

Lots of local gyms have drop-in rates (or even visitors’ passes), so take advantage! With the popularity of group fitness classes these days, you’re sure to find a familiar favorite, including Zumba, Les Mills classes, Pilates, yoga, and more.


Life is hectic—which is why we so often try to get away in the summer. But with a little advance planning, you can prepare for a trip that will support and not sabotage your fitness journey. But while you were away, you can bet your fitness family missed you at the gym!

(written by Club 14 Fitness)

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