Summer and Fall 2016 Class Registration Now Open! We provide engaging online courses tailored to the needs of gifted and twice-exceptional students.

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Summer and Fall 2016 Class Registration Now Open!

We provide engaging online courses tailored to the needs of gifted and twice-exceptional students. Our small online classes provide abundant opportunities for interaction among students and instructors. Our classes offer students the opportunity to learn advanced, interdisciplinary content without being overburdened by heavy workload demands. GHF Online is 2e-friendly and willing to work with you to make reasonable accommodations for your child's individual needs.

Recommended ages run from eight years old through high school, depending on the class. If you're not sure if a class is a good fit for your child, please ask. Classes meet weekly in a fully equipped online classroom featuring video chat, text chat, whiteboard, screen share, file sharing, and more.

We offer original curriculum designed by the instructors who teach it. Our instructors are passionate professionals committed to sharing the subjects they love with their students.

Classes fill up quickly! Register today!

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Start Your Own Micro-School!

Jade Rivera's book, Micro-Schools: Creating Personalize Learning on a Budget, is now available! Learn the ins-and-outs of micro-schools and how they can provide gifted and 2e kids the alternative education
they crave.

Have you read the book, but still want more? Check out Jade's Build Your Own Micro-School Summer Institute! Together with Jade, you'll work through nine detailed and directive modules designed to help you:

Understand what your time and cost commitment will be
Develop a system to delegate responsibilities
Curate curriculum and resources in a way that works for your budget
Find your community through GHF and other outlets

Check out this and all our current publications at GHF Press.

What s Your Story

Gifted Wins!

“Gifted Win” stories celebrate gifted children's WINs, large and small. We share these on our blog and in our quarterly newsletters to bring hope and laughter to the gifted/2e community. Check out the growing number of stories of gifted kids finding success.

Have a story to share? Read our announcement to learn how to submit your story.


Gifted 2e Kids: What Makes Them Twice-Exceptional?

Once again, GHF bloggers tackle the tough questions in our periodic blog hop. Being gifted can be its own challenge, but many gifted kids face additional hurdles which can mask or hamper their potential. Join these twice-exceptional kids and their families as they learn that the challenges that they face are what will help them soar.


Eight Great (and Affordable) Resources for Kids Who Like Art

Once again, Nikki comes through with practical advice about how to make the most of your homeschooling experience without blowing your budget. This time, Nikki shares ideas and her favorite things for encouraging your child's inner artist. Perhaps you'll find yourself inspired to create, as well!

Also, take a moment to check out our numerous affiliates: recommended resources which help both your family and GHF!


Following the GHF Ambassadors

Through their inspiration and work, GHF Ambassadors have become the public faces of GHF, propelling GHF and the Ambassadors to an even more influential level where homeschool and educational choices for gifted and 2E children are concerned. This proactive team is vital to GHF as the organization continues to grow in global visibility. To learn how our Ambassadors are providing information, outreach, and support, check out our latest update.