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Sisters of Joy, She Reflects


Today is our day to celebrate the life, gifts, struggles and wins of womanhood, and to honour where we are and where we are going, both personally and collectively.

Although these days and years can often feel tenuous and rocky, being witness to more and more women RISING up and out of circumstances wishing us to be silent, scared and weak, gives me great HOPE.

Because each time a woman rises in her courage, resistance and resiliency, we are ALL lifted up in the process. That's why we need to keep standing together in our rising! In other words, the more we can see women crowning themselves and reclaiming their sovereignty, the more queens there will be!

To support this new wave of empowerment, love and healing, wherever you are on the spectrum of 'rising' (in need of support or can offer it), here's an excerpt from the practice, Find Your People, in the 'Collective Joy' chapter of She Reflects. ...


"I’m all about bringing Heaven down to Earth. The practices offered in this book are designed for that. ... This practice, in particular, is about setting an intention to find the path of belonging - to find YOUR people. ...

Below is an exercise to help you get clear on where you belong, and who your people are. Follow the steps to help you find your truth, your home, your howl. It’s time to gather, contribute and co-create. It’s time to expand the collective joy quotient! Here we go…

1. Get clear. Create a list of your favourite activities, passions and desires, including hobbies, callings and causes that speak to you - anything and everything that lights you up and feels good and right and juicy. Find a comfy spot and have a piece of paper and pen on hand, along with a nice cup of tea or glass of wine. (Enjoy the process!)

Ask yourself, ‘What do I love and love to do above all else? What is deeply meaningful to me? What lifts my spirit? What do I long to do with others?’ Without editing or judging, write down your responses in point form. Is it dance, travel, social justice, animals, wellness, fashion, sisterhood? (No answer is beyond reason, and no answer is too big or too small.) Within this list lies the key to finding your people. You’re ready to move on to the next step.

2. Drill it down. Get focused. Now that you have your list, give yourself time to be with it. Circle the most important ones and focus on those. Imagine you’re engaged with those activities or desired experiences. Get into the feeling of it. Put your list on your altar, keep it by your bed, or create an affirmation from it: Use present tense and stay away from phrases like ‘I long’ or ‘I want.’ Write it as if it’s already here: ‘I belong with people who care for animals.’ ‘I am with women devoted to the Goddess.’ ‘My people love and live to travel.’ Say it out loud often as part of your ‘howl.’

3. Take action. You’ve got your list, and your affirmations and musings. Beautiful. You’re already on your way. But, it’s not enough to give it up to spirit, to mystery, alone. The law of attraction works best when dreaming and action come together; when both are activated and entwined. Below are ways to take your intention further, into actionable steps.

4. Pay attention. Listen and watch for signs, signposts and synchronicities that point you in the direction of others. Follow the trail of breadcrumbs. Look around. Trust in the impulses that say, ‘YES, this feels good, this feels right. I want to know these people. I want them to know me.’

5. Look around. Do your research. With a clear intention of what you wish to experience and with who, get busy searching. Look for local clubs, community events, potlucks, or whatever or wherever your possible people will gather in your area. Or, perhaps your people are spread out around the world and connecting globally lights you up. Make friends with Google and social media. Look for retreats and events you could travel to or find groups that are virtual.

6. Join in. Test the waters. Once you’ve found something locally or virtually, ask to join. Find a way in. Take a chance. When you show up, regardless if it’s in person or online, bring your best self. Be courageous and immensely curious. Ask questions. Stay open. Get to know some people. What are their personalities and their collective principles and protocols? Do they feel to be in integrity? Share as much as it feels right. Keep checking in with yourself: ‘How do I feel?’ You may need to assess your feelings afterwards: ‘Was this a safe space for me to be myself?’

Trust your body and heart wisdom as to whether you’ll return. If the first group or event doesn’t feel like YOUR place, your people, don’t be disheartened. Maybe you were meant to meet ONE of your people, and that’s a big blessing in itself. Take it as an opportunity to discover what and who feels right. (Kind of like dating!) Keep looking and keep going.

7. Start your own group. Call in your people. If all else fails and nothing feels like a fit, create your own event or group. Send out your howl. Get creative. Be courageous, open and curious. Stay strong in your intention. You WILL find your people, no doubt."


May you know you are loved.
May you know you are not alone.
May you know you are brilliant, beautiful and whole.

Let's do this TOGETHER!


And in the name of sister solidarity...

I have a SACRED ASK:

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Return to Love, She Reflects

But first...

I want to, no need to, say a giant "THANK YOU, THANK YOU!" (and give a huge hug) to each and every one of you who has purchased my new book/s. I am so very honoured and humbled.

Truly, it means the world to me, and my hope is that they will shower you with endless blessings in your life, and continue to inspire, support and nourish your feminine soul for years to come.

Now, here comes the ask...

If you have found goodness in She Reflects so far, I’d love it if you could take a moment to post a REVIEW on Amazon or Indigo.

As a new and unknown author, having an abundance of great reviews increases the chance of boosting She Reflects up the ranks, which makes the books more visible to readers who are looking for the gifts She Reflects has to offer. (That's how the algorithms work.)

In other words... your voice, along with others, can greatly influence how large an impact She Reflects can have in the world. And for that... I would be eternally grateful!


If you need some help writing a review, here are some prompts:

How has the book touched or impacted you? How do the stories, reflections, practices, playlists, or drawings make you feel? How is She Reflects different from other books? How can She Reflects be used? What is it's value? Who is She Reflects for?

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Thank you in advance.

And sending you love regardless and always,

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