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Dear Reader,

Welcome to the first Good Chi News issue of the year. I hope you've all had a pleasant holiday and are focused for 2022. It certainly will be another challenging year with the covid pandemic making health and wellbeing a priority. I hope the tips in this ezine will be of some help in improving your health.

Chris Bennett
Chris Chi


On Again - Off Again

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I had my first booking for a Chair Chi session for residents at an aged care centre rescheduled, due to a shut down - there were two positive cases of covid. This is now a regular feature of my work as each booking is now only 'a penciled- in date' and not a confirmation. I now call centres two days ahead of time to see if it will go ahead.

But my plight is nowhere near as severe as some people in our community have to face and endure. So I'm thankful I only have to deal with a minor inconvenience.
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Regulating My Breathing


I certainly have had to practice regulating my breathing, when wearing my covid mask for lengthy periods of time. At first it was difficult and uncomfortable, but I've now at a stage where it's almost comfortable. I breathe in and out through my nose slowly, using the abdominal breathing technique, and I also count each breath to stay focused.

This works for me, but it may not work for you. So I'm sharing this experience with you, while not recommending it. Each of us needs to find our own way of dealing with this issue.

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Tai Chi Tip

Practice walking slowly, hardly moving, to get a better sense of connection to the earth and other surroundings.


Tai Chi and Tai Chi Chuan

When asked what the difference is between the terms Tai Chi and Tai Chi Chuan, I say 'Tai Chi is for health and Tai Chi Chuan contains the martial arts aspect for self defence'. Tai Ci Chuan translates to 'grand ultimate fist'. Though the common term used by many people to describe the art is Tai Chi.

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