You are just about to leave your haram banking job, drop your conventional mortgage, or make a personal vow never to touch riba again. You have made u

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You are just about to leave your haram banking job, drop your conventional mortgage, or make a personal vow never to touch riba again. You have made up your mind and are now steadily moving forward.

But the familiar voice of doubt whispers, “…you need the money…”, “…but it’s only for a few years…”, “…what about your career?” The devil, the ego, or the dunya…something holds you back.

Just then you remember that the easiest way to leave riba is to turn to God,

“And whosoever fears God, He will appoint for him a way out, and He will provide for him from whence he never reckoned. And whosoever puts his trust in God, He shall suffice him.” (Koran)

And the words of the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace),

“You will never leave something due to fear of God except that God will grant you better than it.” (Ahmad)

And then you relax. Safe in the knowledge that God is taking care of things, and He only asks that we obey Him.

Again and again we have seen people leave riba — leaving their haram job or leaving their haram mortgage — and again and again they bounce back better than before. God provided them the perfect job, the ideal accommodation, and — above all — peace of heart.


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