August 23, 2014 Recent Recipes on FatFree Vegan Oil-Free Waffle Iron Hash Browns (


August 23, 2014


Recent Recipes on FatFree Vegan


Oil-Free Waffle Iron Hash Browns

Hash browns make a healthy, wholesome breakfast, side dish, or snack--if they're not fried. A waffle iron turns out to be the perfect tool for making crispy, oil-free hash browns. It's a one-ingredient dish that's so simple that I can't even call it a recipe, so I use photos to tell you how to make it. Click here for the how-to.


On Plant-Based Slow-Motion Miracle:

While I've been on vacation, Maria has taken up the slack by posting 4 recipes (to my 1):


Tasty Thai Style Hummus


White Bean and Basil Spread


Carob Banana Ginger Sauce


Cucumber Water

Tasty Thai Style Hummus is a delicious twist on hummus. White Bean and Basil Spread is a 5-ingredient sandwich filling that goes well on Maria's latest find, spelt bread. Instant Vegan Carob Banana Ginger Dipping Sauce (or Pudding)--well, the name says it all! And, Cucumber Water is a simple and refreshing beverage.

Check out the recipes, but don't forget to take Maria's Happiness Challenge.


Fresh Basil Means PESTO!

If you have garden plots or pots overflowing with basil, use that peppery, sweet herb to make pesto before the autumn chill takes it away. I've been trying to find the perfect, flavorful replacement for the traditional olive oil in pesto since I started eating a low-fat vegan diet, and I've found some unique and delicious flavor combinations in the process. I've used asparagus, tofu, and even eggplant (a favorite!) among other ingredients. Check out all of my pesto recipes here.

Have a great weekend!


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