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June 2019 - Beverly Hills, CA

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News Around the world

In this month’s The Report, we have curated education news from around the world. The rift between China and U.S. continues and U.S. institutions are experiencing its impact with a decline in the number of Chinese students and visitors. The question is will India, #2 on the list of countries sending students to the U.S. after China be next?


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China Issues Travel Warnings to US

China issued a travel warning for the U.S. on June 4, 2019, saying Chinese visitors which includes tourists and students, have been interrogated, interviewed and subjected to other forms of what it called harassment by U.S. law enforcement agencies. To read more, click here.



Impact of Trade Wars on International Studies

The increasingly fraught relationship over trade between the U.S. and China threatens the flow of Chinese students and scholars to U.S. universities. To read more, click here and here.


Photo credit: AP


A Paris School with No Classrooms

Radically different from the traditional, somewhat rigid French school system, this Paris establishment has no classrooms, no lesson plans and the pupils have an equal say in how it is run. To read more, click here.


Photo credit: Francois Guillot, AFP


Reintroduces Compulsory Civic Services for Teens

Nearly two decades after France phased out conscription for men, some 2,000 teenagers in this month began a pilot program for a new national civic service, a pet project of French President Emmanuel Macron. To read more, click here.



Academic Freedom Under Siege

Hungarians took to the streets of central Budapest on June 2, 2019 to protest plans to overhaul the country’s leading scientific research body, which they see as part of a wider government attempt to curb academic freedom. To read more, click here.



UGC to Review Quality of PhDs

The University Grants Commission or UGC has launched a review of PhD theses in Indian universities – central, state and private – over the last 10 years, amid concerns that doctoral degrees are being granted to candidates whose theses lack originality and quality. To read more, click here.



First China, next India?

U.S. colleges are bracing for a double whammy in international enrollments over the next year, with some Indian students expected to join their Chinese counterparts in turning away from their goal of earning a degree from a U.S. college or university. To read more, click here.



Quick Facts of Indonesia’s Education System

In a recent post on ACEI-Global.Blog, ACEI shares a few quick facts on Indonesia’s education system. To read more, click here.




Religious Minorities Prohibited from Teaching Kindergarten

According to Iran’s Radio Farda, religious minorities are forbidden from teaching in Iranian kindergartens due to "religious values.” The Director General of Public Relations for the Organization for the Welfare of Iran stated that the move was necessary in order to adapt the education system to "religious values." To read more, click here.



Major Education Reforms: Making Higher Ed Compulsory

Last month, Mexico’s federal and state legislatures passed Constitutional reforms with major implications for the educational system. Among the many changes proposed, higher education will not only become the right of every individual but compulsory. What does this mean in a country like Mexico? To read more, click here.



Update on Teacher Education

In 2015, the Nigerian Ministry of Education announced that it was going to make the Bachelor’s degree the minimum academic qualification for teachers in the country. Before then, a Nigeria Certificate of Education (NCE) was the requirement for most teacher in Nigeria. Teacher with the NCE will need to upgrade to a degree. To read more, click here


Photo credit: REUTERS


Higher Education a Casualty of 8-Year War

The conflict in Syria has left the country’s higher education system “fragmented and broken”, with universities suffering politicization, militarization and human rights violations including disappearances and murder, according to researchers from the University of Cambridge and Syrian academics in exile. To read more, click here. On the Syrian brain drain, click here.


Photocredit: REUTERS/Ismail Taxta


Education in the Developing World is Behind by 100 Years

Across the developing world, the average level of education is 100 years behind that of the West. Continuous declines in international education aid are depriving half of all young people in the developing world – some 800 million children – of the education they will need to secure meaningful employment in the future. To read more, click here



Announces New Education Policy

In its efforts to advance the education sector and equip students with the latest skills in line with international standards, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) government has announced a new education policy for schools and teachers. To read more, click here



Americans Speak a lot of Languages and more…

What languages are spoken most beside English and Spanish in the U.S.? To find out, click here.
Animated map of the least and most educated States. Click here


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