Smiles Are Springing Up All Over- Because Of You! "My daughter, Valerie visits Children's hospital for weekly chemo due to an inoperable brain tumor.

CFS Newsletter 2

Smiles Are Springing Up All Over- Because Of You!


"My daughter, Valerie visits Children's hospital for weekly chemo due to an inoperable brain tumor. She loved her pillowcase so much she had to immediately lay it down and put it to use! Thank you also for the important coping resources on your card."


"I was in Tufts Floating Hospital's Bone Marrow Transplant Unit almost 5 years ago for cancer treatment. Every time I got to make a pillowcase with you all was such a treat and made me smile so much. Not only that, it made hair-loss from chemo not so bad– I'd always wake up with hair stuck to my pillow that was very noticeable on the plain white hospital pillowcases, but on the pillowcases I made with you guys, you barely noticed the hair on the pillow. Now, I have a huge collection of beautiful and unique pillowcases that my family and I use to this day! They're my absolute favorite. Thank you for bringing a smile to my face when I was going through some of the most difficult things in my life. " Shelby


Your work and your love has provided countless doctors and nurses and staff with a much needed lift and a joyful way to comfort their patients.

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When we think about our mission, we often think about making a child smile or providing a soft, colorful place to lay their head. We often forget that our pillowcases provide our hospital nurses and staff an opportunity to provide a fun interaction with their patients.

“I worked as a pediatric oncology nurse and it was an honor to work with so many families that showed such courage and resilience. I began at the age of 21 and worked on and off over the following 20 years. Some days were hard and it felt like you weren’t able to help - one medicine or procedure after another. The pillowcases were wonderful. They gave us the ability to do something nice for our patients. Nothing beats having a child return from a bone marrow aspirate and to have their bed made up fresh with a bright, cheerful pillowcase. We would dig through the pillowcases till we found just the right one. And it brought smiles from kids of all ages. Made all of us feel better! I have often looked back and wondered how we as nurses managed emotionally - when the pillowcases came it helped all. Keep up this important work!!!!!!”


Magic Happens: What I love about the work we do is that we bring joy wherever we go. On any given hospital sewing day you can hear a child exclaim, “this is the best day ever,” or listen to them giggle as we joke about how fast they drive our machine. To hear that laughter is priceless for both us and their parents.

Whether you are a volunteer or donor, none of this would be possible without you. Together we are a powerful force who truly make a difference in this world. Not one of you seeks recognition or glory, they are simply acts of love.

Thank you ,

Did you know: You can bring hope to patients and their families by participating in workplace giving. Many companies match employees’ charitable contributions, provide grants to charities where their employees volunteer or consider employee recommendations for grant giving. Check with your company’s Human Resources office.

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