In This Edition... 1. Congratulations to all of the Greek New Members!2. Upcoming Greek Dates3. New Greek Classes4. Community Service Opportunitie

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In This Edition...

1. Congratulations to all of the Greek New Members!
2. Upcoming Greek Dates
3. New Greek Classes
4. Community Service Opportunities
5. All Greek Shirts
6. Greek Council Leadership
7. Greek Calendar for October
8. New Member Information
9. SPARC Leadership Retreat

Upcoming Dates

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Greek Council October 5th and 19th: 9:15 pm in Orton
Party Approval October 6 and 20: 4 pm R Room
Party Approval October 27th in Bulldog Room
*Make sure to register all homecoming activities ASAP!

October 3: Pi Chi All School Party
October 4: Believe Walk
Fall Break October 10-13th
Presents Review October 15
Presents October 17th

Final Sober Host Trainings October 8th: Please sign-up!

Congratulations to all of the Sororities on their New Members!

Beta Lambda

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Congratulations to Beta on their 20 New Members!

Kristina Zlorkarnik, Emily Malbrok, Olivia Lanza, Annemarie McQuary, Carolyn Swint, Brittany Norris, Krissa Lindsay, Rachel Wilkins, Michelle Balian, Hana Mason , Charlotte Magee, Jacki Brookstein, Chloe Faulkner, Rebecca Bayer, Annie Boyle, Emily Aldana, Kate Ellis, Dallas Hackett, Mikayla Perry, Kiersten Langerud

Delta Kappa Psi

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Congratulations to Delta on their 19 New Members!

Makenna Bell, Lacey Bjorndal, Madison Brazeel, Ashlee Cain, Rachel Cloward, Victoria Comito, Justine Doyle, Quinn Egan, Sam Goodwin, Abigail Hickan, Doris Hoxha, Eliza Krause, Meg Leach, Sarah Leland, Brigid Mackey, Katherine Peterka, Sara Peterka, Mariah Rodriguez, Allie Williams

Alpha Xi Omicron

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Congratulations to Alpha Xi on their 8 New Members!

Ti’fani Law, Dani Garcia-Robledo, Stephanie Santa-Rosa, Alexis Arroyo, Taylor Rogers, Pilar Righetti, Janely Calderon, Courtney King

Kappa Pi Zeta


Congratulations to Zeta on their 20 New Members!

Arianne Rodriguez, Ellen Barlow, Beverlee Valerio, Phoebe Rodgers, Alison Anders, Toria Rico, Madi Miller, Becky Matthews, Helen Carrasco, Elena Smith, Yanglei Cato, Zoe Becquart, Justine Keller, Isabella Chaffey, Emily Nichols, Ava Rupert, Eve Postrel, Rose Dozier, Ariana Lyons, Brittany Dwornick

Alpha Theta Phi

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Congratulations to Theta on their 6 New Members!

Claire Bohoskey, Viendra Generaux, Melinda Lane, Lily Propst, Elsa Regan, Ariana Savci

Alpha Sigma Pi

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Congratulations to Sigma on their 23 New Members!

Megan Clendening, Tracy Cresta, Jessica Demian, Hailey Ghelber, Haley Guida, Justine Gutowski, Cheryl Hoffman, Lally Homans, Arianne Irucuta, Danielle Kammer, Karen Kim, Hannah Litvack, Sarah Meisel, Jeanette Monteon, Jordan Priest, Raechel Reynosa, Gisele Rodriguez, Sara Sparks, Tali Student, Alex Thompson, Sachi Uyemura, Harly Weissman, Hannah Wernher

Congratulations to the Fraternities on their New Members!

Kappa Sigma Sigma

Congratulations to Birds on their 13 New Members!

Alpha Gamma Nu

Congratulations to Gamma Nu on their 10 New Members!

Sigma Kappa Alpha

Congratulations to SKA on their 6 New Members!

Pi Chi

Congratulations to Pi Chi on their 7 New Members!

Chi Rho Psi

Congratulations to Chi Rho Psi on their 16 New Members!

Chi Sigma Chi

Congratulations to Chi Sig on their 10 New Members!

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Community Service Opportunities

EVERY MEMBER of the Greek Community needs to complete 10 hours of community service EACH SEMESTER. 5 of those hours need to be All Greek Hours. See below for some upcoming options.

-Sunday, October 4th: Bright and early will be the Believe Walk! Please be sure to register your teams and all that jazz.

-Saturday, October 3rd, 2:30 p.m. - 7 p.m. : Rah, Rah, Redlands! Volunteers will be needed in the Kid's Zone and will be broken up in shifts! This upcoming Saturday is Rah, Rah, Redlands, yay!

Kids Zone. The different stations are as follows: Bulldog Groove (dancing and playing music for the kiddos), Pumpkin Painting, Jewelry Making, Foam Fun (decorating foam cut outs of footballs), and Cotton Candy (handing out cotton candy to kids. All of these booths are fun and easy ways for you to rack up some hours! Please e-mail me by tonight if you have any names interested in signing up! Contact Amanda Heltmach

All Greek Shirts- $13

If you are interested in buying one of these shirts please contact either Christina Lancey or Fernando Hudson. The shirts are in Christy's office on Second Floor of Hunsaker by the Poster Station if you wish to go pick it up.


Greek Council Leadership


President: Janelle Cronk - Zeta
President Elect: Shyenn So - Theta
Secretary: Erin Gaffney - Theta
Recruitment: Kaeli Tate - Beta
Public Relations: Christina Lancey - Alpha Xi
Alumnae: Blaine Weiss - Zeta
Academic: Arianna Morell-Haltom - Zeta
Gamma: Kri Johna - Zeta
Community Service: Amanda Heltmach - Delta
Greek Council Historian: Gina Vo - Zeta


President: Tanner Sandman - Chi Rho Psi
Vice President: Garrett Young - Chi Sig
Secretary: Ben Harrison - Ska
Recruitment: Joe Galarza - Chi Sig
Public Relations: Fernando Hudson - Gamma Nu
Alumnae: Spencer Zauner - Birds
Academic: Joe Rupp - Chi Sig
Gamma: Tucker Ellsworth - Chi Rho Psi
Community Service: Richie Newman- Birds

ASUR Greek Life Representatives: Elizabeth Pospichal and Naz Pounds


Greek Life Calendar

October 2015-2016 Greek Calendar

New Member Information

New Member Education

October 5th 9 pm Orton: Alcohol
October 12: No NME Fall Break
October 19th 9-11 pm Orton Sexual Assault 2 hour Training
October 26th 9 pm Orton: Safe Space Allies
November 2nd 9 pm Orton: Active Shooter

(Sober Host Trainings scheduled for new members October 8) 8 am:

(Sober Host Trainings scheduled for new members October 8) 4 pm:

SPARC Retreat
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