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Presents Review

Thursday, March 9 6:30 pm Gregory 176


Saturday, March 11 4 pm on Admin Steps
Stage will be on the 'bulldog' painting Drive will be closed

Organizational Houses for Next Year

The due date for the names of who will be living in your organizational house for the following year are DUE March 21st. Please find minimum occupancy numbers in the Organizational House Supplemental Manual.

Calendar meeting

This year’s Calendar meeting will be held on April 5 2017 at 5pm in HOL 100. This event is for Clubs and Orgs that want to hold events and space for the next academic year.

Service Opportunities

March 12: Orange Blossom Trail from 12-2 ALL GREEK HOUR
March 31st: Donation Day More Info TBD. All Greek Hour.
SERVICE HOURS DUE in Google Sheet: April 3rd!!!

Relay for Life: April 8-9 (won't count towards service hours this semester)

Greek Council Minutes

Check out the hard work of your Elected Officers Here. (for those with an active Redlands.edu e-mail only)

The Greek of the Week is a spotlight on a member of the Greek Community who has excelled in upholding our Greek Life Mission and Greek Pillars. If you would like to nominate someone who has excelled recently and is a member of Greek Life, please e-mail Christy ASAP! Check out past Greeks of the Week on campus in their Greek of the Week shirts!

Ellie Jaques

Ellie Jaques

Ellie is a member of Delta and one of the top swimmers on campus! She balances her athletic responsibilities and take son leadership roles within the sorority. Ellie shared that, "Delta has brought me close to so many different people I would have not imagined ever meeting. Greek life to me is a community of numerous different people all coming together to make lifelong connections to one another. Redlands greek life is so much more than just your own organization, but everyone as a whole. I was able to study abroad this past May term in Paris and had numerous other greeks on my trip and we all immediately made connections because of greek life."
One cool thing to know about Ellie is thather "mom (delta '92) & dad (birds '92) were both a part of Redlands greek life in their time at redlands and it is so fun being able to have my own experiences as well as hear about theirs."

Evan Suda

Evan Suda

Evan has excelled as a leader within his fraternity and within IFC. He balances his commitment to Chi Rho Psi with his honor research in History and participation in Maroon and Grey. Evan shared, "I joined because I had no friends and I wanted a group of guys to always have my back. Greek Life is all about being there for your siblings. I would drop anything to be there for my brothers. My favorite part of Greek Life is getting to see the joy and excitement of each new member class as they go through the process to becoming full actives. I also love the bonds I get to see form between bigs and little or new member classes or between actives. "

Save the date 4/12/17 from 6-9pm in Orton

This is a new section for information where you can support other greeks, advertise for personal projects outside of Greek Life or events that will further you as an individual or organization.

Intramural Basketball Season

Games start the week after Spring Break! We have four leagues this year, from beginner to advanced.
Sign up this week to ensure you can participate. Signups are online, at IMLeagues.com, or on the REC*IT mobile app. Do it this week!!

Leadership Lunch FREE CUCAS!!

Dan Burfiend is hosting a leadership lunch the day after Ben Shapiro to talk about his speech and debrief, 12-1pm in SLIC on 3/16. Free Cucas!

Sidewalk CPR

The University Redlands was one of fourteen Universities chosen nationally for the CPR pilot program with the American Heart Association. Please stop by our program on Wednesday the 22 at 11:30, where we hope to train 300 people.

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