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April 2020


Help Us Make Des Plaines History

ABOVE: Kristy McKay (front), Yvonne Burmeister (middle) and Faly Burmeister (back) canoeing down River Road during the flood of August, 1987. Uploaded by Yvonne LeBourhis.

We're In This Together

Vietnam Memorial Wall

View of the Vietnam Moving Memorial Wall in downtown Des Plaines during its first tour in July 1988. Uploaded by John Lavalie.

The word “history” usually makes us think about the distant past - events of someone or something not connected to our daily lives.

There is nothing like a global health crisis, however, to realize we are making and living history RIGHT NOW.

Ultimately, this health crisis will not be remembered as merely a collection of facts and figures.

The real history is the story of how each and every one of us is experiencing it in our day-to-day lives.

Des Plaines Memory collects and preserves the shared experience of the Des Plaines community for the benefit of the current and future generations to come.

We invite you to help us document the impact of the coronoavirus pandemic on your life by sharing your photographs and writings.

Please send us anything you are willing to share!

Here's How You Can Contribute

Chip raising the American flag

Paula Adam uploaded this family snapshot of her brother Chip raising the American flag in their yard in 1966.

Upload your digital photos directly to the collection via the Des Plaines Memory Upload page.

Send your written accounts in an email via the Contact Us link on the Des Plaines Memory website. You can also email Des Plaines Memory curator Steven Giese directly at

All individual contributions to Des Plaines Memory are preserved in the Des Plaines Public Library digital archive. You can see what other people have uploaded to the collection here.

Follow us on Facebook and subscribe the Des Plaines Memory e-newsletter for future updates.

Gladys Ahbe and Family

ABOVE: Gladys Ahbe and her family gathered to play a card game and gamble with tokens in the 1940s.

Damaged Hoerber Brothers Greenhouses

ABOVE: A windstorm the night of March 23, 1913, caused the collapse of the Hoerber Brothers Greenhouses.

ABOVE: Steve Beilstein uploaded this photo of himself digging his way out of his home after a recorded 23 inch snowfall in January 1967.

Richard Landmeier and His Car

ABOVE: Richard Landmeier stands in front of his car, next to the Standard Oil distribution center on Webford Avenue, circa 1920. He mainly sold kerosene and other household petroleum products.

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Steven Giese, Des Plaines Memory Curator

About the Des Plaines Memory Newsletter

Are you a Des Plaines history lover? Or just a fan of all things Des Plaines in general? This monthly newsletter from Des Plaines Public Library and the Des Plaines History Center is for you!

What is Des Plaines Memory? It is a special online collection of photographs, documents and memorabilia from the Civil War era up to the present day related to the city of Des Plaines.

We hope you enjoy. Be sure to let us know if there is something you'd like us to spotlight in upcoming editions. You can reach Des Plaines Memory curator Steven Giese at

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