Dear friend,

What do you think the most important factor in running a successful business or organization is?

Most would say money, or capital - the lifeblood of all organizations. "I need a larger marketing budget." or "Our profit margin is too small."

Some would reference time. "If I had more time, I could get so much more done."

Another popular answer is the idea. "If I had a better idea, acquiring new clients would be way easier."

The reality is that these are all important - but they all rely on one key factor: the client.

If your organization does not provide value, it will not attract potential clients and your revenue stream will remain flat.

The customer determines how you spend your time - to be successful, organizations have to spend time creating something of value for their clients.

And finally, the idea - the client changes, accepts, or rejects the value that your organization brings.

At NewPath Consulting, everything we do is catered to the needs of the customer - whether that's implementing Wild Apricot solutions with you, giving technical help, or website development.

We have been creating helpful cheat sheets on how to perform various tasks within Wild Apricot - check out Cheat Sheet #12, our most recent one, on Issuing a Partial Refund on a Paid Invoice.

We hope you are having a great month! As always, I welcome any questions or feedback you might have.

Here is the June 2020 edition (#78) of the monthly NewPath Consulting newsletter.

Alex Sirota
Director, NewPath Consulting
(888) 781-2539

Wild Apricot News & Events

On June 19, 2020, I am offering another "AMAAWA" (Ask Me Anything About Wild Apricot) session. We would love to have you in attendance! Learn more and sign up for free here.

This free, live webconference, hosted by myself, is an excellent opportunity to get help with Wild Apricot services or learn more about what Wild Apricot can offer your organization. You can also check out a calendar of upcoming Wild Apricot events as well as check out videos of past AMA's on our website


Ask Me Anything About Wild Apricot!


WordPress Toronto North Meetup


Let's Fix Your Website Meetup in Toronto

The next monthly meetup "Let's Fix Your WordPress Site" meetup is on Tuesday, June 16, 2020 at 6:30 PM. Once again, we are continuing with our virtual meetup!

The Canadian Management Consortium has provided support for this meetup in the form of a donation that will be used for funding all future costs including Zoom. Thank you to the CMC.

NewPath Consulting is a proud supporter of WordPress Toronto -- your Toronto-based community with a link to the international WordPress community. We are proponents of the open source and collaborative nature of this robust yet free web platform. At our Meetups, we have fun, share knowledge and continue life-long learning.

To see all WPToronto meetups visit


Cool Resource of the Month

Our friends at Wild Apricot recently posted an excellent article on How to Manage Your Organization Virtually.

In the article, they mentioned six key areas that may need special attention in a virtual environment, such as team communication and membership management.

It includes specific ways that Wild Apricot can help with payments and fundraising virtually. Click the button below to check it out!


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