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Dry times...

Dry season ahead?
New Land Rover access ramp
New pendants in Lapa
Cheetah Research
Portfolio - Urs Niklaus


Dry season ahead?

As we are writing this Newsletter, we have actually just received about 45mm of rain on Makutsi, which might very well be the "saviour" rain for the coming winter.

Just a few days ago we were still very very worried, and starting to plan for the worst. Between the months of May and September we are almost certain to receive no rain at all. If we then take into consideration the very low rainfalls we have received in the past few months, it was pointing towards a long and dry winter.

In order to be as prepared as we can be, we have ordered truckloads of hay bales to use for both wildlife and cattle, below a few photos of the hay bales being delivered. We always have to make sure that they have enough to eat and drink...Never a dull moment in the bush :)

IMG 4325

Finally, the Makutsi River flowing again!


New Land Rover access ramp

Of course we like to make things as easy as possible for our clients, but even more important than "comfort" is safety! One new addition at Makutsi that addresses both these factors is our new Land Rover access ramp. Not only does it make it much easier for our clients to climb in and out of the Land Rovers, but it also makes it much safer! Especially at night when you come back from the Simba Safaris...

This is ramp Nr 1, once we are happy with the result and have tested it enough, we can start thinking of other places to have them, such as Hatari Bushcamp and Makutsi Tented Camp.


New pendants at Lapa

The River Lapa is a favourite of everyone at Makutsi. Meeting for some drinks, discussing the days experiences, and waiting for the dinner drums to sound. To make the atmosphere even cosier, we have added a few African style pendants...we hope they will add to the good times :)


Cheetah Research

A reminder about one of the most exciting things you can experience on Makutsi - the Cheetah Research Drive.

We have two collared cheetah in our northern section, a male and a female. Both of them are wild and independent, but over time have gotten used to having some people walking up to them on foot, a few times a week. Because of the collars, we have a better chance of finding them. We never bother them, we never interfere, we just observe and enjoy. Because the cheetah is a relatively small and insecure cat, they do not pose any threat, so you can enjoy while being very relaxed.

IMG 7797

One limitation is that you have to be 16 years of age to participate. One other important factor is that you cannot pre-book this excursion, you can only request it once you arrive on Makutsi. The reason for this is that every now and then something can happen (female has new cubs, one of them is injured etc) which means we cannot "bother" them for a short amount of time. So we do not want to promise anything in advance which we cannot guarantee 100%.

So on your next trip to Makutsi, remember to ask about the Cheetah Research Drive! You will certainly enjoy this special experience.


Makutsi Facebook Page

We believe in keeping our guests up to date on what is happening on Makutsi, however not in "bombarding" them with posts, emails and newsletters every day. For this reason we only send out a newsletter every 3-4 months.

For a more regular update, we use our Facebook Page. We still make sure not to post too often, maybe one post per week. This is a great way for you to keep those memories fresh, and share your feedback and ideas with other Makutsi guests.

We currently have just over 1500 people regular visiting our Facebook Page, and we would love to get over that 2000 mark. So please, for those of you who have not liked our Facebook Page, or those of you who have friends who would enjoy a visit to Makutsi one day, please get on our Facebook Page, share it, and join the Makutsi Facebook Family.


Portfolio - Urs Niklaus

As in our last newsletter, we are excited to present you with another selection of simply beautiful images. Urs Niklaus is a regular guests at Makutsi, and after every visit he leaves us a selection of his photos. There is nothing better to share than these kind of memories, and a reminder of what we might be able to experience on our next visit. Thank you Urs for sharing these images with us.

We would also like to invite anybody who has been to Makutsi to share their images with us, so that we can showcase them in this kind of Portfolio. We "reduce" the image quality in such a way that they cannot be used by anybody else.

If you do have images you would like to share with us, please email them to us by replying to this newsletter, or simply click here

Urs collage3
Urs collage1
Urs collage4
Urs collage7
Urs collage2
Urs collage6
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