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June - July 2017

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Recycling Event - Jun 17. FINAL REMINDER
Recycling Event REPORT
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Recycling Event



Hard-2-Recycle Collection

returns to North Buncombe


Saturday, June 17th

10am - 2pm


Arvato Digital Services

108 Monticello Rd.



Partial List of accepted items:

Books, cardboard, electronics, computers, batteries, printer cartridges, metals, appliances, air conditioners, hardware, building supplies, cabinets, furniture, sporting goods, packing Styrofoam & peanuts, health & beauty product containers, used cooking oil, plastic totes, animal sanctuary items.

SEE FULL LIST WITH ALL DETAILS on flyer (link below).


NOTE: $10 FEE for TV’s & CRT monitors.

Please BAG Styrofoam (peanuts separately) unless very large

Review broad list of what is NOT ACCEPTED
noted at bottom of flyer.

Call appropriate vendor
if you have questions about particular items.


Organized by Asheville GreenWorks, 254-1776

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H2R Collection rotates next to

the East Buncombe area

on September 16, 10am - 2pm

Madden ACE Hardware lot in Swannanoa


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Recycling Event



Certainly did!

Rainbow Recycling saved your


from burial at the landfill !


About 1200 pots

went back out for reuse ...

AND still

over 750 pounds of pots & trays

were recycled (!)

from this year's
Plastic Flower Pot Collection
at the Black Mountain Garden Show on May 20th

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2017 Flower Pot Collection VIDEO (1:51) Sunshine, cars pulling up, recyclers & volunteers buzzing around carrying & sorting pots ... what a great event it was!

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Thank you, volunteers!
* Brenda Bradley
* Robin Tolleson
* Donia Zweig
* Katrina Stoll


We also extend our appreciation to:

Melisa Pressley, Tom Sobanski &
the Black Mountain Beautification Committee

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If you couldn't make it to our event, don't fret ...

you can recycle your plastic flower pots at all Lowe's stores!

Check with staff for designated rack/area.

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"One Person's Trash ...", Spring 2017
Some of the topics included in this edition of the "3R-focused" Buncombe County newsletter: maximizing use of electronic gadgets, "Use by" dates, reel mowers, downsizing (book review), recycling at work.

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Rainbow Recycling's WISH LIST

▪ Office/storage space within Town of Black Mountain
▪ Website assistance
▪ Volunteers to post event flyers in Swannanoa area
Office/storage space within Town of Black Mountain
Website assistance
Volunteers to post event flyers in Swannanoa area
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Thank you for your conscious choice and efforts to

Reduce -- Reuse -- Recycle!

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Help us continue our work of promoting recycling and reuse and reducing waste through outreach and advocacy, special collection events and reuse efforts.

Every donation, regardless of size, is appreciated.

Send to:
Rainbow Recycling
106A S. Ridgeway Ave.
Black Mountain, NC 28711

Contact us at info@rainbowrecycling.org if you are interested in volunteering ... there are various ways to pitch in and help!

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