Welcome to the latest fundraising BLTin and other news from BLT!

Another of our special monthly BLTins designed to let you know how our fundraising campaign is going and all the news relating to our ReBuiLT campaign. Lots to talk about this month, so let's get cracking...


Great feedback and more money raised...

We received the following email from an audience member referring to our March production of Proof

"The whole family thought this was a great performance last night – a really good play, done well. To honour it, we just made a donation for the rebuilt campaign. Thanks to everyone involved."

We thought we should share this with you as a reminder of how very good our shows are (and Proof was excellent) and to illustrate the effect that our productions have on our audiences who are prepared to show their support in such a generous fashion. Well done to all the Proof cast and crew!


'Stand and Deliver' stands to deliver even bigger audiences

On Easter Saturday about 16 of us were involved in our 'Stand and Deliver' bag-packing event at Marks and Spencer in The Glades, Bromley to tie in with our show 'The Wicked Lady'. These opportunities are not offered that often and so we are really grateful to the staff and company at M&S for allowing us to participate.

For those of you unfamiliar with this sort of event, basically we stood at the tills in the Food Hall and offered to help people pack their shopping.

Several of us were in theatrical costume with others wearing BLT sweatshirts. Jess Jenner stood at one of the entrances to the Food Hall dressed as The Wicked Lady giving out flyers for that show.

As well as packing people's bags we chatted to them and gave out leaflets and flyers. We got through hundreds of these and had some very positive conversations. There were plenty of people who had seen our shows but those that hadn't showed considerable interest in supporting BLT shows at some point in the future.

It would be lovely to think that this would immediately result in hundreds more people buying tickets for our shows but the reality is that we need to stage several more similar events to hammer the message home...so we're working on it.

The overall response from everyone who took part was how enjoyable and positive the experience had been and we raised almost £700 in our newly-acquired collection buckets.

Many thanks to everyone who helped and look out for your chance to be involved with something similar in the future.

Following on from our very successful event at Marks and Sparks we want to keep up the momentum so...


Why not invite your friends and neighbours for a guided tour of BLT?

To help people get to know us, we are offering guided tours, short history talks and information about our plans for the future as well as free coffee and cakes each Saturday morning in April. And we want you to help us spread the word!

Please download the special invitation flyer shown above by clicking HERE, print off some copies and pop them through doors on your street or onto the desks of your colleagues. Feel free to enthuse about BLT in your own words as well!

You already support BLT...now you can help us to reach even more people and ensure that our excellent shows are seen by much bigger audiences. AND tucked away amongst those new audience members there might be someone just itching to give away £££s to our appeal!


Help us get even more from Give As You Live

Although we are raising money through the Give As You Live scheme, we are not yet doing as well as we could be. We suspect that some people are not signing up because they are still not sure what it is all about.

Quite simply, Give As You Live is a way of donating money to BLT without you having to do very much at all. The actual donations are made by the thousands of retailers who are partners in the scheme. These include all the major supermarkets and high street department stores and chains.

All you have to do is register and then carry on spending as usual, but each time you do, you will also be contributing to our fundraising campaign.

Better still, if you email us we can sign you up to the scheme and we get a further £5 introduction fee. So you don't have to worry about how it all works.

Or, if you prefer to do it yourself you can sign up by clicking HERE

The scheme also works with on-line shopping, so if you purchase anything from Amazon or do your weekly shop on-line you could be adding to our coffers as you do so.

It also works for shoppers who prefer to actually visit the various stores but there is a slightly different way to do this which does cost you a bit.

Basically you need to purchase a shopping card on-line for the supermarket or store that you regularly use (ASDA ,Tesco, Sainsburys, Marks and Spencers are all partners). Then, when you pay for your purchases with your store card a proportion of your spend is automatically donated to BLT. Each store card you purchase costs in the region of £2.50 but this is a one-off payment. You then load up the card with an amount close to what you expect to spend. When you have finished your shopping you present your store card as part payment for your purchases and then when you get home you top up your card again ready for your next shop, only this time it doesn't cost you anything.

So for a very small initial outlay and a few minutes on your computer you'll be making a regular donation to your theatre and making the big stores and supermarkets pay for it!

You can purchase a Give As You Live store card for yourself or why not send one as a gift? With a wide range of cards & e-vouchers to choose from, you'll raise free funds for BLT every time you re-load.

For more details, click HERE


Gym & Cake

Not two words you would normally expect to see together in the same sentence but we try to be different when it comes to raising money!

On Friday April 19th Doug Stoten, one of our fundraising team, will be at The Nuffield Gym on Hayes Lane, Bromley (opposite Ravensbourne School) encouraging members and visitors to indulge in some cake. Yes that is absolutely correct...cake!

After helping themselves to some home-baked delights they will be invited to show their appreciation by making a donation to BLT.

Doug, armed with several splendid confections will be there from 10.00am til 4.00pm.

So if you have been looking for an excuse to finally make that trip to the gym and bizarrely a piece of cake is just the incentive that you need...get yourself along there and fill your face.


JustGiving will stop it pouring in the Bar

The first Act in our ‘reBuiLT’ campaign is replacing the roof over the bar. We still need your help to get this first Act underway.

Nothing could be simpler than making a donation via JustGiving. Just click here

When you’ve made your donation, click on the Facebook, Twitter or ‘email’ buttons at the bottom of the JustGiving page to get your friends and family to donate as well!


Have your say - join BLT's Playgoers Committee

Our Playgoers Committee is where you need to be if you've got something you want to say about how our theatre is run. The committee oversees all aspects of our operations and makes decisions about what we do and when.

We currently divide up our operations between several teams who have responsibility for how different elements of the theatre are run, so you could be involved in any one of a whole range of activities ranging from appearing on our stage to helping to design our publicity.

The Playgoers Committee is always looking for willing hands to share the work carried out by our sometimes overstretched regular members of the theatre.

If you have some knowledge of theatre and would like to see different shows perhaps performed differently, come and join and put your suggestions forward. Or, if you are disappointed at some aspect of how the operation as a whole works, join the Playgoers Committee and help change things.

At the moment we are desperate for someone to help us with our publicity. If you are an expert on social media or computers and think you could move us forward by attracting new audiences, or have some ideas about how we can improve our fundraising or other aspects of what we do, we would love to hear from you.

In the first instance, please email us HERE


BLoTo: the BLT Draw Club is almost upon us...

An application for us to run this prize draw has now been presented to the licensing authorities at Bromley Council and as soon as they have agreed that we can start the balls rolling, we will.

Keep your eyes open for the flyers telling you exactly how to enrol in the club (if you have already let us know that you are interested we'll be in touch).

Just to reiterate what it's all about...
We are about to launch a lottery exclusively to raise money for BLT. Everyone who signs up will be entered into a monthly draw and the winners will receive half of the total subscriptions from that month. You can have as many numbers as you like but you need to subscribe by setting up a monthly Direct Debit or Standing Order (or an annual one-off payment). Each number will cost you £3 per month. We are hoping to recruit about 300 members so each month could pay out up to £450 in prizes.

If you would like to take part send your email address to us HERE and we will add you to our ever-expanding list.


Shop at the Co-op and raise money for BLT

We have already received a substantial donation from the Co-op for purchases made from them since we began our participation in their scheme. If you haven't yet joined you can do so here

It will only cost you £1 but it could mean a lot more to BLT!


Take part in our Audience Surveys

During the run of The Wicked Lady we are conducting an Audience Survey. This is an attempt to discover more about our audiences, which will help us to put together smarter strategies for attracting even bigger ones!

We are inviting people to comment on the show they have seen (we will do the same thing for the next couple of shows), and the way the theatre is run.

We will also be finding out what kind of people currently come to our shows and and how we can better meet their requirements and attract new and different audiences.

If you have not been able to get to this production but would like to offer some comments please email us HERE

If you haven't yet filled in a questionnaire please try to do so and remember to provide the requested contact details. All completed forms will be entered into a draw to win a year's subscription to our BLoTo prize draw with the possibility of winning up to £500.


Things to come...

Our plans for the future of our theatre are nearing completion, but our attempts at raising the money to pay for those changes are only just beginning.

If you would like to see what is being proposed there are some artists impressions on the Bar video and a set of drawings are on display in the foyer/bar area.

If you would like more information about anything in this BLTin please contact us here or email the Board here

Remember you can help our appeal at...






Don't forget, you can keep up with all the BLT news on our website as well as on social media. Just click the links below

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