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September -October-November 2023

Announcements, colorful commentary, and useful financial planning tidbits from John H. Robinson

Editor s Notes

Readers of this newsletter will notice that the first few articles in this issue are devoted to helping FPH clients whose TD Ameritrade accounts were recently integrated into the Charles Schwab platform get settled. As badly as Schwab bungled the transition, once the account feature mapping errors get cleaned up, I am confident you will find Schwab's platform to be perfectly functional.


Charles Schwab Account Migration Checklist

To the roughly 15% of the FPH flock who are still on the NFS custodial platform, you will find plenty of articles in this issue that may be relevant to you if scroll down below "Pro Tip".

Im Fine - Everything is Fine

Everything is Fine... If I have seemed a bit frazzled lately in our phone calls or Zoom meetings, it is because the last two months have been among the most stressful of my 34-year-long career... READ MORE

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Sue portrait2

Desperately Seeking Susan… For those of you who missed the email announcement in early October, we are delighted to welcome Susan "Sue" Gabor, CFP® to the Financial Planning Hawaii team. Her assistance in smoothing out the Schwab integration has greatly relieved our stress. READ MORE...


Why is the value of the assets transferred out on the September TD Ameritrade statement higher than the value of the assets transferred in on the Charles Schwab September statement?...Good question! Here is the explanation we received from Schwab:

"Many Advisors are questioning why the value displayed in the Transfer of Securities Out/In on the September TD Ameritrade and Schwab statements do not match.

Ameritrade statements for September report Securities Transferred Out value based upon Friday 9/1/23 market close. Schwab statements report Securities Transferred In based upon Tuesday 9/5/23 market close.

This is why clients comparing the values may not see an exact match, but they can compare the quantity of the security to verify it is the same."

Pro Tip

Getting "Verified" with Schwab... Schwab says that it takes account security extraordinarily seriously. In fact, they have made FPH clients' accounts so secure that many times even you cannot log in!


bank vs broker

Bank CDs Vs. Brokered CDs...This article highlights the differences between CDs purchased at local banks and credit unions and CDs purchased through investment accounts. It also explains the benefits of linking local bank accounts to investment accounts. READ MORE...


Yields on CDs rode the escalator down in November... There is an old saying in the investment world that interest rates on bonds take the stairs up and the escalator down. READ MORE...


3 Villains, No Heroes...As the Genworth Long Term Care insurance saga continues to unfold, consumers who bought policies from GE/Genworth are clearly the victims, but the blame should be apportioned beyond just to Genworth. READ MORE...


Taxachusetts Just Became (a little bit) More Tax-Friendly... Massachusetts's onerous tax laws have been fueling an exodus of residents to tax-friendlier states such as New Hampshire and Florida. In September, the Massachusetts legislature enacted a law that made its notoriously high and far-reaching estate tax more reasonable. READ MORE...


Consumer (and Advisor) Confusion Reigns Supreme With Respect to Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) Rules... In this recent blog post I help clients navigate the many recent IRS rule changes. READ MORE...


Apropos of Nothing

Curious, sometimes humorous snippets of daily life that may or may not have anything to do with financial planning.

Tiger Shark

People always ask me, "How is that you live in Hawaii but do not surf or swim in the ocean?" ... EXHIBIT A

Red Tree

Many leaf-peepers were disappointed by the Fall foliage in New England this year. I thought it was spectacular - but different. See the photo montage I created on my drive through Vermont, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts in Ocotober.


Love Fall Foliage? Why It's Getting Harder to Schedule Leaf-Peeping Trips (Wall St Journal)

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