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Dear Friends,

​It's been a whirlwind few weeks. Click here for some of the details.

​The upcoming week promises its own excitement, with the US embassy being ​moved from Tel Aviv to ​​our historic capital city, Jerusalem​,​ on May 14th - it is an event of the (half) century. We have waited 51 years for international recognition of Jerusalem as ​Israel's official ​capital​, so thank you (so far) to Guatemal​a, ​Paraguay and the Czech Republic​ too​. It will be an honor to attend such a momentous occasion and be a part of history. Until then we might have much more to discuss​,​ on the heels of President’s Trump’s ​dramatic move on Iran & the JOCPA, the Lebanese elections and Iran’s response. But true to the Israeli spirit we continue to celebrate the good, prepare for all eventualities and appreciate the vibrancy of the US-Israel relationship on multiple fronts..

​We look cautiously at our northern border, hoping for more stability, but optimistically at our Jerusalem skies. Click here for more on that.

​Looking forward to sharing good things. ​

​Best regards,
& Ruthie and the whole team


With Hezbollah officially in charge, will the U.S. finally stop arming Lebanon?

Lebanon held elections for its parliament on Sunday for the first time since 2009. Not unexpectedly, Hezbollah was the big winner.

Hezbollah’s representatives and allies now control a majority of the seats in Lebanon’s parliament. Sunni candidates allied with – or rather controlled by – Hezbollah won seats that had been controlled by Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s Future Movement.

Lebanese President Michel Aoun’s party lost several seats, making Aoun more beholden than ever to Hezbollah dictates.

Fanning the flames of fire in Israel

Treating attempts to burn down Israel as unremarkable—as not even worthy of news coverage—is akin to saying that we should expect Palestinians to behave that way. It’s saying that they are inherently incapable of being rational, reasonable and peaceful.

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Israel is Beautiful!

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