News & Quick-bits - 20 January 2021 Study: High Blood Pressure A study compared the short-term effects on blood pressure of a homeopathic remedy (Ve

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News & Quick-bits - 20 January 2021

blood pressure

Study: High Blood Pressure

A study compared the short-term effects on blood pressure of a homeopathic remedy (Veratrum viride) and a common allopathic antihypertensive drug (Atenolol). Read more | Comment


Homeopathy for Chronic Patients

2,722 Swedish and German patients with chronic health problems including migraines, asthma, depression, were treated with homeopathy. Results were good. Read more | Comment


Remedies for Stuttering

Stuttering when tired, excited, or anxious? Perhaps stammering was triggered by shock or fright, or is associated with muscle cramps. One of these key remedies may help. Read more | Comment


Egg Allergies and Homeopathy

The aim of homeopathy is to not only treat the egg allergy but to address its underlying cause including the individual's susceptibility. Here's a list of potential remedies. Read more | Comment

Xmas - Gift Certificate - Cropped

A $25 Christmas Gift for You!

We love homeopathy and know you do too so we hope our $25 voucher is a welcome gift at this time of year - just remember to use it before it expires on the 31st January, 2021. More info

Specials - Bottle

One Week - Three Offers!

Offer 1: $5.00 Sepia officinalis (Sep.) 30C Pills – 70% Off! Build your homeopathy kit with this week's $5.00 remedy. More Info | Buy Now

Offer 2: 20% Off 14 Different Childhood Complexes Blends of remedies for Bed-wetting, earache, croup, teething, worms, and more. More info | Buy now

Offer 3: $10.00 Off First Aid Kit A strong and compact kit is a handy addition to your home, handbag, glovebox or travel bag. . More info | Buy now

Offers end at midnight on Monday, 25th January 2021 (UTC/GMT -8 hours)
Read more


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Sandra’s Irritable Bowel Remedy

Sandra would bloat as the day progressed. Her discomfort always worsened with breads and fatty foods. She was diagnosed as having IBS. Homeopathy made a big difference. Read More | Comment


Reversing Autism– Darcy’s Story.

Darcy had been diagnosed with autism when 2-years-old. His mum started his homeopathic treatment at 4 years of age. Five months later, she submitted this report. Read More | Comment


Homeopathic Treatment of Children

Homeopathy has an excellent safety record during pregnancy, lactation, and all stages of infancy and child development. Discover it's use with children. Read More | Comment

sleep 3

Homeopathy for Poor Sleep

Which remedy would you use for disturbed sleep following grief, excitement, exertion, fright, anxiety, anger, or alcohol. This list of primary and secondary remedies may help. Read More | Comment


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