Tips to Help Title Your Art

Dear Art aficionado,

Is titling your artwork a chore? After putting heart and soul into making the art, your creativity vault needs time to replenish. The task to create a brilliant title attempts to ride the coattails of that glorious sensation of finishing a painting like a stowaway To-Do.


Painting Art and Wordsmithing are two different types of thinking

Painting vs Writing

It helps to think about the titling process as a verbal exercise. When you're painting, all your visual receptors are firing on color, composition, value and narrative. Creating a title for your art is purely a game of wordsmithing, so you're using a different part of your brain. That's a big shift, so you can help that process glide a little smoother by setting time aside, with a cup of tea and a notepad, to sit in front of your unnamed work. Write down words as they come to you - anything goes - and free associate till you have a column of words to start your title-generating. The act of writing (vs drawing or painting) helps trigger the wordsmith in you.


You can add possible titles to your sketchpad before you begin painting too...

Systems Make Us More Productive

Whether you're creating paintings, printmaking, mixed media, sculpture or photography, if titling your work leaves you blinking and staring at the art, I can help you. How to Title Your Art is an online course with a three-pronged approach (so you pick the one that fits you best). Putting a system in place helps us be more efficient in the studio. We all have favorite sequences to start a new piece of art, or prep a canvas, or sketch preliminary designs - and those rituals are cues to our brains that it's time to create. This course on titling your art is a systematic approach to harvesting both big and small elements in your work to conjure the best word fodder for titles, and it works every time. (You can watch the intro here.)


Colors and shapes in your work can lead to compelling words to use in titles

You've Got This

If you'd like some tips and tricks to titling your art, you can take the online course at your leisure, and come back to it for a refresher at any time. There are downloadable word-sheets specific to painting genres (landscape, abstract,etc.) to help you get started, and each module demonstrates word harvesting using different sources. The course is brief and impactful, to get you started on generating compelling titles as soon as you finish watching the last video.

The course is available to you, because you're cool, and we're art pals, for a little while at 24% off.

If you or someone you know (feel free to forward this) needs a little wordsmithing mojo, I've got you covered. Check out How to Title Your Art, and super-charge your Titling Game. You're always welcome to send me a jpeg of your work to talk about titles. Now that we'll both have a rock-solid titling system in place, I'm happy to brainstorm.

Happy Titling to you,

P.S. We've got a private group on Facebook exclusively for folks enrolled in BelindaTips video courses. We discuss studio habits, troubleshoot great titles together, and support our fellow artists in best studio practices. Send me a note so I can add you to the group!

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