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11 February 2020

The last 20

Hi there,

I just love the latest wellness challenge in this Whole Life thing I'm doing: Leave no trace. I think of that as what you do when you're camping, you know, put out your fire, clean up the area, and take your trash with you. But this is a more mundane practice--clean up after yourself. I thought, hey, this will be easy. I always clean up after myself. But as I read, I began to see what they meant by leave no trace. Sure, I clean up after myself, I always do the dishes. See them there on the counter drying? That. Right there is the problem. I don't finish the job.

Washing the dishes is great, but drying them and putting them away is a whole other level. It's that last 20%. The hardest part of all. That final push takes you from 80% to 100% all the way done and done. I realized that this last 20% of stuff left undone is why my house always feels a little bit messy. It's not a disaster or anything, but it never looks its best until company is coming and I rush around doing that last 20% of everything.

We are all guilty of this in our knit and crochet projects. Those pieces of sweater languishing in our bag continue reading

Going on and coming up

Ready for spring? Wooladdicts has just what you need. Bright beautiful colors and soft cotton yarns. Come see the beautiful sample garments in the spring/summer 2020 trunk show, and try out their newest fiber, Liberty

trunk show cover

Wooladdicts has a stunning new yarn for Spring/Summer 2020--it's called Liberty, and you're going to love it! Soft as a cloud and fabulous texture for easy breezy warm-weather knits. Their new colors are absolutely on trend, and I'm excited to be the first shop to host their cool trunk show! Come let me share this season's Wooladdicts with your -- knit with the yarn, try on the garments, and get started on something that'll make your spring wardrobe sing! Make a purchase and you'll be entered into a drawing for a sweet Wooladdicts project!

Saturday, February 15th 10am- 2pm. This is a free event, but please register to let me know you're coming!

Want to learn to crochet? This is where you start. In this one-hour group lesson, Mary will teach you the basics, refresh your skills, or help you through your first few crochet projects.
As I mentioned, if you don't already know how to crochet, you will be missing out on some truly stunning designs from Rowan Mode and Wooladdicts. That's all I'll say. Check it out here

beginning knitting square

Looking to get started knitting? Or maybe you just want to move your skills forward a bit -- Perhaps you'd like some focused attention and guidance while you work your first couple of projects. This is totally your class. It's a small group, and everyone moves at their own pace. You're never behind, and no one is holding you up. You do you. It's great. Check it out here.

In this three session class, you'll learn to knit socks two at a time from the cuff down, using sock weight yarn. Knitting socks two-at-a-time means there's no second sock syndrome - when you're done, you're done, and both socks are exactly he same, sure without fail.

If you're not sure you're ready for two at a time, but are more info and to register


Do you love knitting socks? Ready to challenge yourself a bit with fancy patterns, clever designs, or new techniques? This is a perfect class for you! Sock guru Jenny May will lead you through a beautiful pattern you'll love to knit, but might not attempt on your own. It's wonderful to have the guidance of a pro, as well as a fabulous community of sock knitters who share your passion. This advanced sock class is three weekly more

Intro to frop spindle

Give the spindle a whirl. It's like a child's wooden toy. At your fingertips a soft fiber puff twists itself into a silky strand --an almost magical transformation as full becomes yarn before your very eyes. So simple, so powerful. This is how yarn was made for generations, and still is in many parts of the world.

Join the lovely and talented Tanya Koenig as she takes you on a wonderful adventure more

Finishing techniques 1

In this comprehensive class you will learn finishing from beginning to end. You'll learn about blocking your sweater pieces, the order of construction, and how to weave in ends so that they are completely invisible on the front, and nearly invisible on the back.

You'll learn three different kinds of seams, and which to use where. You'll learn two different ways to join shoulders, how to set in a sleeve, and how to pick up stitches. And we'll show you the tricks we use in our garments that more info or to register

Illusion Knitting

Tanis Gray, knitting designer extraordinaire, and author of the newly released Harry Potter: Knitting Magic: The Official Harry Potter Knitting Pattern Book, is coming to Crazy for Ewe April 18th. Mark your calendars for a wonderful class on Shadow Knitting The Dark Mark Scarf and a book signing event. more information and to register here
The book is flying off the shelves faster than the golden snitch, so hurry and get yours today!!

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