2021 Season Registration Is Now Open

Hello Idaho League Families:

It's time to get back in the saddle and hit the trails. We are ready to reboot after dealing with the difficult hand we were dealt in 2020. Our team has worked hard to develop several plans for hosting camps, clinics and races this summer and fall. While they still might not look exactly like they did in 2019, we are confident that events will happen this season.

So yes, student-athlete registration is now open!


What can I register for at this time?

You can register for your league membership (which is required to participate in pre-season activities and team practices) as well as summer day camps. Registration for races will remain closed until we announce which race format (we have 3 formats fully developed and ready to launch) we will proceed with this fall. We are doing this so that each of you can make an informed decision whether or not to register for the race series. An announcement will be made and race series registration opened on July 1st.

How much is the league membership fee?

The league membership fee $175.

What the membership fee does and does not include?

Includes: By paying the league membership fee, student-athletes will be allowed to participate in team practices and future league events for the duration of the 2021 season. Students cannot participate in any league-sanctioned events (including team practices) without first registering with the league and paying the membership fee.

Does not include: Registration for camps, races and other league events are paid separately.

What is this money used for?

The membership fee goes toward covering league expenses, such as coach licensing fees, coach training expenses, insurance for all participants, and the day-to-day operating expenses of the league.

Are these fees refundable?

No, the membership fee is non-refundable. Please take this into consideration before deciding to register.

Is there financial assistance available?

Yes, there is limited financial assistance available. Please talk with your team director to apply.

How do I register?

New Riders: Please request an emailed Pit Zone invitation from your head coach. From the email, use the one-time link to set up an account and then follow the steps to complete the registration process. All rider registration is now associated with a parent or guardian email. You may use the same email for multiple rider accounts and one coach account.

Existing/Returning Riders: Returning riders should be re-sent invitations by their coach. If you did not receive an invite, you may still log in directly in the Pit Zone with your email and password that you used the previous year. Notify your team director if your account is inactive.

Family Dashboard: Existing and Returning riders will be prompted to set up a parent or guardian login. It is not required if registration is already completed for the season. However, if the family would like to establish a family dashboard, returning riders will need to go through the steps to set up their parent or guardian login.

For complete instructions on navigating the Pit Zone, check out the NICA Pit Zone FAQ page.

Correct Grade Selection: When registering for the 2021 season, "Current Grade" is the grade your student will be in during the fall of 2021.

Race Category Selection: When registering, the Pit Zone will default students into the following categories based on their selected grade. Actual race categories are determined at a later date and will be adjusted by IICL Staff and/or Team Directors.

6th Grade = 6th Grade

7th Grade = 7th Grade

8th Grade = 8th Grade

9th Grade = Freshman

10th, 11th, 12th Grade = JV2

Is there a deadline to register?

League membership can be paid up until the last race of the season, however teams have the authority to close registration earlier than the league in the interest of organizing the team, ordering team kits and preparing riders for the season.



New Parent Resource Page

Parents, we've added a new area to our website just for you. On the Parent Resources page you'll find links to important information about fees, race updates, IICL concussion protocol, team information, our event calendar and IICL contact information.

Please let us know if there is other information you would like added to this page.


Concussion Protocol Training


Did you know that Idaho state law requires all participants in youth sports to receive concussion education? We've been partnered with St. Luke's since the inception of our league to provide this education to all parents and student-athletes free of charge. New for 2021 there is a simple two step process to follow to get the education and provide the required acknowledgement.
Step 1: During the registration process in the Pit Zone, watch for the message after signing your waiver with a link to watch the IICL Concussion Protocol Education Video. (It's about 10:00 minutes long)
Step 2: After watching the video, click on the link in the pop-up to fill out a short survey that will provide the IICL with the required acknowledge that you received the information.

If you ever need more information about concussion, our IICL Concussion Protocol page is full of resources.

Video Screenshot

2019 Race Series Recap

Still need some motivation?

Check out our video from the 2019 season, dust the cobwebs off your bikes and we will see you out on the trails!

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