August Good News: You are Living a Great Life - YOURS Everywhere, all around us, people are fighting. They are surviving the un-survivable. They ar

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August Good News: You are Living a Great Life - YOURS

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Everywhere, all around us, people are fighting.

They are surviving the un-survivable.

They are choosing to find that one tiny ray of hope in the hopeless.

They are creating a path to make the un-workable work.

They are inspiring others (like me) without even wanting, trying, or meaning to!

You are too.

Every time I sit down to write this monthly e-newsletter, I think of each of you who are receiving it.

I realize there is so much struggle - so many trials - so much pain and challenge in the world.

Then I realize how much COURAGE all that struggle, trial, pain, and challenge adds up to.

Mucho courage.

Megawatts of courage.

Such incredible courage.

Community has always been key for me (here, we're not talking hundreds of folks, but maybe tens or fives) - having friendships and mentoring connections with others reminds me that life is hard - and hopeful - and scary - and triumphant - for everyone.

You inspire me. You give me hope.

And if I can't bench-press a Buick (or even a tiny tortoise) I know I can call on you for help - and vice versa!

I am living a great life - mine. And you are living a great life - yours.

I am so grateful we get to share this life together!

With great respect and love,



This month in Good News:

Inspiration for Beating Ana (and Mia, and Ed)
Invite Me to Speak to Your Group!
RSVP now for a FREE teleconference with Diana Laird
Meet Malti!
Love & Feathers: "The Beak Plant"
Mentoring & Recovery Blog: "Me and My Body (and You and Your Body)"
Participate in Vital Eating Disorders Research
Take Good News & Pass it On


Inspiration for Beating Ana (and Mia and Ed)

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[My first mentor} Annie shared with me something I would never have realized on my own—that, in struggling through my particular “something,” I was simply participating with each person around me in the nor- mal and necessary rites of passage life offers us.

In other words, I was having my own individual experience of the collective “human condition.”

Most importantly, I learned from Annie that it was only when we all come together to share in both the burdens and blessings that life offers to us that we each activate our inner power to fully live.

This insight did more to bolster my courage for the journey ahead than any other single “aha” moment during my recovery journey....

QUOTE from Beating Ana: How to Outsmart Your Eating Disorder and Take Your Life Back


Invite Me to Speak to Your Group!

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"Beauty Undressed" is not your ordinary eating disorders event.

In fact, it is not really about eating disorders at all, but about how we as individuals and as a culture view and express beauty in the course of our everyday lives.

Eating disorders are serious bio-psycho-social illnesses that are estimated to affect up to 10% of the population. However, nearly 100% of the population (that is, us) struggles with unhealthy eating habits, body shame, and insecurity whenever we look in a mirror.

This is why "Beauty Undressed" is a program for all of us.

With "Beauty Undressed", teens and adults, women and men, students and staff come together around one of the centralizing issues of our culture today:

Beauty. What is it? Who has it? Who decides?

To learn more about "Beauty Undressed" and Shannon's other campus programs, click HERE


RSVP Now for MentorCONNECT's* "Getting Serious About Making a Full Recovery from an Eating Disorder: A Teleconference with Diana Laird"


Date: Wed, September 10, 2014
Event: MentorCONNECT Teleconference
Open to: all - general audience
Cost: free*
Presenter: Diana Laird
Time: 8-9pm central time

EVENT DESCRIPTION: Diana Laird's battle with an eating disorder began when she was still a child. She continued to struggle into her early 40's, when suddenly she had an experience one evening that she now looks back on as a true turning point. She knew she had to get help....or else.

Today, Diana recognizes that the threat of losing her career was a major force in motivating her to seek treatment. She connected with a supportive group of professionals, and together they began working to free Diana from her eating disorder for good.

If you are joining us tonight because you feel stranded in the "in-between" - both wanting your eating disorder and wanting freedom from it too - listening to Diana's story will encourage you to "get serious" about your own recovery and really reach for all of the benefits recovered life can bring!

PRESENTER BIO: Diana Laird spent 20 years in the media before transitioning to a new career as a certified Life & Wellness Coach and Patient Advocate. Today, she works for a major medical organization in Northern California as a Coach. She also owns her business called TLC Treatment Solutions. Diana works to help families and patients navigate the often challenging process of finding the right eating disorder treatment facility for their needs. Visit Diana at


*MentorCONNECT is a non-profit organization and all programs and services are offered on a no-fee basis. To make a tax-deductible donation to support great free events like these, click HERE


Meet Malti! (Pearl's little sister is home!)

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The Beak Plant


The classroom is full as usual. They also look hungry….particularly the large featherless being in the front row.

There is a price for (feathery) fame.

Even though you can’t help how sleek and shiny your feathers are – any more than you can help how cute your curved beak and pink feet are – or how fetching your delicate grey crest and round black eyes are – this will not buy you any respite from the adoration of fans.

They want to know everything about you – from your preening routines to your favorite napping strategies to the delicacies you most enjoy.

And of course they flock to classes whenever you offer them.

In a particularly popular class you offer only rarely, fans can learn how to perform one of your signature moves – the “Beak Plant.”

==> To read the full post click HERE

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Me and My Body (and You and Your Body)

Robin Korth

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Recently I read the story of Robin Korth - called "My 'Naked' Truth."

Truth be told, I'm not exactly sure how I came across it.

But once I started reading, I couldn't stop.

Here is a beautiful woman, vibrant and alive in the decade just one ahead of mine (Robin is 59, I am 44) being told by her 55-year-old boyfriend that she is "too wrinkly" to be desirable in the bedroom.


Lately it feels like everywhere I turn, I am confronted with another story like Robin's.

And lately, each time I read another one of these stories, I discover another courageous mentor - someone I desire to emulate, to embrace, to thank, to join.

Here I have to share that, in the two decades since my eating disorder battle subsided, I have maintained an uneasy truce with my ever-changing body.

I have agreed not to mention the parts I don't like, and it has agreed not to flaunt them in my face when I look in the mirror.

But I know they are there. And it knows I don't like those parts.

After reading Robin's story in particular - and even though her tale is not unlike many others I have heard in the last several months (years, decades) - something inside me just put her foot down.

It said, "Enough."

Enough of this.

Enough waffling over whether or not to really "go for it" - for the full experience of genuine body love.....

==> To read the full blog post, click HERE

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Help Others Heal by Participating in Life Saving Eating Disorders Research!

MentorCONNECT is proud to be collaborating with one of the world's pre-eminent eating disorder researchers, Dr. Walter Kaye, and his research team at the University of California-San Diego (UCSD).

Dr. Kaye and his team are interested in studying the positive traits of eating disorder recovery and learning from recovered persons how eating disorders develop and what recovering people need in order to heal!

Do You Want to Help Others Heal? Then Read This!

p.s. all expenses are paid and additional compensation is provided for accepted research participants


Take Good News & Pass It On!

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Good News is meant to be shared.

Do you know someone who could benefit from an ezine like Good News or a recovery community like MentorCONNECT?

Is your group looking for a powerful speaker who can empower whole audiences to get excited about tackling personal limitations as opportunities for growth?

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FREE Mentoring from Eating Disorder Survivors

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Me. Pearl.

Hi! Thanks for reading "Good News" - I hope you enjoyed this month's edition. :-)

If you want to learn more about my story of recovery, I invite you to check out "Beating Ana: how to outsmart your eating disorder and take your life back." In this book I share all the things I did to recover from my eating disorder.

As part of writing "Beating Ana," I also founded MentorCONNECT, the first global eating disorders nonprofit mentoring community. MentorCONNECT exists to give others the experience of mentoring that saved my life.

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See you next month with more Good News!

With all my best,


p.s. There is always a reason to have hope! If I could beat my eating disorder, YOU CAN TOO.


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The hardest challenge is to be yourself in a world where everyone is trying to make you be somebody else. -E.E. Cummings

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