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New Issue Out Now!

We are pleased to announce that the latest issue of NeuroRehabilitation (NRE) (Volume 45, Issue 1) is out now.

This new issue includes a wide range of research articles and the latest article in our openly available Cochrane Corners section. All content is listed and linked below.


In This Issue: Cochrane Corner #6

Does Vitamin D reduce disease activity in people with multiple sclerosis? A Cochrane Review summary with commentary

This openly available commentary by Julia Patrick Engkasan discusses in a rehabilitation perspective the Cochrane Review “Vitamin D for the management of multiple sclerosis” by Jagannath et al. under the direct supervision of Cochrane Multiple Sclerosis and rare diseases of the CNS Group. This Cochrane Corner is produced in agreement with NeuroRehabilitation by Cochrane Rehabilitation.


Research Articles
Functional skills and caregiver assistance of Brazilian children and adolescents with Down syndrome
Moriyama, Cristina H. | Mustacchi, Zan | Pires, Sandra | Massetti, Thaís | da Silva, Talita | Herrero, Dafne | da Abreu, Luiz | Monteiro, Carlos | Leone, Claudio

Exploring the role of perceived vs. observed behavioral outcomes in parental grief reaction following pediatric acquired brain injury
Yehene, Einat | Golan, Sapir | Brezner, Amichai | Gerner, Maya | Landa, Janna

Reproducibility and smallest real differences of walking and Energy Expenditure Index in children and adolescents with an acquired brain injury
Fadida, Yahaloma | Shapira-Vadler, Orit | Spasser, Raluca | Frenkel-Toledo, Silvi

Touchscreen tablet-based cognitive assessment versus paper-based assessments for traumatic brain injury
Wallace, Sarah E. | Donoso Brown, Elena V. | Schreiber, James B. | Diehl, Sarah | Kinney, Joanne | Zangara, Lani

Swallowing evaluation in patients without restriction of oral food three months after ischemic stroke
Montaldi, Marina Rodrigues | Dantas, Roberto Oliveira

Quantification of grip strength with complexity analysis of surface electromyogram for hemiplegic post-stroke patients
Dash, Adyasha | Dutta, Anirban | Lahiri, Uttama

Is there a dose-dependent effect of modified constraint-induced movement therapy in patients with hemiplegia?
Lee, Hyo Jeong | Moon, Hyun Im | Kim, Joo Sup | Yi, Tae Im

Multidimensional evaluation of changes in limb function following botulinum toxin injection in persons with stroke
Amatya, B. | Cofré Lizama, L.E. | Elmalik, A. | Bastani, A. | Galea, M.P. | Khan, F.

Functional activities habits in chronic stroke patients: A perspective based on ICF framework
Campos, Tania Fernandes | de Melo, Luciana Protásio | Dantas, Ana Amália Torres Souza Gandour | de Oliveira, Débora Carvalho | Oliveira, Raul Alexandre Nunes da Silva | Cordovil, Rita | Silveira Fernandes, Aline Braga Galvão

Effectiveness of home-based carer-assisted in comparison to hospital-based therapist-delivered therapy for people with stroke: A randomised controlled trial
Nordin, Nor Azlin Mohd | Aziz, Noor Azah | Sulong, Saperi | Aljunid, Syed Mohamed

Exercise-induced lactate responses in Multiple Sclerosis: A retrospective analysis
Keytsman, Charly | Hansen, Dominique | Wens, Inez | Eijnde, Bert O.

The effects of aerobic exercise on sleep quality measures and sleep-related biomarkers in individuals with Multiple Sclerosis: A pilot randomised controlled trial
Al-Sharman, Alham | Khalil, Hanan | El-Salem, Khalid | Aldughmi, Mayis | Aburub, Aseel

The effects of acute aerobic exercise on mood and inflammation in individuals with multiple sclerosis and incomplete spinal cord injury
Donia, Scott A. | Allison, David J. | Gammage, Kimberley L. | Ditor, David S.

Occupational therapy with Nordic walking and therapeutic touch: A pilot study for multidisciplinary rehabilitation in Parkinson’s disease
Olivares, Adriana | Comini, Laura | Orfano, Jacopo | Froldi, Marcello | Vezzadini, Giuliana


Most Read NRE Articles in September 2019

Listing articles published only in 2018 and 2019 so you can read the most popular recent content.

The use of robots in stroke rehabilitation: A narrative review (Review Article in Vol.43, Iss.1, 2018) – Openly Available
Weber, Lynne M. | Stein, Joel

Does Vitamin D reduce disease activity in people with multiple sclerosis? – A cochrane overview summary with commentary (Cochrane Corner in Vol.45, Iss.1, 2019) – Openly Available
Engkasan, Julia Patrick

Do non-pharmacological interventions improve chronic pain in multiple sclerosis? – A cochrane overview summary with commentary (Cochrane Corner in pre-press, 2019) – Openly Available
Amatya, Bhasker | Young, Jamie | Khan, Fary

Brain-machine interfaces for rehabilitation in stroke: A review (Review Article in Vol.43, Iss.1, 2019) – Open Access
López-Larraz, E. | Sarasola-Sanz, A. | Irastorza-Landa, N. | Birbaumer, N. | Ramos-Murguialday, A.

Concussion and the autonomic nervous system: An introduction to the field and the results of a systematic review (Review Article in Vol.42, Iss.4, 2018) – Open Access
Pertab, Jon L. | Merkley, Tricia L. | Cramond, Alex J. | Cramond, Kelly | Paxton, Holly | Wu, Trevor


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