Directors Note I can hardly believe that we are only weeks away from the second race season of the Alabama Interscholastic Cycling League. When I fir


Directors Note

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I can hardly believe that we are only weeks away from the second race season of the Alabama Interscholastic Cycling League. When I first started this journey over 2 years ago, I had no idea just how amazing this league would become. We have exceeded all expectations when it comes to participant numbers, community support, rider enthusiasm and volunteer turnout. But for me what resonates the most is the impact we have made on students and families in all corners of our state. During the off season I heard countless stories from students and parents alike how their involvement in the league has changed everything from their confidence to their relationships with family, friends and teammates. It's amazing that this league has the power to do all of that while at the same time providing a great racing opportunity for middle school and high school students from all walks of life.

Now that football season and holiday season are behind us, it's time for NICA race season. So get ready for an awesome spring of races, events and comradery. Keep your eyes open as we ramp up league communications over the coming weeks with all the details you'll need to plan for the spring.
See you soon at our first race.
Eddie Freyer

2016 Race Schedule:

Race 1

RACE #1: The Feud at the Furnace
LOCATION: Tannehill State Historic Park, McCalla
DATE & TIME: March 6, 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM
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Race 2

RACE #2: The T-Town Throw Down
LOCATION: Munny Sokol Park, Tuscaloosa
DATE & TIME: March 20, 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM
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Race 3

RACE #3: The Space Race
LOCATION: US Space and Rocket Center, Huntsville
DATE & TIME: April 3, 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM
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Race 4

RACE #4: The Rumble on the Ridge
LOCATION: Oak Mountain State Park, Pelham
DATE & TIME: April 17, 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM
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Race 5

RACE #5: The Crank Down in Tiger Town: State Championships
LOCATION: Chewakla State Park, Auburn
DATE & TIME: May 15, 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM
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Are you registered?

NICA has revised the Pit Zone online registration system this year and added e-signature capability. What does this mean? It means you never need to mail in any paperwork! THIS issue of the Single Track Times contains ALL the registration information in hyper-detail so if you have questions please review it. Below are a few questions that might come up:
• Can I just fill out paperwork at the first race?
NO. All riders intending to race MUST complete their Pit Zone profile, e-sign their paperwork, and pay their season registration fee ($40 for middle school and $50 for high school) BEFORE the Monday night prior to the first race they intend to do. They must show as "race ready" in the Pit Zone online. You CAN pay the fee for the individual race AT the race if you are already "race ready" in the Pit Zone. However, there is a $10 late fee to pay for the race at the race venue.
• Can I race independent if there is a team at my school? NO. If there is a team at your school you may only race as a member in good standing of that team. To be a member in good standing you must meet whatever criteria are set out by the Team Director of your team. This usually includes some combination of team registration, practice attendance, and grades.
• Can I race in high school categories if I'm in middle school? YES. However the upgrade criteria for this season has become more stringent. Please direct all questions regarding category upgrades to your team director.
• Do I have to sign a release for every race? NO. Once you complete your Pit Zone registration and show as "race ready" you will not have to complete an additional release until next season.
• How do I know what category I will be racing in? The NICA rule book spells out which high school category a rider races in. If you are a returning high school rider, there is a document titled "2016 Category Placements" at the top of the Race Series Page on the league website. You can also find this document here: CATEGORY PLACEMENT CHART
If you are a first time racer in the Alabama League you will follow these guidelines for category placement:
- 9th graders race Freshman
- 10th graders race Sophomore-
- 11th and 12th graders race JV
If you are already a highly competitive mountain bike racer (Cat 1 racer or top Cat 2 racer) on the "outside" but you have never raced in the Alabama League; you may submit a petition asking for a variance on the placement criteria.
Middle schoolers all register as "middle school" for the first race unless they upgraded last season. Only those middle school racers who successfully raced in an upgraded category last season are eligible to submit a petition for upgrade prior to the first race.
Please remember that a rider is NOT covered by team insurance at practice if they are not "race ready" in the Pit Zone, so at this stage all riders need to be fully registered in the PitZone if they are participating in team practices/activities.

For questions on placement or to receive an invitation as an independent rider email
If you are having trouble completing registration in the Pit Zone for some reason please email

IF YOU NEED SOME EXTRA MOTIVATION TO COMPLETE THE REGISTRATION PROCESS, check out the NICA Spring Registration Promo and get registerred for your chance to win some NICA schwag.

Rule Book Updates

During the off season, the NICA rules committee met and made a few minor revisions to the rulebook. Please be sure to familiarize yourself with all NICA rules and the 2015-2016 updates. Remember, it's your responsibility to know and follow the rules in order to avoid penalties and disqualifications.

2015-2016 NICA Rule Book
Summary of Updates

Last Call for Sponsors


Our league relies on strategic partnerships with sponsors in order to provide high quality events throughout the year. We have lined up some new sponsors for the 2016 season (watch for an announcement soon), but if you know of any business that would like to get involved with this great program, please have them check out the How To Become a Sponsor page on the league website: CLICK HERE

Get Equipped

As the race season approaches take this time to make sure you've got yourself and/or your team equipped and ready to rock and roll for 5 races. We have great bike shop founding sponsors who have supported this league over the years and we would ask that you support them just as they have supported us:
Cahaba Cycles
Bob's Bikes
Birmingham Bicycle Company
Bike Link of Hoover
Coaches, if you would like to get new canopy tents, flags, or other team items before our first race, you would need to get with Athletic Event Supply by Feb 8th to get artwork finalized and the order moving. Reach out to AES directly at 801-872-4055 or Ask for Taylor or Dan.

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