Dear Colleague,

We are delighted to announce the publication of Volume 7, Issue 3 of the Journal of Huntington’s Disease (JHD).

This issue contains two open acess articles: a review article describing the current evidence linking wild-type and mutant huntingtin to cancer; and the latest installment of the Huntington's Disease (HD) Clinical Trials Corner. The full contents of this issue can be accessed from the list below.

Kind regards,

Blair R. Leavitt, MD, CM
The University of British Columbia
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Leslie M. Thompson, PhD
University of California, Irvine
Irvine, CA, USA


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Review Article
Cancer: From Wild-Type to Mutant HuntingtinOpen Access
Thion, Morgane Sonia | Humbert, Sandrine

Research Articles
Reduced Cancer Incidence in Huntington’s Disease: Analysis in the Registry Study
McNulty, Paul | Pilcher, Richard | Ramesh, Raviram | Necuiniate, Renata | Hughes, Alis | REGISTRY Investigators of the European Huntington's Disease Network (EHDN) | Farewell, Daniel | Holmans, Peter | Jones, Lesley

Computational Analysis of Transcriptional Regulation Sites at the HTT Gene Locus
De Souza, Rebecca A.G. | Kosior, Natalia | Thomson, Sarah B. | Mathelier, Anthony | Zhang, Allen W. | Bečanović, Kristina | Wasserman, Wyeth W. | Leavitt, Blair R.

Suicidal Ideation Assessment in Individuals with Premanifest and Manifest Huntington Disease
Wesson, Melissa | Boileau, Nicholas R. | Perlmutter, Joel S. | Paulsen, Jane S. | Barton, Stacey K. | McCormack, Michael K. | Carlozzi, Noelle E.

Marriage as Protector for Nursing Home Admission in Huntington’s Disease
Winder, Jessica Y. | Achterberg, Wilco P. | Roos, Raymund A.C.

Anorectal Dysfunction in Presymptomatic Mutation Carriers and Patients with Huntington’s Disease
Kobal, Jan | Matej, Kolenc | Koželj, Matic | Podnar, Simon

Vocalisation as a Viable Assessment for Phenotyping Minipigs Transgenic for the Huntington Gene?
Rieke, Lorena | Schubert, Robin | Matheis, Tamara | Muratori, Lisa M. | Motlik, Jan | Schramke, Sarah | Fels, Michaela | Kemper, Nicole | Schuldenzucker, Verena | Reilmann, Ralf

Other Content

Huntington’s Disease Clinical Trials Corner: August 2018Open Access
Rodrigues, Filipe B. | Wild, Edward J.

Upcoming Meetings Related to Huntington’s DiseaseOpenly Available


Most Read JHD Articles in June & July 2018

Striatal Mutant Huntingtin Protein Levels Decline with Age in Homozygous Huntington’s Disease Knock-In Mouse ModelsOpen Access (Research Article in Vol.7, Iss.2, 2018)
Franich, Nicholas R. | Basso, Manuela | André, Emily A. | Ochaba, Joseph | Kumar, Amit | Thein, Soe | Fote, Gianna | Kachemov, Marketta | Lau, Alice L. | Yeung, Sylvia Y. | Osmand, Alexander | Zeitlin, Scott O. | Ratan, Rajiv R. | Thompson, Leslie M. | Steffan, Joan S.

A Fresh Look at Huntingtin mRNA Processing in Huntington’s DiseasOpen Access (Review Article in Vol.7, Iss.2, 2018)
Romo, Lindsay | Mohn, Emily S. | Aronin, Neil

Aquatherapy for Neurodegenerative DisordersOpen Access (Review Article in Vol.3, Iss.1, 2014)
Plecash, Alyson R. | Leavitt, Blair R.

Physical Therapy and Exercise Interventions in Huntington’s Disease: A Mixed Methods Systematic ReviewOpen Access (Research Article in Vol.6, Iss.3, 2017)
Fritz, Nora E. | Rao, Ashwini K. | Kegelmeyer, Deb | Kloos, Anne | Busse, Monica | Hartel, Lynda | Carrier, Judith | Quinn, Lori

Huntington’s Disease Outpatient Clinic for Functional Diagnosis and Treatment: Coming to Consensus: How Long Term Care Facility Procedures Complement Specialist Diagnosis and TreatmentOpen Access (Commentary in Vol.7, Iss.2, 2018)
Veenhuizen, Ruth | Nijsten, Hanneke | van Roosmalen, Paul | Lammertsen, Karen | Stor, Tom | de Jager, Lia | de Man, Jesseke | van der Doelen, Rina | Landa, Karin | Grond, Vera | Heffels, Joyce | Groenewoud, Rinske | Rovers, Luce | Bakker, Christian | Leiwakabessy, Saskia | van der Wedden, Dirk | van Blitterswijk, Jacqueline | van den Bosch, Dieuwke


Upcoming Meetings

EHDN Plenary Meeting 2018

September 14–16, 2018 | Vienna, Austria

The European Huntington’s Disease Network (EHDN) aims to facilitate research in order to advance knowledge and develop effective therapies for HD. An example is seen in the new issue of JHD, where a research study investigating cancer incidence in JHD utilized data from the EHDN's REGISTRY.

The EHDN Plenary Meeting in Vienna in September will include a series of plenary sessions of interest to clinicians, scientists, and the wider HD community. Topics presented will feature reports on recent advances in HD research (in both basic and clinical sciences). If you plan to attend, further details are available on the EHDN event website (registration is now closed).

JHD information will be available to delegates at EHDN 2018 in Vienna: we encourage delegates to consider submitting research to the journal.


HSG Annual Meeting 2018

November 8–10, 2018 | Houston, TX, USA

The Huntington Study Group (HSG) hosts an annual, internationally recognized forum for training and education of HD researchers, and for presentation of new research findings and treatments to the worldwide community, plus much more.

This year's HSG Annual Meeting will take place in Houston, TX, USA in November and registration is now open. For more information, view the HSG website here.


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