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Coaches News October 2014

TMB 4656

Race #2: Jail Trail 2013 | Soph D1 Boys


Game Haven Updates
Volunteer Power Needed
Category Number Ranges
Deadlines for Race 4 & 5
Team Race Blocking Tactics
Perfect Score - DNF
Send Updates
Series Schedule


We were invited to use this brand new, please be respectful of the property and be sure to remove all trash. Boy Scout Troop 498 from the Game Haven Scout Council worked with the local Rochester Active Sports Club to plan, build and support this new trail! Thank you!

Online Registration
Online registration in the Pitzone closes on Tues. Sept. 30 at Midnight for Race #3. Please be sure to remind your racers to get registered and avoid a late fee!

Race Weekend Registration
We will be open for registration at 1:00pm and will close at 4pm on Sat. Oct. 4 at the trail infield. Late fees will apply for registrations completed on the race weekend. Look for the tents!

Lost or Forgotten Number Plates
Replacement numbers cost $35 since a new chiming chip has to be installed on the back of the plate. Also, have the racers bring their back plates as well (except middle school).

Interested in securing camping sites at the Boy Scout Camp? To reserve sites, please contact Dusty Olson – 507-316-2066 or

Pre-Ride on Sat
This will start at 1:00pm and end at 4:00pm. Last rider on the course at 3:15pm. There will also be pre-ride Sun. morning before the race.

Coach Check-in: NEW!
At the registration tent, there will be an area marked COACH CHECK-IN. At this area, will be a list of all teams and their racers. We ask all coaches to check in and alert us to Inactive Racers (IR) and Not Racing (NR) but active. In addition, we would like to make this area for coaches only to also answer questions related to their racers.

Call-ups for each category will be posted by the registration tent on Sun. Oct. 5.

Check the weather before race weekend and advise your student athletes re clothing suggestions.

Team Tents
First come, first serve.

Coaches - PitZone opens at 7:00am on Sunday Race Day. Team Tent Area will be mapped out and assigned first come, first serve. Tent Spacing will start with a 20x10 per team, with consideration of additional space for D1 teams if space.
* No Tent Stakes
* No Vehicles in Team Tent Area

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Spots are still open!

Join the Race Crew and volunteer your time at a race this year. Helping with scoring, handing out water, course marshal and the popular "sweep" position - all are important and we need 60-80 people to make these races work.

Suggestion: If your son or daughter is racing, volunteer to help when your child is not racing. Be a part of the excitement and still be able to watch your son or daughter race!

How to Sign Up:
1. Go to the Volunteer Page on the site.
2. Review the positions available.
3. Click on the VolunteerSpot Image.
4. You will be taken to a different website where you can sign up to volunteer!

Thank you - we appreciate your support!


These number ranges will be posted at the Registration Tent during the Race Weekend.

Middle School
Male Div 1 1000 - 1049
Male Div 2 1050 - 1100
Female 1200 - 1250

Male Div 1 800 - 899
Male Div 2 900 - 999
Female 700 - 799

Male Div 1 500 - 599
Male Div 2 600 - 699
Female 400 - 499

Male Div 1 200 - 299
Male Div 2 300 - 399
Female 100 - 199

Male and Female < 100


Deadlines for the upcoming Race #4 - Mt. Kato

Tues. Oct. 7
Online Registration Deadline for Race #4 - submit before Midnight.

Deadlines for the upcoming Race #5 - Whitetail Ridge

Tues. Oct. 21
Online Registration Deadline for Race #5 - submit before Midnight.

NOTE: There are no further category petitions that will be accepted for the Race #4 or Race #5.


Mountain bicycle racing rules minimize team impact and stressed individual competition. While other sports allow blocking to be utilized to benefit other team members, blocking tactics are not allowed in mountain bicycle racing.


The Minnesota High School Mountain Bicycle league defines team blocking as an athlete purposefully blocking other riders from passing with the intent to allow fellow team members to gain a time gap on the field. If an athlete is found to be team blocking, yellow level warnings and penalties reflected in rule 6.15 are applicable. Potential team implications for blocking would also be considered by incident.

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Thank you for a perfect score!
Thanks for getting the message to you athletes on reporting DNF’s. All racers were accounted for by the timing system or reported DNF at the St Cloud races’ end. A perfect score. Well done!

REMINDER: If a racer drops out of the event for any reason, they must report their DNF status to the chief referee, located at the timing tent.

Tim Walsh | MN League Referee

mtka cheer at finish

Minnetonka Racer - from Facebook

Send Updates

Please do share your team updates and activities with Libby Hurley at

Pass on any upcoming team info nights, SingleTrack High Showings, fundraisers or registration nights.

Pass on team numbers and achievements that can be included in our SingleTrack Times. We have over 50 media writers on our email list - and they are always looking for new story ideas!

Or, post them to your social channels and be sure to tag MN Facebook or Twitter! Questions, on this - please send Libby an email


Please add these dates to your calendar today!

▪ Sunday, Sept. 7, 2014 - Race #1 - Salem Hills, Inver Grove Heights, MN
▪ Sunday, Sept. 21, 2014 - Race #2 - Jail Trail, St. Cloud, MN
▪ Sunday, Oct. 5, 2014 - Race #3 - Game Haven, Rochester, MN
▪ Sunday, Oct. 12, 2014 - Race #4 - Mt. Kato, Mankato, MN - NEW Location
▪ Sunday, Oct. 26, 2014 - Race #5 - State Championships: Whitetail Ridge, WI
▪ Saturday, Nov. 1, 2014 - Season Awards Banquet

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