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JUNE 2018

Tanis Monika-May 2018

Me with Monika Bernegg, my wonderful translator.

Dear Friend,

New for June is the second part of an interview that I did for longtime IIT member Verena Mezger on, "Co-creating with Elementals." In this new article I discuss my personal spiritual journey.

The May workshops in Switzerland, Bulgaria, Germany and England have all been wonderful. I would love to see you in June in Germany and Holland (see schedule and photos below).

Our annual July meditation retreat at Diamond Heart will also be here soon. I'm so looking forward to seeing some of you at these events!

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JULY 15-21, 2018 | CANADA

path to our beach

Path to our beach at Diamond Heart.

with Tanis Helliwell

Come to this meditation retreat to release, relax, and rejuvenate your heart and soul. Your heart will be grateful and your soul satisfied.

Enjoy delicious local and organic food during your stay. You will also have time to enjoy beach walks, guided hikes, swimming and kayaking, and an opportunity to see resident eagles, seals and sea lions.

Develop a deeper relationship with your body elemental—your body consciousness—to discover causes of physical, emotional and mental imbalance and co-create with it for optimal wellness.

Gifts you receive from this 7-day retreat:

▪ Learn about the mental/emotional causes of illness
▪ Heal fears that create energy blocks in your cellular-etheric body
▪ Discover and dissolve family life scripts that limit you
▪ Learn heart meditation to create harmonious resonance in your body
▪ Clear core wounds to find self-love
▪ Share with like-minded others
Learn about the mental/emotional causes of illness
Heal fears that create energy blocks in your cellular-etheric body
Discover and dissolve family life scripts that limit you
Learn heart meditation to create harmonious resonance in your body
Clear core wounds to find self-love
Share with like-minded others

Daily silent meditation, spiritual energization exercises, labyrinth, etheric clearing techniques.

Sonya Lara on patio

To register contact: Sonya Roy info(at)iitransform.com,

Phone: 1-778-808-6101

Cost: $795+ GST. Accommodation and meals extra.

Location: Diamond Heart Retreat center is beside the ocean offering swimming, kayaking, beach roaming, forest walks and gardens.

For the most up-to-date information on the retreat, click HERE.

Register early as space is limited.


Tanis Helliwell, M.Ed., founder of the International Institute for Transformation, teaches spiritual laws to help you live and work with meaning and love. She is the author of Summer with the Leprechauns, Pilgrimage with Leprechauns, Embraced by Love, Manifest Your Soul’s Purpose, Decoding Your Destiny, Hybrids and soon to be published Encounters with Mystical Ancestors.

Tanis teaches her ground-breaking healing techniques internationally to doctors, psychiatrists and other healing practitioners.


Join us at my June sessions in Germany & the Netherlands

Thank you to Ingrid Mettier and Jorg Hoffman in Switzerland, Teo Simeonov and Miro Dimitriov in Bulgaria, Christoph Wasser in Germany, and Hawkwood College in England for organizing the May workshops in Europe. They were all wonderful. And, as always, many many thanks to Monika Bernegg for her simultaneous translation work at my German workshops.

In June I am teaching in Germany and Holland and would love to see you (see schedule below):

(Fellbach) Stuttgard, Germany
Contact: WEBSITE, Tel: +49-40-41329715
Price: € 199 regular / € 299 premium

The Netherlands, de Ontmoeting, Emmalaan 1, 6721 ET Bennekom
Contact: Gerrie Huijts, g.huijts(at)chello.nl 0031 (0)317 840 362
Price: € 25

The Netherlands, Conferentiecentrum Samaya, de Tuinzaal, Hollendewagenweg 20,3985 SG Werkhoven
Contact: Gerrie Huijts g.huijts(at)chello.nl 0031 (0)317 840 362, WEBSITE
Price: € 349 includes vegetarian lunch for 2 days

Healing with the body elemental Switzerland-CROPPED

Healing with the Body Elemental, Switzerland.

Nature Spirit lovers in Bulgarian workshop

Nature Spirit lovers at Bulgarian workshop.

Book signing at Freiburg talk on 7 kinds of Power

Book signing at Freiburg - talk on 7 Kinds of Power.

Tanis with Joerg Ingrid-Switzerland

Tanis with Ingrid Mettier and Jorg Hoffmann, Swiss workshop organizers.

Out and about in Europe

Tanis with Teo Simeonov and Miro Dimitriov, Bulgarian workshop organizers.

Tanis Christoph-CROPPED

Tanis with Christoph Wasser, German workshops organizer.

Healing Ancestral Karma Hensellek-CROPPED

The Healing Ancestral Karma meditation retreat group, Black Forest, Germany.


By Verena Mezger

Interview with Tanis Helliwell, Founder of the International Institute for Transformation about her spiritual journey and relationship with Nature Spirits and Elementals.

butterfly-2049567 1920

VERENA: Tanis how did your own personal spiritual journey start? And when did your journey start?

TANIS: My own inner journey started as a child. I had the spiritual gifts of astral travel and telepathy. At age seven I realized that most people didn’t have this and that there was no one I could talk to. I had to fall back on myself and my own ethical code of never listening or seeing people deeper than they wanted be seen or heard.

And from there I began my own investigation. I read science fiction and fantasy books when I was a teenager trying to find other people who had gifts like mine. I went to a Protestant church, which unlike the Catholic church has no mysticism. So there weren’t any miracles and saints who had gifts of levitation or any other kinds of mysticism to be found there. The Protestant church is very concrete and practical about being a good person, like Jesus. But it definitely could not help me with the kinds of spiritual experiences I was having.

I started doing TM when I was about 21, when Maharishi came to the University of Toronto where I was a student. From then on I started to have even greater breakthroughs, which led in my twenties and early thirties into teaching about spirit guides, self-hypnosis, meditation, dream analysis, and past life regression.

As I studied more deeply the esoteric writers, such as Rudolph Steiner and Alice Bailey, I became interested in the myths of the world. I was fascinated by the common patterns of the Egyptian, Greek, Celtic, Christian myths and how they all showed us predictable steps on our path to consciousness. I started teaching about these myths and the steps to consciousness that they show us even today.

Writing books was never a goal of mine. I wrote my first book Decoding Destiny in 1988 because Spirit asked me to do so. I have always listened to Spirit and attempt to follow Spirit’s requests. Doing so, has taken me to so many unknown places that have been great gifts in my inner and outer life. A life of adventure.

VERENA: Your most famous book is Summer with the Leprechauns. How did that come about and how does that fit into your greater spiritual pattern?

TANIS: Once again that was unanticipated. I was in my thirties and I went to Ireland to become enlightened. I ended up in a haunted cottage, haunted by a leprechaun family. On one hand, I did not reach my goal of enlightenment, this was a big disappointment at the time but, on another hand, I had this fascinating unanticipated experience with leprechauns and other elementals, which led to them asking if I would write a book on my experience in ten years. Before that, I thought my purpose in life was to help humans in their evolution. When I met the leprechauns and other elementals I became interested in helping all sentient beings.

Meeting the elementals coincided with my study of Buddhism which played a major part in my life, in my thirties and forties. I was especially interested in Tibetan Buddhism. And in the Buddhist tradition you pray for the enlightenment of all sentient beings and not only humans.

In my thirties, my focus for my work expanded to include taking people on tours to the sacred sites of the Earth. I feel we are guardians of this planet and we need to work co-creating with nature spirits and elementals. They are in harmony with the divine consciousness and we need to be as well.

VERENA: Can Elementals help us to lead us to greater divine harmony?

TANIS: Elementals include, but are not limited to, fairies, brownies, goblins, gnomes and elves. Elementals are the creators of form on this planet. They build the trees and the plants, rocks, air and water. They do not have free will and were created to work with humans who have free will to create a beautiful planet in harmony with universal consciousness.

Unfortunately, humans have let down their side. I partner with elementals and teach people how important it is to be in harmony with the earth and with nature. There will be no humans if we don’t learn this soon.


Not our usual gnome or leprechaun, but a lovely tree deva. Thank you to Theresa Aeschlimann for sending this photo to us.

Do you have an image of a leprechaun, gnome or another elemental? Send it in to info(at)iitransform.com, or post it on Instagram using the hashtag #tanisleprechaun (remember to make it public) and we'll share it in our next IIT newsletter!

For more photos, see my friend Lloyd's "The Leprechaun site" here.

I'm looking forward to seeing your photos.



Love as always,

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Tanis Helliwell
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