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▪ 2021 Event Updates
▪ News, Interviews and More
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2021 Event Updates
News, Interviews and More
New Books of Interest
Loving Transition
Free Spiritual Resources


Lectures, workshops and conferences that may be of interest to you. All online unless location is indicated.


Sat, April 17 & 20 - Soul Regression & Channeled Wisdom for a Peaceful, Meaningful & Love-Filled Life: Explore Your Pre-Birth Plan & How You Can Alter Your Life’s Trajectory - FREE

Rob Schwartz experiential talk
Register: SoulRegression

April 18 & 20 - Harmonize Imbalances in your Body and Mind with Tuning Fork Sound Healing - FREE

Eileen McKusick demonstrates sound healing
Register: TuningForks


Thurs, April 22 - Answers to Essential Questions about Life, Death and the Afterlife FREE

Eben Alexander interview with John Cianciosi, the Theosophical Society
Links at: Theo-Lectures

Sat, April 24 - Tree Medicine for Increased Immunity and Emotional Wellbeing - FREE

David Crow, master herbalist, on ancient and modern uses of trees' oils, barks and powders
Register: TreeMed

Sat, April 24 - NDEs: Tales from the Beyond - FREE or Donation

Saturday Night Alive for the Global Peace Tribe,
featuring Eben Alexander, Anita Moorjani, Lisa Garr, Dannion Brinkley and more
Register: SatNightALIVE

April 30-May 1 - Reincarnation & Soul Life

ARE Annual Conference, featuring Dr. Bruce Greyson, Dr. Jim Tucker, Hollister Rand and more
Register: ARE-Soul

EbenAlexander-KarenNewell-3 medres-cropped

Sat, May 1 - Coming to Know Yourself in a Spiritual Universe

Eben Alexander and Karen Newell workshop with the Theosophical Society
Register: Theo-Workshop

Thurs, May 6 - Reassuring Wisdom from NDEs - FREE

Eben Alexander and Karen Newell with the Rowe Center
Register: Rowe-Lecture


Sat, May 15 - Panel Symposium: How to Revolutionise the Materialist Paradigm

LIVE discussion with leading-edge Galileo Commission advisers: Drs. Eben Alexander, Jude Currivan, Bernardo Kastrup, Helane Wahbeh, and Prof Bill Bengston
Moderated by: David Lorimer and Gayle Kimball
Register: SciMed

Backward Spiral Galaxy

Sun, May 16 - Death is Not the End

Eben Alexander and Karen Newell workshop with the Rowe Center
Register: RoweCenter

Tues, May 18 - NDEs and the Emerging Scientific View of Consciousness

Tuesday Talk with Eben Alexander from the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre, Edinburgh, Scotland
Register: Doyle

Fri, May 21 - Proof of Heaven (Blick in die Ewigkeit)

Eben Alexander and Karen Newell with Frankfurter Ring, Germany
In English with German translation
Register: Frankfurt-1

June 10-13 or June 17-20 - W-holy You 2 Retreat - Unity Village, MO

Suzanne Giesemann workshops
Register: W-holy

Yellow Blossoms camomile-solourbox

Sat, June 12 - Coming to Know Yourself in a Mindful Universe (Erkenne Dich Selbst In Einem Achtsamen Universum)

Eben Alexander and Karen Newell workshop with Frankfurter Ring, Germany
In English with German translation
Register: Frankfurt-2

June 25-28 - Sun Valley Wellness Festival - Idaho

Festival features James Nestor, Matthew Walker, Milagros Phillips, David Pond and more
Register: SunValley

June 26-27 - Awakening to Your Life Purpose

Rob Schwartz workshop
Register: Awaken-June

July 16-18 - Discover Your Life Plan - Boone, NC

Rob Schwartz workshop
Register: Art of Living

Sept 1-5 - IANDS Annual Conference

Save the Dates - Details and registration coming soon!

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Sept 18-19 - Awakening to Your Life Purpose - Calgary, CAN

Rob Schwartz workshop - in person
Register: Awaken-Calgary

Oct 2-3 - Awakening to Your Life Purpose - Bern, SWITZ

Rob Schwartz workshop
Register: Awaken-Bern

Oct 30-31 - Awakening to Your Life Purpose (Almas Valientes) - Barcelona, SPAIN

Rob Schwartz workshop (English/Spanish)
Register: Almas-Barcelona

Nov 3-4 - Awakening to Your Life Purpose (Almas Valientes) - Zaragoza, SPAIN

Rob Schwartz workshop (English/Spanish)
Register: Almas-Zara

Nov 6-7 - Awakening to Your Life Purpose (Almas Valientes) - Madrid, SPAIN

Rob Schwartz workshop (English/Spanish)
Register: Almas-Madrid

Nov 13-14 - Awakening to Your Life Purpose (Almas Valientes) - Malaga, SPAIN

Rob Schwartz workshop (English/Spanish)
Register: Almas-Malaga

ANYTIME - Sound Healing Through Humming & Tuning Forks - FREE

Jonathan Goldman Video Event
Register: Sound-Humming

ANYTIME - Human by Design: The New Human Story - FREE

Gregg Braden Video Event
Register: Human

ANYTIME - The Psychology of the Future - FREE

Stanislav Grof Video Event
Register: Psychology

ANYTIME - 3 Keys to Mediumship - FREE

Suzanne Giesemann Video Event
Register: Mediumship

ANYTIME - Awakened Living - FREE

Suzanne Giesemann 2-hour workshop
Register: Awakened Living

ANYTIME - The Transformative Power of NDEs - FREE

Anita Moorjani Video Event
Register: NDE-Power


More dates will be posted as information is available at Eternea Calendar.

We recommend you contact the presenter of an individual event to find out whether tickets are still available, before driving to an in-person event.


News, Interviews and More


Life After Life Blog Selections (New topics: Past Lives & Living Again, Grief--Loss in Motion)

Dr. Marilyn Mendoza: Understanding Grief, a blog for Psychology Today (New topics: The Role of Food in Death and Grief and How Journaling Can Help You Grieve)

Dr. Jeff O'Driscoll: Helping Souls Heal blog (New topics: Suicide is Not a Sin and God Doesn't Work By Zip Code)

Dr. Eben Alexander explores topics on his blog (Recent topic: Commencement)

Rob Schwartz and Liesel Fricke discuss topics on their blog (Recent topic: Moving Beyond Shame and Guilt)

C. Sperry Andrews offers his scientific paper Resolving 3 Mysteries: Consciousness, Free Will and God courtesy of the Human Connection Institute

JNMD-Case Study: Recovery from E.coli Meningitis, by Drs. Khanna, Moore & Greyson


Eben Alexander joins Anthony Padilla on I Spent a Day with Coma Survivors!

Eben Alexander spoke at the Bowen Center on NDEs and the Emerging Science of Consciousness

Eben Alexander on i24News Holy Land Uncovered series

Karen Newell joins Sam Torode on Living from the Soul

Eben Alexander & Karen Newell join Roland Achenjang for Conversations

All About Sound Healing on the Resonant Mind Collective
Eben Alexander and Karen Newell join the conversation around 1 hr 43 min.

Eben Alexander & Karen Newell join C.J. Liu on Fire It Up!

Eben Alexander with Brooke Kornegay on Soul Soil podcast

Eben Alexander with Tommy Corrigan in February on Tommy's podcast

Eben Alexander & Karen Newell join Tommy's podcast in March

Karen Newell with Debra Sofia on Kabbalah 99

Eben Alexander with Debra Sofia on Kabbalah 99

Eben Alexander joins the Okun Bros podcast

Lesley Joan Lupo is featured on two recent episodes of Mike the Truth

Dr. Eben Alexander and Karen Newell join Suzanne Giesemann on Messages of Hope Sept 10 episode

Ageless Living presents Touching the Heart & Healing the Soul of America

Superhuman: The Invisible Made Visible, a film preview from Caroline Cory

Suzanne Giesemann Weekly on Messages of Hope Radio FM

I Am Convinced Consciousness Survives - A talk with Dr. Raymond Moody

John Audette featured talk at Chicago IANDS

NIH Discussion on Suicide Prevention


FREE: United in Hope & Healing with Dr. Eben Alexander & Karen Newell

By Subscription: Inner Sanctum with Dr. Eben Alexander & Karen Newell

Dr. Nauman Naeem offers his free guide and video series on overcoming fear and anxiety


FREE/Your 33-Day Journey into the Heart of Consciousness

Join the 11AM LOVE Meditation


New Books We Recommend

Here are some new books you might find of interest. Enjoy discovering the ones that have meaning for you!

BEFORE: Children's Memories of Previous Lives

By Jim B. Tucker, MD

In this very elegant book, Dr. Tucker offers the most convincing scientific evidence for the fact that our consciousness survives physical death. And indeed, takes quantum leaps of creativity in the form of reincarnation. The model that Dr. Tucker presents opens a new vision of who we are, limitless beings that fill up all of space and time. ―Deepak Chopra, author of Life After Death: The Burden of Proof

AFTER: A Doctor Explores What NDEs Reveal About Life and Beyond

By Bruce Greyson, MD

Dr. Greyson’s work has the potential to completely change our fractured and confused world, offering insights that may lead to an explanation of the nature of consciousness. ―Eben Alexander, MD, author of Proof of Heaven

A medical detective story that will grab your heart…We all owe Dr. Greyson thunderous applause. ―P. M. H. Atwater, L.H.D., author of Near-Death Experiences

YOUR SOUL'S LOVE: Living the Love You Planned Before You Were Born

By Robert Schwartz

Your Soul's Love is a stirring account of spiritual adventures. These open a new doorway, not only into the prospect of an afterlife but also into our most intimate, human selves. I have heard many of these same kinds of accounts from my own patients. - Raymond Moody, MD, PhD, author of Life After Life and Making Sense of Nonsense

Gripping stories and brilliant examples make this a constant page-turner. It is fascinating to discover how one's soul sees today's life challenges from a broader perspective and in a higher light. -Owen Waters, author of The Shift: The Revolution in Human Consciousness

Essential Healing

By Paul Aurand

A gem. It is filled with the wisdom of life and our potential for healing. —Bernie S. Siegel, MD, author of Love, Medicine and Miracles

Essential Healing is an exceptional work that shows us how to heal. Based on his many years of clinical hypnotherapy and regression therapy, Aurand has developed a series of practices that help us escape the distraction of ‘mental mind,’ open the heart center, and connect with the deepest core of our soul essence. The easy-to-follow practices unlock the profound healing potential we all have. I highly recommend this wonderful book.
--Caroline Myss, author of Anatomy of the Spirit



Dear readers,
We do not often include obits in this newsletter, but we lost a special lady this year. Eterena's CEO John Audette provides personal comments below from his many visits with Bernice, an avid supporter of Eternea. We hope these words may stand to represent others and resonate with those of you who have lost loved ones in the past year and who are yourselves students of the connection between spirituality and science. Bless you all each day in your personal quest for soul growth and service.


Bernice Lester Davis left this world for the next on March 11, 2021 in Aventura, Florida, to be reunited with deceased her husband, loved ones and friends.

Over her 96 years, Bernice was blessed with many friends who adored her, drawn to her by her radiance and optimistic attitude. With never an unkind word, she always accentuated the positive. She will be dearly missed by the many who continue to love and hold her close in memory, including the staff of Eternea.

Bernice was not a religious woman but held solid unwavering convictions, certain about the existence of God and the afterlife. She communicated with her angels almost daily and often shared stories of mystical happenings in her life that molded these abiding convictions. In her gentle, unobtrusive manner, she would invite people to open their hearts and minds to the spiritual dimension of reality.

“I have been spiritual throughout my entire life, but the passing of my husband Duane in 2007 sparked a renewed interest in spirituality that helped me through that difficult time. In the years since he passed, I focused on the important connection between spirituality and science, including the growing scientific evidence that a benign loving force pervades the universe and that consciousness survives bodily death.

My personal growth experiences, coupled with these new scientific understandings, provide me with the solid conviction that life is not limited to our time on Earth, but rather is infinite. The key is to have an open mind and to embrace spiritual experiences completely. This is what drew me to the work of Eternea. It is a beacon of truth rooted in science to help us through these challenging times.”

Thank you, Bernice. You are loved infinitely.


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