About Rodan and Fields Dermatologists: Best known as the two Stanford Trained Dermatologists who created Proactiv Solution, which is now the BEST SEL

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About Rodan and Fields Dermatologists:

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Best known as the two Stanford Trained Dermatologists who created Proactiv Solution, which is now the BEST SELLING acne system in the world. (an $8 billion company!) They sold Proactiv to Guthy Renker and have since created Rodan and Fields Dermatologists. With this new company, they are now doing for aging and sun-damaged skin what they did for acne.

They based these four product lines on the biggest patient skin concerns in their clinical practice. (Aging skin, Sun Damaged skin, Sensitive skin and Acne)
Started in high end retail. Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Henri Bendel, etc. They were the #1 skincare line at Nordstrom until they withdrew from Retail to enter Direct Sales. What a SMART move they made. R+F grew 2000% last year in this recessed economy!

Check out this[Video] (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pLMbk6DwenU) of Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields as they explain this amazing opportunity!

Redefining Business Ownership:


This is a particularly compelling time to be part of Rodan + Fields as convergence of important trends is creating new business opportunities and making traditional business models obsolete.

$2.9 billion dollars is spent each year on skincare products designed to reduce the signs of aging*

Rodan + Fields offers transformational skincare products for aging skin that are clinically proven to deliver visible results
Rise of social economy shifts power from corporations to individuals
*Business model and compensation plan provides substantial income potential with minimal upstart costs

The power of the Rodan + Fields Business System is already evident. In 2007, Rodan + Fields was a leading clinical skincare brand in high end department stores. Since withdrawing from department stores and launching the direct selling program, numerous Rodan + Fields independent business owners are experiencing the income associated with sales volume that far exceeds what leading department store chains were able to achieve. By 2010, Rodan + Fields was recognized as the “Rising Star” by the Direct Selling Association (DSA), and the accolades have continued, resulting in prestigious industry awards for three years running. Today, the company is listed as one of the top 100 Direct Selling Companies globally. Click here to learn more about Direct Selling.


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Compensation at a Glance:

The Rodan + Fields compensation plan has been created with one goal in mind … your success.

The plan is designed to reward both part-time and full-time efforts with the opportunity to earn immediate and residual income. It offers five ways to earn:

1. Retail Profit
2. Consultant Commissions
3. Personal Team Commissions
4. Generation Commissions
5. Performance Bonuses

~Consultants earn product commissions of 25%-31%~

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