Tuesday 5th May 2015Weekly Publicity Bulletin We are delighted to announce that over 50 Turnaround titles were included in this year's Eisner Award

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Tuesday 5th May 2015

Weekly Publicity Bulletin


We are delighted to announce that over 50 Turnaround titles were included in this year's Eisner Award nominations!

Find the full list of nominations here.


My Brilliant Friend

By Elena Ferrante

Europa Editions, £11.99, p/b, 9781609450786

"Ferrante’s remarkable achievement so far is to combine the “large, loose, baggy monster” mode of novel and feminist polemic, without killing the appeal of the first or the force of the second... The Neapolitan series so far is a masterclass in how to take off a mask and be oneself behind a barrier of one’s own making." - an article on all of Ferrante's Neapolitan novels appeared in New Humanist (28 April)


The Woman Who Fed the Dogs

By Kristien Hemmerechts

World Editions, £10.99, p/b, 9789462380332

"Hemmerechts portrays very well the connections between sex and power and violence, and then how those interact with racism. She also writes superbly about how our childhood forms us as adults." - We Love This Book (May 2015)


Wrote for Luck

By D.J. Taylor

Galley Beggar Press, £8.99, p/b, 9781910296264

We are happy to announce that Wrote for Luck has been long listed for the Frank O'Connor International Short Story Award 2015


ISIS: Inside the Army of Terror

By Micheal Weiss & Hassan Hassan

Regan Arts, £9.99, p/b, 9781941393574

“Weiss and Hassan are particularly strong on four critical areas: the importance of the relative security that IS provides to communities in the midst of anarchic conflict; the role of tribes in the successive evolution of violent militancy in Iraq since 2003 and in Syria since 2011; the part played by former Baathists once loyal to Saddam Hussein; and the impact of the new sectarianism racking the region. They point out how ISIS 'caters to popular fears about the absence of law and order by offering itself as the only alternative to societal collapse', something that is forgotten by many analysts in the West, and explore how tribal networks, exploited with considerably more intelligence by Saddam Hussein when he was in power in Iraq than Hafez al-Assad when he ruled Syria, were crucial in determining the strengths and weaknesses of different groups and factions once insurgencies had emerged in both states. Even the internecine war between Jabhat al-Nusra and ISIS has often taken on a tribal inflection, the authors say. They illustrate the point with several well-chosen examples.” - Literary Review (May 2015)


Expedition to the Baobab Tree

By Wilma Stockenstrom and J.M. Coetzee

Archipelago Books, £12.99, p/b, 9781935744924

"Coetzee’s tightly paced, restrained rendering of a complex text gives due weight to every word. It should ensure that Stockenström’s compelling picture of suffering and loss becomes a classic in English as well as Afrikaans.” - Times Literary Supplement (April 2015)


The Star of Istanbul

By Robert Olen Butler

No Exit Press, £8.99, p/b, 9781843445678

A feature, Top 10 Tops for Writing Historical Thrillers by Robert Olen Butler, appeared in Female First (30 March 2015)


Out Came the Sun

Overcoming the Legacy of Mental Illness, Addiction and Suicide in my Family

By Mariel Hemingway

Regan Arts, £19.99, h/b, 9781941393239

"Out Came the Sun is not always an easy book to read. There are lovely, sunny moments — fishing with her father, a family trip to Paris, becoming pregnant with the first of her two daughters — but this is often a story about what it's like to grow up in a family plagued with mental health problems and what it took to emerge as a healthy person." - *LA Times* (27 April 2015)

An interview with Mariel Hemingway also appeared in the Huffington Post (5 May 2015)


Fire Flowers

By Ben Byrne

Europa Editions, £10.99, p/b, 9781609452483

"There is much to like in this book: it is well researched, atmospheric, and very ambitious." - Finding Time to Write (April 2015)


Lyudmila and Natasha

By Misha Friedman

The New Press, £15.99, p/b, 9781620970232

"Natasha and Lyudmila aren’t different than any two other women in love; they fight, they break up, they make up. They struggle... what’s different for Natasha and Lyudmila, however, is the legality of their love: They live in Russia, where a single federal paragraph marks their relationship as perversion." - a feature on the book appeared in the New Republic (27 March 2015)


Hold The Dark

By William Giraldi

No Exit Press, £8.99, p/b, 9781843445753

"Written in a spare but lyrical style, Hold the Dark is as much a mythical tale as it is a crime-fiction novel. Giraldi employs the topography of the vast, bleak tundra to telling effect, carving a story from its primal elements as if working on scrimshaw, in the process scraping away the facade of contemporary reality to reveal witchcraft, old gods and ancient evil." - Irish Times (11 April)


And is there Honey Still for Tea?

By Peter Murphy

No Exit Press, £8.99, p/b, 9781843444015

"We've met to talk about his latest, And Is There Honey Still For Tea? - the third in a series following Ben Schroeder, a young Jewish lawyer from the East End who comes to the Bar in mid-60s London." - a 2 page spread, including an interview with the author, appeared in The Cambridge News (28 April 2015)


Bitter Lemon Press

"Bitter Lemon Press has signed a series of deals for female crime writers from around the world, with the books set to lead the publisher's schedule in the second half of the year. Publisher and co-founder Laurence Colchester acquired titles from Brazil's Patrica Melo, Turkey's Esmahan Aykol and Argentina's Claudia Piñeiro."

This announcement appeared on the front page of The Bookseller Morning Briefing (5 May 2015)


Barefoot at the Lake

By Bruce Fogle

September Publishing, £14.99, h/b, 9781910463000

Author Bruce Fogle was interviewed on BBC Radio 4's Midweek on Wednesday 29 April 2015.


One Day Young in Hackney

By Jenny Lewis

Hoxton Mini Press, £12.95, h/b, 9780957699878

"A heart-melting book...Full of portraits of mums with their one-day-old babies, this book is beautifully moving." - featured amongst 'the best things to buy this week' on The Pool (5 May 2015)


Bordered Lives

Transgender Portraits from Mexico

By Kike Arnal

The New Press, £15.99, p/b, 9781620970249

"In Bordered Lives, Arnal takes us into the lives of seven individuals in and around Mexico City. He shows them going about their day-to-day lives: getting ready in the morning, interacting with family and friends, and devoting their lives to helping others in the transgender community." - a photo feature appeared on Advocate.com (28 March 2015)


The Bishop's Wife

By Mette Ivie Harrison

Soho Press, £19.99, h/b, 9781616954765

"This is an unusual book. Murder mysteries do not usually feature the Church of the Latter Day Saints in Utah. The writer is, as we are told in her details on the cover, a member of the Church who lives in Utah with her family and has written books for young adults. The intimate knowledge she has of the Church and life in Utah enriches the book." - Mystery People (May 2015 Issue)


A is for Activist

By Innosanto Nagara

Seven Stories Press, £6.99, p/b, 9781609805395

In an interview in The Rumpus, writer and queer activist Michele Tea (who has a small child) says, "Marcus Ewert’s 10,000 Dresses and A is for Activist are classics in our house." (May 2015)


The Brotherhood of the Book Hunters

By Raphael Jerusalmy

Europa Editions, £9.99, p/b, 9781609452308

"I did enjoy the warts and all characterisation of Villon and his fellow Coquillard, Colin; heroes neither but scoundrels whose most pressing challenge is to avoid snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. I lapped up the intrigue, the journey into the past and Jerusalmy’s imagination, and I absolutely revelled in the sheer love of books and learning that infuses these pages." - Lizzie's Literary Life (5 May 2015)


13 Ways of Looking at the Death Penalty

By Mario Marazziti

Seven Stories Press, £12.99, h/b, 9781609805678

A lengthy excerpt from the book appeared on Salon.com (26 April 2015)


The Gluten Lie

And Other Myths About What You Eat

By Alan Levinovitz

Regan Arts, £17.99, h/b, 9781941393062

“What we’re doing with these trackers and these obsessive diets is giving ourselves an increasingly quantifiable way of saying that we are better than the other people.” - the author was interviewed on Salon.com (3 May 2015)


Station Zed

By Tom Sleigh

Graywolf Press, £11.99, p/b, 9781555976989

"The Rumpus Poetry Book Club chats with Tom Sleigh about his new book, Station Zed, what makes a prose poem a poem, how reportage and the surreal can combine inside a poem, and secularizing the mysteries of death, redemption, and resurrection." - Tom Sleigh was interviewed in The Rumpus (Jan 2015)


Paul Violi: Selected Poems 1970-2007

By Paul Violi

Gingko Press, £12.50, p/b, 9781934471029

“[Paul Violi] is undoubtedly a major New York poet of the second generation (after O’Hara, Ashbery and Kenneth Koch, to whom he was close). This generous, beautifully produced selected is long overdue. All credit to Gingko’s Rebel Arts imprint for publishing it.” - David Belbin writing in the New Walk Journal (April 2015)


Nudes on Location

By Bill Lemon

Amherst Media, £19.99, p/b, 9781608958313

"The book is beautifully produced with dozens of stunning, first class images and a wealth of some of America’s most beautiful models used to illustrate the information and advice given." - Jade Magazine (April 2015)

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Codename Xenaphon

By Leo Kanaris

Dedalus Books, £9.99, p/b, 9781909232839

"Set in Athens in 2010, Kanaris’s impressive debut, the first in a projected quartet, effectively evokes Greece’s noble antiquity while portraying its current financial crisis, which his hero, PI George Zafiris, attributes to former prime minister Papandreou, who created the “most bloated, obstructive bureaucracy on the planet.” - starred review in Publishers Weekly (April 2015)

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The Man Who Was Norris

The Life of Gerald Hamilton

By Tom Cullen

Dedalus Books, £11.99, p/b, 9781909232433

"Originally blocked from publication for legal reasons in the late 1970s, Cullen’s fascinating biography explores the life of “chameleon” Gerald Hamilton (1890–1970), the inspiration for the title character of Christopher Isherwood’s novel Mr. Norris Changes Trains." - Publishers Weekly (April 2015)

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What Became of the White Savage

By Francois Garde

Dedalus Books, £11.99,p/b, 9781910213087

Author Francois Garde discusses with his translator Aneesa Abbas Higgins his novel What Became of the White Savage. Read the discussion here.


I Am In Blood

Old Murders Never Die

By Joe Murphy

O'Brien Press, £11.99, p/b, 9781847176950

"The writing style of the book is overwhelmingly dark, with gothic atmospheric scenes ... Murphy was an artist painting the scenes so I could see, smell and taste and experience the misery, and harshness of life in Dublin during the 1890's ... I would certainly recommend I Am In Blood ... an atmospheric, and gruesome gothic thriller." - *SJ2B House of Books* (11 April 2015)


Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way

By Carsten Krieger

O'Brien, £11.99, p/b, 9781847176967

'"You can tuck yourself up with Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way by Carsten Krieger ... spectacular" - recommended in the first page of the travel section in Image Magazine's May issue.


A Time Traveller's Guide to Life, the Universe & Everything

By Ian Flitcroft & Britt Spencer

O'Brien Press, £12.99, p/b, 9781847177285

"A new and refreshing approach to scientific reading" - The Irish Post (April 2015)


A Terrible Beauty

By Mairéad Ashe Fitzgerald

O'Brien Press, £12.99, h/b, 9781847173591

The book is currently receiving ongoing coverage and promotion on popular UK site irishpost.co.uk - it appears in 4 different places on their homepage alone, is featured prominently, favourited, and is being pushed on their social media.


The Watching Wood

By Erika Magann

O'Brien Press, £8.99, p/b, 9781847176820

"... ideal for those who don't want their tales in identical Disneyesque settings ... chockfull of dilemmas and dramas that any young reader from Detroit to Delhi can enjoy reading ... a touch of Hogwarts - but with half a dozen girls in the foreground ... in short; quirky, spooky fun with friendship as its key." - serendipityreviews.co.uk (April 2015)

Rugby Rebel

Rugby Rebel

By Gerald Siggins

O'Brien, £6.99, p/b, 9781847176776

A great review of the book appeared in InTouch Rugby Magazine. (April 2015)



TakoverFlyer2015 front a5 300dpi

The 2015 London Radical Bookfair

From the Radical Bookfaor website:

Radical booksellers, publishers, artists and activists of all stripes are set to take over five floors of a beautifuly renovated warehouse near Tower Bridge for the London Radical Bookfair and Alternative Press Takeover 2015.

With over 130 exhibitors and 20 guest speakers, this will be a unique gathering of progressive readers, thinkers and doers, in a celebration of radical publishing and politics.

The free event is organised by the Alliance of Radical Booksellers (ARB), which formed in 2011 to raise awareness of the radical book trade. The fair provides an annual opportunity to bring Britain’s radical booksellers together to meet in person with publishers and the reading public.

Two titles distributed by Turnaround have been shortlisted for awards that will be announced at the fair.

Pearl Power by Mel Elliott (I Love Mel, £7.99, p/b, 9780992854416) - Nominated for the Little Rebels Children's Book Award

Here We Stand: Women Changing the World edited by Helena Earnshaw & Angharad Penrhyn Jones (Honno, £10.99 p/b, 9781909983021) - Nominated for the Bread & Roses Award

When: Saturday 9 May 2015, 12-7pm
Where: 47-49 Tanner Street, London, SE1 3PL
Tickets: Free


Pulitzer Prize Winning Author Robert Olen Butler will be in the UK in May


In May 2015 Robert Olen Bulter will be touring the UK for a number of exciting events:

Tuesday 5th

Literary Death Match.

Robert will be on the judging panel for this hilarious evening of literary entertainment!

Details can be found here


Monday 11th

Interview with Mark Lawson at Waterstones Piccadilly from 7pm.


Tuesday 12th
Speakeasy at Drink, Shop & Do

Details can be found here.


Wednesday 13th
Literary Dinner at Lussmanns St Albans
(please note that places are limited for this and tickets cost £35)

Details can be found here


Crimefest 2015


Crimefest 2015 will be taking place between the 14th and 17th of May in Bristol.

Appearing at this popular festival will be a number of authors from No Exit Press:

Barry Forshaw

Robert Olen Butler

Leigh Russell

Luke McCallin

Anthony Quinn

Howard Linskey

Peter Murphy

For full listings and to purchase tickets visit the Crimefest website.

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