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Norton Records is proud to announce the label debut of infamous Cleveland rockers Archie & the Bunkers with the agitated pairing of original songs "The Traveler" and "Looking". A&tB are brothers Cullen and Emmett O'Connor. Cullen plays "hi-fi organ" and Emmett plays drums. Both sing and compose. These teenage siblings have exploded locally and have taken Europe by storm with their wild live festival and club dates. They have recorded for Third Man (USA) and Dirty Water (UK) and have now come home to Norton Records with their most captivating sides to date. All of their influences have resulted in these riveting original comps.

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NORTON RECORD RELEASE BASH FRIDAY FEB. 23 Join us on their home turf at Cleveland's legendary Beachland Tavern for the wildest sounds in captivity, and help ring in organ-grinder Cullen's 17th birthday! Local rockers Lords of the Highway will start things out with high octane/ Link Wray-inspired sounds, and DJing with 45's will be local drum legends Nick Knox and Miriam Linna, who will be pulling from their respective record collections for an incredible night of loud sound abundance! Records, posters and teeshirts will be available at the event. See you in Cleveland. It's gonna be "cold outside", but we wouldn't miss it for the world.

Friday, February 23
Beachland Tavern, Cleveland

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Norton 45-197 ARCHIE & THE BUNKERS - THE TRAVELER / LOOKING A few of you know the story of how we were struck cold in our tracks at hearing The Traveler being ground out of an antique wooden pump organ at 3 in the morning at Franklin Castle in Cleveland this past October 13th-- by 16 year old Cullen O'Connor-- those who don't, suffice it to say that it jarred us out of the blue and into the black. I'm not spreading hype (although I'd love to) in saying this record was meant to be-- and meant to be on Norton. In 1963 Cashbox terms it's a "twin spin destined for chart stardom". In 2018 Norton lingo, it's a "stormy weeper with a will to dominate" b/w a "belligerent teen raver". Music educator Steve Rosen stated that this A&tB release is "teen music at its tormented best"... .we're excited as heck to have a 45 RPM record out there to test everybody's mettle, 'cause this is like Screamin Jay meets the Zombies in a death match.

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"THE TRAVELER" TO YOUTUBE VIA CLEVELAND.COM RELEASE 8 AM VALENTINES DAY FEB. 14 Noted filmmaker Reuben Kincaid shot the band video for "The Traveler" out in the wilds and wastelands of Cleveland, showcasing the key vistas of the city.

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There is a timeless, somber, defiant mood to the cinematic panorama which clearly matches the sound and feel of Archie & the Bunkers. This will launch at 8 AM at!


Tune in 5-7pm EST WCSB 89.3fm Emmett adn Cullen will bring in stacks of their own personal wax- and will share their favorite 45s with DJ Kristin. Streaming live worldwide!

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this cover was quickly withdrawn because of complaints from the acid rock community

Tune into WFMU.orgat 3 PM EST this coming Saturday to hear Emmett and Cullen checking in with Todd-O-Phonic... LIVE on the radio- how do they do that? E+C are Archie & the Bunkers and tehy willl be chatting about the new Norton record, the big record party in Cleveland on the 23rd, and trying to stump T-O-T with their know-how about teen garage pounders from days gone by. Look out Todd! Hope the lads will give a clue as to when they may be making an East Coast appearance. This show broadcasts live worldwide and will be archived!

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PRESS CONTACT : LaVon LaVerne @ Norton Records (917) 671 7884
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Thank you DJ's in Cleveland, Minneapolis, Charlston, Jersey City, and Toronto -- hooray to respective deejays Kristin, Travis, Josh, Glynis, Dave the Spazz and Terensina! Can't do it without youse hot shot broadcasters!

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