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In This June Issue:

▪ Resuming New East Harlem Branch Plan
▪ Limited funds for SBA Paycheck Protection Program are still available
▪ Get financing remotely and securely from home
▪ Reduced CitiBike membership with LES People's
▪ Financial Tip for the People - by Bernard Saavedra
▪ Changes in our Hours of Operation
Resuming New East Harlem Branch Plan
Limited funds for SBA Paycheck Protection Program are still available
Get financing remotely and securely from home
Reduced CitiBike membership with LES People's
Financial Tip for the People - by Bernard Saavedra
Changes in our Hours of Operation
2020 new East Harlem Branch Google photo

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New East Harlem Branch

We are delighted to share that we have secured a new location for our new East Harlem branch located at 2283 2nd Avenue (corner of 2nd Avenue and 117th Street).

From members, board and partners' feedback, we understand that an expansion of services at our current East Harlem branch is limited. Therefore, we have located a new site and will start the renovation of the new branch.

With the new East Harlem branch, we hope to:
* Expand hours of operations to include weekends
* Provide a 24-Hr ATM that allows cash and check deposits, and withdrawals
* Enhanced visibility in the neighborhood
* Increase support to community partner groups with shared conference room space for events and meetings

We'll keep you updated about the new branch progress and we'll continue working to improve our services in our communities.

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2020 Business Owner

Limited funds for PPP loans are still available

LES People's is opening the second round of the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) application process for all existing business members of the credit union. New business members' applications will be considered if funds remain available.

This is the second phase for our PPP loans so funds may be limited and we have time constraints to submit applications to SBA. Applications will be analyzed on a first come, first served basis.

Applicants who have a business account with us must send an email to kperez@lespfcu.org or amorel@lespfcu.org with Subject Line: PPP loan Application Request. Include owner's full name, business address, email address and amount requesting.

We won't be able to get back to everyone, so we apologize in advance and hope that we can direct some funds to small businesses and community groups in our field of membership.

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Get financing securely and remotely

Now more than ever, remote banking services are an important way to keep everyone around us safe and healthy during the recovery.

Our loan applications are available via a secured online portal which gives you easy access to apply for a loan. Whether you need a personal loan, auto loan (new/used), or new credit card, we are here to help you.

Here are some benefits of submitting your loan application online:
• You will get a response faster than you expected
• You can rest assured that all your personal information is completely secured
• You do not have to come to our branches for either opening or closing of a loan

To apply for a loan via our online portal please click here. See our current rates.

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citibike 2020

Enjoy a CitiBike discounted membership through LES People’s

If you are ready to enjoy the warm weather on a bike to sightsee around the city or to avoid public transportation, don’t miss the opportunity to get a reduced Citibike membership though LES People's.

As part of LES People’s membership benefits, active members can access a wonderful membership discount by obtaining a Citibike code. Pay only $5 a month for biking around the City thanks to our partnership with Citibike. This is an annual discount of $109!

Become an active LES People’s member by meeting one of the following:
• Have a monthly direct deposit; or
• Have a savings balance of $500 or more in a Regular Share, Holiday Account, Certificate of Deposit, or Money Market; or
• Have any type of loan; or
• Have a Checking Account and makes at least three transactions per month; or
• Have been a member prior 2015

Obtain a CitiBike discounted code from one of our member representatives at lespfcu@lespfcu.org and apply it when purchasing your CitiBike membership.

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2020 bernard saavedra

Tips to save effectively through the recovery

Saving is not going to be easy now, but the most difficult step is starting.

Know where your money is going-- It's the only way to know how much you have available to save. Write a list of your needs (rent, food, transportation, bills) and put the rest on a separate list (entertainment, clothing, etc.) Deduct total expenses from your income after tax.

Find money you can use for savings--Rent a spare room, downsize or move to a cheaper area, take lunch to work, use only internet instead of cable, buy second hand clothing, share a phone plan, commute by bike, and in general try to adjust your lifestyle to allow some savings.

Define savings goals--Whether you want to save for a car or for emergencies, you need to set up a goal amount and a time frame.

Put your plan in motion--Decide where to save, start with a comfortable amount and increase progressively. Contact your bank or credit union, they have multiple savings options. Set up automatic deductions.

Track your progress--Use a calendar. Sit and review expenses from previous months, note how much you save, and adjust your goal as you move forward.

Treat yourself--Once in a while celebrate your progress with a positive note on the calendar or a small indulgence. It's important to stay motivated and stick to your plan.

Want to start building a personalized savings plan, contact Bernard at bsaavedra@neighborhoodtrust.org.

Bernard habla español. Contáctelo para sacar una cita gratuita de asesoramiento financiero.


Be aware of changes in our Hours of Operation.

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